Maca Man Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Despite being made by a prominent company, GNC’s Maca Man left us disappointed. Not only does it contain at least one ingredient that carries potentially life-threatening side effects, the customer reviews for it are all over the place. Check out what we found in the review below:

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Maca Man Overview

Maca Man is a daily supplement for men’s sexual enhancement. Made by GNC, it’s supposed to help men out in the bedroom by increasing blood flow to the penis. By doing so, it’s supposed to help men achieve easier, harder, and longer-lasting erections. Sex is supposed to feel better, and your entire sex life is supposed to get the boost of energy and power it needs for you to perform at your best.

This product is made by GNC, one of the most popular supplement stores in the world. But does that mean their product is superior?

Not necessarily. Contrary to what you might believe, this product isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and might even be dangerous to your health.

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Maca Man Claims

Compared to other products in this area, Maca Man is one of the lower-key supplements that we’ve seen. While other products will go on and on with pages and pages of over-the-top claims about making your penis bigger and turning into a raging sex-beast, Maca Man’s main website doesn’t actually make many claims. All it says it that it’s a “sexual health formula” and that it helps the production of nitric oxide “for better blood flow.” That’s all. Nothing else. Now we in the business know what they mean by “better blood flow”: they’re talking about the penis. Since some men experience less-than-spectacular erections, one way to help them is by increasing circulation in general. This promotes more blood to flow to the extremities – that is, the genitalia – so that when you get hard, it’s easier to stay harder for longer. That in turn makes you more sensitive, which sex more pleasurable, etc etc.

Not bad claims overall. They are being very, very careful with what they’re promising. Most sexual supplements go too far with their promises, claiming that their supplements make your penis bigger, make you capable of multiple orgasms, and some even say that you’ll burn fat and gain lean muscle more easily. On the other hand, Maca Man is treading the line very carefully, only promising the bare minimum.

GNC’s product website is clean and fine, but one major problem we noticed is that they don’t actually tell us how these ingredients are supposed to work. It’s an exercise being too little, as opposed to being over the top. What they’re doing is basically making customers have to go out of their way to look up each ingredient and how they work. This isn’t a terrific way to treat customers.

One thing that is nice, which many other supplements don’t do, is that GNC tells us the doses of each ingredient in the pills. While some other products will dress things up on the label and neglect to tell us how much of each ingredient is in their supplement (saying it’s a “proprietary blend”), GNC is honest and forthcoming, which is nice for a change.

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Maca Man Ingredients

The list of ingredients for Maca Man is small, and contains several plant extracts that we’ve seen in other sexual enhancement products. Here’s what we saw on the label:

  • L-Arginine
  • Maca
  • Niacin
  • Yohimbe
  • Ginkgo Biloba

L-Arginine is a very common ingredient in natural sexual enhancement products. It’s technically just an amino acid that can help improve circulation when the body converts it to nitric oxide, the substance we referred to in the last section. This substance can widen the blood vessels, letting more blood flow throughout the body – and especially to the genitalia. Men who have clinical erectile dysfunction might not see any effects, but for some men for whom things aren’t so dire, they might see an added bonus.

Maca is a plant from the highlands of Peru that is supposed to affect your hormones in a beneficial way. As testosterone is one of the main hormones that affects your sex drive, maca is supposed to be helpful, as it can regulate the levels of testosterone for a stronger libido.

Niacin is a form of vitamin B12, which can help people with their metabolism as well as with their energy levels, so that you have the boost you need to get the “job” done.

Yohimbe is an extract from the bark (or leaves) of the yohimbe tree that grows in parts of Africa. Traditionally it’s been said to increase the sex drive in men and women, and to treat erectile dysfunction by stimulating blood flow and nerve impulses. There’s a big problem with including yohimbe in any supplement, and that’s because it could be dangerous. It comes with side effects that can cause:

  • Rapid heartbeat, headaches, nausea
  • Vomiting, kidney failure, heart failure.

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The Science Behind Maca Man

While some of the ingredients in this product do have some effect on people’s libidos, there are some serious problems with the formula.

And that main problem is yohimbe. There’s a reason why the Maca Man’s product page says that it “cannot be sold in Canada” – that’s because all products containing yohimbe have been banned there. Why? It’s considered a safety hazard, and not just in Canada, but in Europe and other countries around the world. It’s been connected to a number of health problems, listed above, and that’s why the FDA took yohimbine (the active chemical in yohimbe) off of their prescribed chemicals list in the 1990s (Svan, Jennifer: “Study: Yohimbine…” Stars and Stripes, 2024). Any ingredient that can cause heart failure is an obvious thing to avoid.

What’s more? There’s no actual, clinical proof that it even works to help you with your erections or your libido (“Yohimbe,” WebMD). So why take the gamble in the first place? Nothing is worth risking your health over, not even erectile dysfunction, and that’s why yohimbe – one of the most controversial ingredients in the world of sexual health – should be avoided at all costs.

