Erectzan Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This product had promise, but it lets everyone down with an uneven formula of ingredients that don’t all promise to work. Customers have also given it pretty low ratings.

Read on, and see for yourself:

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Erectzan Overview

Erectzan is a supplement for male enhancement made by Zan Nutraceuticals. It’s supposed to help men have more satisfying sex lives by making erections harder, the intensifying the sex drive, and improving health overall. It’s supposed to be entirely natural, making it easier and safer on the body than prescription drugs.

This product makes the same sorts of claims that we’ve seen from other products, but is it really guaranteed to work? We did some research, and it turns out Erectzan may not be the “miracle pill” they promised it would be.
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Erectzan Claims

So what exactly is this product? It’s a nutritional health supplement, a pill that contains herb and plant extracts that are supposed to have unique effects on the body. Some are supposed to improve circulation, others are supposed to produce chemicals that induce the brain to desire sex more, and still others are supposed to help the body’s ability to handle stress and endurance.
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The result is supposed to be more blood flowing to the penis (so less erection problems), a higher libido, and more sexual endurance for more powerful and rocking love-making sessions.

Better yet, the company promises no side effects, unlike drugs like Viagra and Cialis. It also proudly says that the product is made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility, using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

All-in-all, it sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Well, things are not as amazing as you might think.

Who’s behind this product? Zan Nutraceuticals, a company that would have you think they were the best in the business of male sex supplements, but it turns out that’s far from the truth. In fact, we have no idea who these people are: they have no website of their own, no registration with the Better Business Bureau, and no customer service history of any kind. They have no mention anywhere except on the “Terms of Service” for Erectzan and another product called Dr. Chang – a product which is identical to Erectzan in every way, from the ingredients to the wording on the website.

Needless to say, this isn’t a great start when it comes to reviewing this product. People should only buy products from trustworthy companies, but how do companies get to be trustworthy? By being transparent, open, respected, get mentions in industry publications, and have a public-facing website where people can learn more about them. Right now, Zan Nutraceuticals has nothing. We don’t even know what country they’re incorporated in, or where they operate out of. This should be worrying to anyone wanting to buy a quality product, but even more worrying for people who are taking their health into consideration.

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Erectzan Ingredients

Erectzan has a huge amount of ingredients. Here are some of the primary active ones:

  • L-Arginine
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Long Jack
  • Maca
  • Cistanche
  • Ashwagandha
  • Zinc

L-Arginine is an amino acid that widens the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow throughout the body, including to the penis. It does this by converting to nitric oxide once it’s metabolized. It’s naturally found food sources, but can also be prescribed in supplement form.

Horny Goat Weed is (you guessed it) meant to make you crave sex, which is why it’s been prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s supposed to help with circulation as well.

Long Jack (tongkat ali) is an aphrodisiac herb from Southeast Asia, meant to help both men and women increase their sex drive and libido.

Maca is a plant from Peru that’s used as a way to help regulate hormones, which is why some sex supplements include it, since it could help with testosterone levels.

Cistanche is another Chinese medicinal herb that’s used for helping improve libido and erectile function, but like many Chinese ingredients, there isn’t much research that’s been done into whether it works or not.

Ashwagandha is an Indian plant, likewise used as a way to affect the processes that drive sexual desire. While it does contain chemicals that can produce calming effects, there’s not much proof for its effects on the sex drive, and it comes with some drawbacks, including side effects like:

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach.

Zinc is a mineral found in a balanced diet, but it’s supposed to correlate to higher levels of testosterone – the hormone most associated with sexual function. Is that true, though? We checked, and the results of our research were pretty disappointing.

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The Science Behind Erectzan

If you want scientific proof, Erectzan doesn’t totally measure up. While some ingredients are associated with sexual benefits and improved circulation, others has very little support in the scientific community.

Cistanche is the first “miss,” because while we did find some mention of it it around the internet, we couldn’t find any studies connecting it with a higher sex drive or improved circulation, although it is supposed to help the immune system somewhat (“Cistanche,” Wikipedia). On top of that, no studies have ever been performed on humans.

Ashwagandha is another problem. A longtime favorite in the herbal supplement community for its supposed benefits on sexual vitality, the science behind it isn’t very strong. The most positive study we’ve come across, by Swati, et al in 2024, said that it “could” be useful in helping women who have low libidos (National Institutes of Health). But that’s it: one study, with weak results, that was tested on women, and not men. While folk traditions say it works, that’s not going to be enough for men who care about facts, science, and truth.

Zinc is another problematic addition, because even though it’s true that the body does require zinc to function properly, there’s no proof that it increases testosterone. In fact, the one study we’ve seen that attempts to make the connection between the two said that there’s no significant correlation (Prasad, Mantzsoros, et al, 1996 via National Institutes of Health).

With so many ingredients that have questionable medicinal value as sex drive boosters, it’s possible that the rest of the formula could be watered down as a result, and be less effective.

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Word on the Street about Erectzan

Customer reviews are where products rise or fall. It doesn’t matter how colorful your branding is, how many celebrity endorsements you get, or the purity of your ingredients – if you have bad customer reviews, your product will look terrible. And that, unfortunately, is the case with Erectzan. We checked Amazon, which is usually a good place to find unbiased reviews, and found that Erectzan has mostly bad ratings. Here’s a sample:

“Doesn’t work as promised. Not recommended.”

