Passion RX Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Despite pretensions of being “scientific,” this supplement contains a potentially dangerous ingredient – yohimbe – and a number of ingredients that have no science behind them at all. What’s more, customers hate it! Read more below:

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Passion RX Overview

Passion RX is a sex drive supplement that’s supposed to help men (and women) have a more exciting sex life by giving them a stronger sex drive, better circulation, and making them last longer in the bedroom. It contains no drugs and is made from all-natural ingredients with a long history of use in herbopathy as aphrodisiacs.

Since this product is being sold by a company run by a doctor, Ray Sahelian M.D., they expect us to think that it’s somehow more trustworthy or proven than other nutritional supplements that promise the same things. But is the science – and the man behind it – worth trusting?

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Passion RX Claims

Passion RX is an all-natural herbal supplement, something this company hopes is going to appeal to people who prefer to use products that come from natural sources, believing that they’re healthier. The ingredients in this product are mainly intended to support improved blood flow to the genitalia for quicker arousal, fuller engorgement, and better sensitivity. Men and women are both supposed to feel the same sorts of effects, with the exception of the fact that women are supposed to become lubricated more easily. This implies that the formula affects the sex drive in general, which could have to do with affecting the levels of testosterone in the body – the sex hormone.

The product proudly claims that it contains yohimbe, an African aphrodisiac, and they imply that this is the main active ingredient in the formula that makes it really work. Unfortunately for them, we learned a little about yohimbe from other sources, and the reality is that they might have shot themselves in the foot by including it. More on that later.

This product was made by Advance Physician Formulas, a nutritional supplement company run by Dr. Ray Sahelian, who’s written lots of books and articles about health and nutrition. Because of his supposed medical expertise, all the products sold by this company have the impression that they’re somehow scientifically-proven to be effective and trustworthy, and honestly, from a branding standpoint, it’s a pretty good idea. Most supplements come with no real science behind them (just a bunch of promises) so a supplement sold by a doctor in a lab coat looks pretty trustworthy.

But all is not well with this company.

Advance Physician Formulas only has a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau, which isn’t fantastic. Instead of positive reviews and comments from customers, there’s almost no interaction from people at all – that is, except for the negative reviews they’ve gotten. There are only two, but they are telling: both are complaints about the fact that products were improperly labeled and either included possibly-dangerous ingredients that weren’t listed on the website, or were the wrong supplement (

In addition, Fakespot, a website that goes through customer reviews and tries to figure out if any of them are fake or untrustworthy, gave Advance Physician Formulas a B. What does this mean? It means as much as 1 out of every 10 reviews is considered “unreliable.” Not the worst, but still, it puts the whole brand into question, since we don’t know exactly which reviews to discount.

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Passion RX Ingredients

Passion RX has a large amount of ingredients that, mostly herb-based. Here’s a list of some of the main ones listed:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Muira Puama
  • Maca
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Yohimbe
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Pine Bark

Ashwagandha is found in lots of herbal aphrodisiac supplements, as it’s used in Ayurvedic Indian medicine to treat a low sex drive. Unfortunately it comes with some side effects (like nausea), but the real question is: does it really work? Stay tuned.

Maca, a Peruvian plant, is a common-enough ingredient in supplements that have to do with sex, hormones, or mood. Commonly used for women’s libido supplements, the plant is also supposed to help men too, as it’s said to interact with the hypothalamus and assist the body in a more regular output of hormones (in those who have a possible imbalance).

Yohimbe is the most promoted ingredient in this supplement, an extract derived from the bark of the African yohimbe tree. It’s traditionally been used as a way to stir the sex drive and help men with erectile dysfunction. As you’ll see, however, there are lots of problems with it, and it’s not just because it can make you sick. It can cause the following side effects:

  • Irregular heartbeat, kidney failure, heart attacks.

Tongkat Ali extract is a natural sex-drive herb used in Asia, especially Indonesia and Vietnam. It’s supposed to inhibit estrogen levels and increase testosterone, which theoretically can increase the sex drive.

Horny Goat Weed is a traditional Chinese herb used for – you guessed it! – making you horny. It’s supposed to be good for both men and women, since its main action is increasing circulation, which can help deliver more blood to the genitalia.

Pine Bark is supposed to be a natural remedy for all sorts of things like fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and muscle pain. It hasn’t got a long history of use, however, making it relatively new and untested.

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The Science Behind Passion RX

For a product promoted by a doctor, Passion RX is actually a little disappointing when it comes to the scientific side of things.

Ashwagandha, ashwagandha – so popular, we’ve seen it in nearly every sex supplement we’ve reviewed. But what’s all the fuss about it? Well, according to Indian folk healers, it’ll give you a stronger sex drive, whether you’re a man or a woman. Unfortunately there’s “insufficient evidence” for most of its uses, and the only study we found at the National Institutes of Health that had to do with its sexual uses doesn’t have a strong conclusion: apparently, this one study suggests that it “could” be useful in helping women get a stronger sex drive (Swati, et al, Biomed Res Int, 2024).

Yohimbe is the one ingredient this product really promotes, but it’s actually the one with the worst side effects – including heart attacks! There was a study that found it could help some men who have the inability to orgasm (Adeniyi, et al, 2024), but that’s about it. No evidence it makes men or women more desiring of sex. Even WebMD claims “more evidence is needed” before we make any claims about what yohimbe can or can’t do.