As you can see, just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe, and it doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

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Word on the Street about Maca Man

So now that we’ve look at some of the claims GNC makes about Maca Man, as well as some of the ingredients, the next step is to see what customers themselves actually think about this product. After all, you should never take any salesperson at their word, since they’re in the business of making money (not the business of telling the whole truth).

We checked out the “customer reviews” section of the web page for Maca Man, and while at first glance it appears to have overwhelmingly-positive reviews (an average rating of 4.4 out of 5), we checked, and it looks like not all of the “good” reviews are actually good at all:

“How long does it take for this to work?” (They left a five-star review, and it clearly hadn’t worked for him.)

“This seemed to work.”

“I’m not sure if it even does anything.” (A four-star review!)

“This is acceptable, but it’s expensive.”

“It took a while before I noticed any changes, but I think you have to change your diet too.”

“This helps with my daily energy levels.” (But not libido?)

As you can see, not all of these 4 and 5-star reviews are actually “good,” so the customers might have just thought it was the nice thing to do, regardless of if they felt the product was any good or not.

The rest of the reviews aren’t so good. Here’s a sample:

“Doesn’t work all the time.”

“I took this for a week, and no changes. Just got a stomach ache.”

“Doesn’t make me erect. Just makes my eyes red.”

“Nothing happened.”

“This stuff made me sick to my stomach, gave me diarrhea for two whole days.”

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Is Maca Man Worth a Try?

Maca Man started off so good: it comes from a reputable company, one that has a pretty good reputation for customer service, and they don’t make any crazy claims about how it’ll change your life, or make your penis the size of a pornstar’s. But when it came to the ingredients, things started to falter a bit. The fact is that this product contains a notorious active ingredient, yohimbe, which (despite being popular) is known to give people serious side effects – some of which can even be fatal.

Then there’s the problem with the customer reviews. Even though it looks at first like people love this product, when you actually read the content of some of these reviews, even the 4 and 5-star ones contain criticisms, confusion, and dissatisfaction, making it clear that lots of people out there have no idea what the point of a rating system is. With so many lackluster reviews being rated with 4s and 5s, it throws the whole rating balance off and makes us wonder how much lower the rating would be if these customers paid attention.

In the end, the choice is always up to the customer, but if it were up to us, we’d advise people to say “no” to Maca Man.

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Maca Man vs Yohimbe

Maca Man and Yohimbe (451) are both made by GNC, but their composition is very different. While Maca Man contains several ingredients, including yohimbe, Yohimbe 451 just contains yohimbe. That means you won’t see the same results that you would see from Maca Man, since its formula is more wide-ranging in its effects. They’re both cheap, with Maca Man costing $22.99 and Yohimbe 451 costing $19.99, and both come in bottles of 60 pills. Maca Man also has higher reviews, and twice as many of them.

Maca Man vs Arginmax

These are pretty similar products, in that both of them claim to help men overcome having weak erections and having a low sex drive. They both have some active ingredients in common, including l-arginine and ginkgo biloba. Arginmax goes into more detail about how it’s supposed to work, while Maca Man has no information and merely tells you what’s in it, leaving customers to have to go off and do research by themselves. Arginmax (for men) is more expensive at around $35, while Maca Man only costs $22.99.

Maca Man FAQ

  1. How does Maca Man work vs Staminol?
    They contain slightly different formulas, but at first glance it looks like Staminol is supposed to help not only erection strength and sex drive, but overall energy and even prostate function, while Maca Man is just for sexual enhancement.
  2. How long does it take for Maca Man to work?

    Some customers report that it can take a few days to start working, while others claim it works immediately after taking the recommended 3-pill dosage.
  3. Are there Maca Man forums on the GNC website?
    We’re not aware of any dedicated GNC forums, but there are indeed men’s sexual health forums where Maca Man is being discussed.
  4. What are the benefits of taking Maca Man?
    The promised benefits (at least, the ones that are implied) are that you’ll have more blood flowing to the penis for stronger erections and longer-lasting sex sessions.
  5. Where can I read a review of the GNC maca root herbal supplement?
    If you’re talking about one of the many maca root products by GNC, you can find customer reviews for them on the GNC website.
  6. What are the side effects for Men’s Maca Man?
    Customers have reported side effects ranging from stomach aches and diarrhea to flushing in the face and rapid heartbeat.
  7. How fast does it work (Maca Man)?
    Some people claim that this product works as early as the evening you take it, while others report it taking a couple days before it really kicks in.
  8. Does Maca Man by GNC give results?
    It depends on who you ask. While some customers report some positive changes in their sex lives, others were left confused, physically ill, or just plain disappointed.
  9. What does Maca Man do?
    Maca Man stimulates blood flow by introducing herbal extracts and natural chemicals into your body that are supposed to improve circulation, while others are supposed to directly induce higher sexual desire by affecting the hormones.
  10. What about Marathon Man Maca 1000 by GNC?
    This is a different product altogether, made by MHL. It contains a slightly different formula that contains not just maca, but other ingredients like horny goat weed.

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So What Really Works?

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