“I will only use this as my sexual enhancement product of choice – my wife loves it too.”

“I don’t see any major changes after using this product.”

“I saw some changes in my sex drive, but one side effect I got? Acne. I haven’t had that since high school.” (Yikes).

“This product gave me terrible side effects: headaches, nausea, and I vomited several times. Made me dizzy and uncoordinated. I’ll never be using this again.”

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Is Erectzan Worth a Try?

Erectzan contains some decent ingredients, like long jack and l-arginine, but there are lots of problems with this supplement that should tell you to stay away from it. First off, like we said, the company has no real presence, no website, and no information about who they are or where they’re located (as far as we could find). This means we don’t know if they’re legit or not. Secondly, several of the ingredients either come with side effects that could make you feel ill, or they have no proof that they work at all in humans. Worst of all, however, are the customer reviews. When over half of people who try your product give it 1 star out of 5, you’re in serious trouble. That means that a majority of people think your product doesn’t work.

If we were on the lookout for good male enhancement products, we’d definitely avoid this one. Not just because we want to trust the people we buy from, but because we don’t want to get sick. Call us crazy, but we take our health seriously – and so should you.

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Erectzan vs Viagra

These products are very different from each other. First off, Erectzan is a nutritional supplement, meaning it’s not regulated by the FDA and you don’t need a prescription. Viagra is a drug, meaning you need a medical prescription to get it, and it also has a huge effect on the cost, which is about $44 per pill. Erectzan, on the other hand, costs $50 per bottle. Viagra  can also come with serious side effects that include dizziness, nausea, loss of vision, and hearing loss, while Ereczan officially has no known side effects (although some customer report nausea and vomiting as well).

Erectzan vs Vigrx Plus

These products are fairly similar in that they’re both herbal supplements meant to address erectile dysfunction and an overall weak sex life. Vigrx Plus is a little more expensive, however, at $76.99 per one-month supply, compared to Erectzan’s $50 per bottle. Vigrx Plus has the slight advantage of having a parent company – Leading Edge Health – that has made an effort to maintain some sort of presence online (although the quality of their products is questionable). Vigrx Plus also makes more of an effort to make things sound scientific,showing charts and diagrams, while Erectzan doesn’t. There’s another thing they have in common: bad customer reviews.

Erectzan vs Zytenz

There are a lot of similarities between these two products, and it starts at the ingredients. Not only are both of these based on plant products and their extracts, many of these are actually shared in common – including tongkat ali, zinc, maca, and arginine. Zytenz is less expensive, though, at a price of $39.95 for a 28 day supply of the pills, while Erectzan is closer to $50 (although it claims to contain a full month’s worth). One main difference is that Zytenz contains shellfish products, and Erectzan doesn’t.

Erectzan vs Cialis

The differences here are very similar to the differences between Erectzan and Viagra. Cialis is a drug (tadalafil) meant to treat erectile dysfunction, while Erectzan is an herbal supplement that’s meant to improve not only your erections, but your sex life overall. Cialis is available with a prescription only, while Erectzan can be bought by anyone over the counter. Cialis could also come with side effects like fatigue, sensory impairment, and dizziness.

Erectzan FAQ

  1. Are there before and after pictures for Erectzan?
    We haven’t come across any so far, although we’re not sure why anyone would want to see them, given the subject matter.
  2. Are there side effects to Erectzan?
    The product’s website claims that there are no side effects, but we noticed some customers reporting side effects they’d suffered such as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. One even reported having an acne outbreak.
  3. Does Erectzan deliver results?
    Based on what we know of how customers have reacted to it, the answer is: not likely. Some ingredients could possibly help with some areas of sexual dysfunction, but as a whole, the product can’t guarantee results.
  4. Can I buy Erectzan at GNC?
    No, you can’t buy Erectzan at GNC, either online or in a brick-and-mortar location.
  5. Can I buy Erectzan from CVS?
    No, Erectzan isn’t available at CVS.
  6. What retailers stock Erectzan?
    Right not, we don’t see any retailers that stock Erectzan. As far as we can tell you can only buy it from their main website, or on Amazon, and that’s it.
  7. Is there a coupon for Erectzan?
    We don’t know of any coupons for Erectzan.

    The only way to “save” money is to sign up for an auto-subscription program, but that locks you into an auto-billing contract.
  8. Can I buy Erectzan at Walgreens?
    No, it’s not available there at the moment, online or in store.
  9. Can I buy Erectzan at GNC?
    No, it’s not available there at the moment.
  10. What ingredients are in Erectzan?
    L-arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Korean ginseng, schizandra, oyster extract, catuaba, cinnamon, cistanche, muira puama, puncture vine, ginkgo biloba, avena sativa, cnidium, long jack, maca, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), niacin, cranberry extract, Swedish flower, l-Lysine, l-Carnitine, zinc, pine bark extract, BioPerine.

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So What Really Works?

We’ve reviewed many men’s sexual enhancement supplements, and in our opinion Viritenz is the best. Its formula contains all-natural ingredients, and it’s created in a quality, GMP-certified facility, which means it passes U.S. industry regulations. It’s also made in the USA, and can promise zero negative side effects.

This is the supplement for all men who want to have erections,a stronger libido, and get the best sex life they can get. To read more about Viritenz and how it can change your sex life, click this link.

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