Pine Bark extract sounds harmless enough. After all, what damage could pine bark do? It doesn’t seem to have many side effects, but on the other hand, there’s not a lot of evidence for many of its good effects, either. In fact, there’s “insufficient evidence” that it has any effect on erectile dysfunction, except when taken with l-arginine for three straight months (WebMD).

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Word on the Street about Passion RX

When it comes to customer reviews, we prefer to look at third-party websites for reference. Products that have testimonials on the product itself, or on its website, are choosing them specifically to make them look better, while places like Amazon have no truck in what sort of reviews are left. We looked at Amazon, and the response from people has been mixed. In fact, the majority of reviews gave it 3 stars or less out of 5, which is pretty bad.

“I like to take this instead of Viagra – me and the wife are very happy!”

“This hurt my stomach, and gave me diarrhea. I had to throw it out.”

“This worked for me better than other sex drive supplements. Makes me feel like I’m in my 20s again.

“I thought this would work, based on what the ad said. But it didn’t. Waste of money.”

“This didn’t help my sex drive at all! It just made me sweat like crazy. Don’t buy this.”

When there are more 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews, it’s plain to see that the product is not guaranteed to work, and in this case, could even hurt you.

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Is Passion RX Worth a Try?

Unfortunately for Dr. Sahelian, we weren’t impressed with this product. The company that makes it has a lukewarm rating from the Better Business Bureau, and there’s a number of reviews of their products that have been determined to be unreliable. Not all of the ingredients in the product have any scientific evidence that they work, and worse, some of them come with pretty bad side effects. Lastly, customer opinion is in, and it looks like they’re not satisfied with the product. Most of them found that the product doesn’t work, and makes them feel sick when they use it.

There are tons and tons of male (and female) sex supplements out there, of varying quality and with different customer receptions. With all of those other choices out there, many of which are better than this one, we see no reason to go with Passion RX. Your money would be better spent elsewhere on products that actually work as advertised, and don’t contain potentially-dangerous ingredients.

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Passion RX vs Virectin

These products both promise similar things – more sex drive, better erections – but the difference is that Passion RX claims to work for women as well as men, while Virectin is directed at men only. They both claim to be scientific, but while Virecting includes pictures of generic doctors that are definitely just models, Passion RX can claim to actually be developed by a doctor.

Passion RX is more based on herbs, while Virectin includes herbs, vitamins, and minerals as well. The other main difference is price: Passion RX goes for around $31, while Virectin costs $44.95 for a one-month supply (although they offer discounts if you buy more bottles at a time).

Passion RX vs Vigrx

These supplements are both targeted exclusively at men who want to have harder erections and a more active sex drive, and they go about it in similar ways. Both contain herbal aphrodisiacs as a part of their formula, but Passion RX has more of them. Vigrx Plus is way more expensive at about $73 for one month’s supply, while Passion RX is only around $31. The dosage is also different, as well: Passion RX’s dosage is only one pill per day, while Vigrx Plus is formulated for men to take two pills a day. Both are supposed to last around a month per package. Neither of them have great reviews on Amazon, but Vigrx Plus has a way worse rating overall than Passion RX, with over 55% of users giving it one star out of five.

Passion RX FAQ

  1. Can you get Passion RX at Walmart?
    No, right now it looks like this supplement is unavailable at Walmart, in stores and online.
  2. Can I buy Passion RX at Walgreens?
    This product isn’t available at Walgreens at the moment, and doesn’t look like it’s available in brick-and-mortar stores in general.
  3. Can I get a free sample of Passion RX?
    It doesn’t look like you can get free samples of this product. You only have the option of buying the pills outright, with no trial offers available either.
  4. What is the dosage for Passion RX with Yohimbe?
    Each capsule contains about 225 mg of the ingredients in total. Exact dosages of each ingredient are unavailable, since the blend is proprietary and possibly copyrighted.
  5. What retailers sell Passion RX?
    So far it looks like there are only a handful of companies that sell this product: you can get it directly from Advance Physician Formulas, or from Bolt Health Supplements. Amazon has it as well, but only through the APF vendor page.
  6. Can I get Passion RX at CVS?
    No, you can’t get this at CVS or any other large health store, supplement shop, or pharmacy.
  7. How long do the 30 capsules in Passion RX last?
    Since the dose is 1 pill a day, with every third day off, it looks like each bottle of this supplement could last around a month and a half, when taken properly.
  8. Can you buy Passion RX without yohimbe?
    Yes, there’s an alternative version of this product that doesn’t contain yohimbe, and it can be purchased from the Advance Physician Formulas website.
  9. What are the ingredients in Passion RX with Yohimbe?
    Ashwagandha, epimedium saggitatum, passion flower extract, pine bark, yohimbe, catuaba, tongkat ali, cistanche extract, tribulus terrestris, cynomorium songaricum, barberry root, cnidium monnieri, oat straw powder, maca root powder, muira puama.
  10. Do you know where to buy Passion RX with Yohimbe?

    You can get it at the Advance Physician Formulas website, Amazon, or from Bolt Health supplements.

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So What Really Works?

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It also has high reviews from customers, and not only that, but critics have applauded its ability to give men better erections, higher stamina, and a more satisfying overall sex life. To read more about the supplement Viritenz and about how it can help men to get back their sexual energy, click this link here.

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