Coluracetam Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Most of what is known about this ingredient is that it seems promising, but it’s not yet proven effective for anything. The limited information makes it clear that it’s impossible to say what may result from the use of this. We provide all the important details on Coluracetam so you know what to expect from it.

We offer our readers a top 10 list which showcases the most useful nootropic formulas.

Coluracetam Overview

Coluracetam is a nootropic ingredient which has been studied for different purposes, but the reviews are still lacking. This is meant to help increase choline uptake, which can affect memory and overall cognition. The problem is that this was only seen in rats, and the ingredient is only available as a prescription drug.

Due to its limited use we can’t see much value in it. There’s too much risk involved and not enough reward. In our analysis we found that this may deliver support, but still, we can’t verify for certain.

We’ve selected the top 10 most effective nootropic brands and placed them in an informative list.

Coluracetam Claims

This drug was first used to treat Alzheimer’s but studies stopped than it was used to treat mood disorders such as anxiety. It is also sometimes used to help treat nerve injuries.

The major problem with this is that most of the claims are made by websites which looked to review this, any actual claims about its use is limited.

We don’t know for certain if this can be relied upon for anything useful. All that we know is that it’s a synthetic ingredient with limited information to support its use.

Coluracetam Ingredients

  • Coluracetam

Coluracetam is a drug and racetam which is used for cognitive support. This comes in the form of a powder, or within a pill. This is intended to help deliver cognitive enhancing benefits but as we mentioned previous, the science to help prove this is lacking.

The only thing known about this ingredient is that it may help with choline uptake, which is important for brain health. The problem is that this is what is supposed to happen, but without more studies we can’t say for certain what it will do.

All that we know for certain about this ingredient is that the science is lacking. More proof should be published to both study the potential positive effects, the proper dosage strength, and whether or not it’s safe to use long-term.

Of all the brands we looked at, the following 10 delivered the most noticeable impact.

The Science Behind Coluracetam

The review by made it clear about all we need to know about this drug:

“no evidence for… nootropic effects”

This is lacking any real human evidence for cognitive support, which is what it was made to do. The drug was passed around 2 major companies who studied it for different purposes, and the first study was abandoned.

A licensing was taken by BrainCells Inc. and they wanted to see if it could affect anxiety. This is still not proven to have any effect, but it is suggested that it may be promising.

The general idea is that this can help improve cognition in rats, but this was only seen in a single study featured in the Journal of Neural Transmission. They concluded that these effects are only a:


It is yet to be proven effective in humans, and it’s too much to rely on a single study performed on rats. Some believe the studies are promising but that’s not good enough to make up for the potential for side effects.

Our top 10 list gives a great overview on what the most effective nootropic supplements are.

Word on the Street About Coluracetam

“improve my memory and felt really potent on it”

“I didn’t see any improvement”

“Too subtle to consider it over other products, expensive too”

“Made tasks easier to perform”

Most of the people who reviewed this had different experiences but this may be due to the fact that the dosage strength varied. Often people had to find the proper amount to take since with high amounts there were clear symptoms.

Our top 10 list has a great explanation on what the best nootropics are and why.

Is Coluracetam Worth a Try?

We can’t find much use in this understudied drug. Any drug which his meant to stimulate brain activity should be carefully monitored. The truth is that there aren’t any reliable human studies on this, so we can’t know if it’s actually going to deliver.

What is for certain is that it was intended for different purposes and people find a way to find it online. It’s not advised to get it this way however, especially for US based customers as it is illegal to carry. The price is also incredibly high for a piracetam, and a lot of people said it was not good in any way.

These nootropic supplements were considered to be the most suitable for general cognitive support.

Coluracetam vs Noopept

This nootropic ingredient is most often used to reduce age related cognitive decline. It is a synthetic which is not available in the US. This is only offered in limited countries, and studies on human use are lacking. It’s impossible to say if this is likely safe, though a lot of users say they experienced harsh effects from it, making it impossible to supplement with.

Coluracetam vs Phenylpiracetam

This drug is available via prescription in Russia and it’s meant to enhance memory, reduce depression and treat convulsions. This has stimulant effects and is sometimes used to help treat brain disorders. You cannot get this drug outside of parts of Europe, and in the US it’s not permitted. Importing this would be illegal; therefore use of it is limited.

Coluracetam vs Sunifiram

The drug Sunifiram is experimental and as such, does not have may studies performed on humans. There’s still no evidence on how it works exactly, though it’s intended to be a more potent version of regular piracetam. This is meant to aid overall cognition but due to the lack of evidence, we can’t say for certain if this would be safe to use.

Coluracetam vs Oxiracetam

This racetam strain ingredient is sued as a mild stimulant for cognitive support. The drug has limited use as it’s only available in certain countries, and it’s not approved for drug use in the US. Some studies show it is well-absorbed and that it may boost cognition, but we can’t say for certain what is possible as human studies are limited.

Coluracetam vs Fasoracetam

This nootropic ingredient is used to help treat ADHD and reduce vascular dementia symptoms. The drug is only available in limited countries, and it is still undergoing clinical studies to determine its worth. The drug was shown to improve cognition in rats, but human studies showing the same potential benefit are lacking. It’s impossible to say what will likely result from this as little information exists.

Coluracetam FAQ

  1. Where can I buy Coluracetam?
    This is found on some websites but we don’t know if this can be trusted.
  1. Can I get a Coluracetam powder?
    This is offered as a powder.
  1. Does Coluracetam affect depression?
    This may be used for mood but the since is lacking.
  1. Can I find Coluracetam on Amazon?
    Not at this time, it’s not sold on Amazon.
  1. What’s the consensus on Reddit for Coluracetam?
    It’s hard to say since people had different dosage strengths but often people said it did affect their mental state.
  1. What’s a common Coluracetam experience?
    There were a lot of mixed experiences but some failed to see a benefit.
  1. What’s the recommended Coluracetam dosage strength?
    This is hard to determine since the since on it is limited there’s no way to know for certain what the proper amount is.
  1. What is a good Coluracetam stack?
    It’s impossible to say since everyone has a different demand and need.
  1. Will I build a tolerance to Coluracetam?
    There is no information available which shows what the long-term effects may result in.

So What Really Works?

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This can help alleviate mental fatigue to help athletes, prevent lack of concentration, and reduce the possibility of mental fog. Many of the ingredients can deliver benefit at the dosage strength added even when taken individually. This is further improved when taken in this formula, and it can give users a mental edge. Here’s even more details about what Memotenz can offer for general cognition.

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