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This is not as impressive as it markets itself to be and this male enhancement product has far too little in for this high of a cost. The feedback was also mixed, many stating it failed to offer any real support. To understand what we uncovered about this product, skip to view the table of contents.

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Test X180 Alpha Overview

The incredibly high price, mixed reviews, lack of an explanation, poor return policy, and FTC related issues showcase how ineffective of a brand this is, and how shady the company is. They were shown to have controversial billing practices which are why they were forced to pay a settlement.

Many customers said that the company was untrustworthy, and that the supplement itself wasn’t worth the overly expensive price. This is in fact at the top of the list for the most expensive male enhancement products. It’s a strange fact when you consider that it uses common ingredients.

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Test X180 Alpha Claims

Peak sexual performance and physical strength benefits are claimed. This is intended to make workouts better, boost libido, enhance strength, and make blood flow pump though the body for all-around support.

This is meant to happen with libido enhancing ingredients and testosterone boosters. The information is simple but never actually backed by any sources. They highlight the benefits as being more muscle mass, stamina, lean muscle, improvement of power, and overall libido.

A FTC 2024 settlement found that they were claiming to offer free samples which turned into reoccurring plans. The FTC said that they did so without customer’s consent, tacking on charges without letting them know they were to be billed automatically. They were forced to no longer suggest they were going to offer a free trial and had to pay out $350,000.

You’d think it end there, but the official website has a terms and conditions section where they say:

“refrain from… any claims… class-wide capacity”

By purchasing from the company you give up your right to take them to court, instead all proceedings are to be taken care of from a 3rd party arbitrator. This is because they don’t want to go through the same kind of legal issues they had in the past. The problem with this is that they still have an auto-shipment plan which states after 14 days of signing up for their trial program.

They call it the:

“VIP Membership Program”

In very tiny font they outline that customers must call to cancel otherwise they will be charged every 30 days. If you choose to buy only single bottles you aren’t able to get a refund unless the bottle in question is returned sealed and unopened in any way.

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Test X180 Alpha Ingredients

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin mononitrate)
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)
  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
  • Selenium (Selenium Amino Acid Chelate)
  • Manganese (Manganese Amino Acid Chelate)

Sexual Performance Blend, 860 mg

  • L-Citrulline
  • Muira Puama
  • Maca Root
  • Damiana

Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix, 350 mg

  • Testofen (50% Fenusides)
  • White Mushroom
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf
  • Chrysin (5,7-Dihydroxyflavone)
  • Diindolymethane (DIM)

The sexual performance blend has a lot of know aphrodisiacs such as Maca Root and Muira Puama. L-Citrulline can help maximize blood flow through nitric oxide production which is a major plus.

Testofen is used as a way to improve testosterone levels and it is often added in some form, either through the whole fenugreek or this version.

A lot of B vitamins and minerals are also added which can help maximize testosterone, mood, and energy levels.

Less common ingredients are also included such as White Mushroom, a common kind of fungus which has antioxidants in it.

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The Science Behind Test X180 Alpha

There is a science section on the official website but it fails to offer much of a description for what this can truly do. All  that’s provided is claims, but we did do the research to help determine what it can offer.

Testofen is the most controversial of ingredients in this blend since many of the supposed claims come from a company that produces it, making it hard to trust them at their word. There’s good reason why there were many lawsuits filed against the company, many felt they were exaggerating and not telling the truth of its true testosterone and sexual enhancement support.

Diindolymethane is a chemical sometimes added to supplements like this, and it is found naturally in several kinds of vegetables like cabbage. Web MD recommends taking it within controlled amounts, since larger potions may lead to side effects.

They do have 100% of vitamin B6 and Manganese, which is important to regulate since in large amounts it can be potentially dangerous.

It’s also not a good sign that they use fairly common ingredients without fully explaining the science. All they have are basic suggestions for what it might do, and they only go on to explain 2 ingredients, and they mention Testofen which you can read a lot about what it’s meant to do by the patentees. There needs to be a better explanation so customers can know beforehand whether or not the company did their research and didn’t just pick a random blend of additives.

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Word on the Street about Test X180 Alpha

“Overpriced this did not cause any change at all, this was weak to be honest”

“No change in my libido and I actually feel a little worse. I thought this would help but it failed to accomplish anything”

“After a few months of consistent use it did end up working for me. Saw more energy and testosterone”

“I may be in the small group of people who didn’t experience any benefits but yeah, I felt nothing different”

A good portion of customers said it failed to offer much of a benefit. Some did enjoy it however, it was too mixed to consider it a likely effective brand. The amount of negative to positive reviews was almost exactly the same, so it’s hard to see much value in it when only half the customers saw a benefit.

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Is Test X180 Alpha Worth a Try?

No need to try it, it’s decent but not worthy enough to rank as the best. There are decent ingredients added to this but it’s lacking. The science behind this is simple and not backed by any studies mentioned by the company. This mixes a lot of nutrients in it which can be helpful, but at the high cost of $139 per bottle, this is too much of a premium for what’s included.

There is no real reason why anyone should pay nearly 3 times what you’d expect to pay for a male enhancement product. This is very expensive and you’re not covered by a solid return policy, the only way to get your money back is if the product in question is returned unused. This guarantees that people who want to try a single bottle would be unable to get their money back if it failed to produce results.

They also have a shady auto-billing practice which makes it appear as if it’s a service to customers. It’s not, this is a common practice that looks to lock people unto a reoccurring monthly plan. Things like this make it hard to trust a company, especially when  they have strange legal procedures as this company has.

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Test X180 Alpha vs Nugenix

The ingredients are really simple for Nugenix. Their main testosterone boosting product only has basic nutrients, a single aphrodisiac, and a patented form of fenugreek. This same patented ingredient had a lot of legal issues as the patentees were called out for making false health claims.

The cost of this is also high for such a simple blend. They fail to explain why anyone would need nearly 8 days’ worth of vitamin B12 with 850% added in a daily serving. The company was also criticized often by customers who felt that they were unfair and difficult to deal with.

Test X180 Alpha vs Ignite

Ignite is made by the same company so the same kinds of controversies exist. Ignite was made specifically to enhance free testosterone, which is the same kind of testosterone which the male body can better use to its advantage.

There is a lot more added to Ignite, and unfortunately this includes dehydrated caffeine which can lead to side effects. They also add unnecessary red and blue food coloring which should never be added to any supplement, it offers no benefit to the consumer and has a risk for side effects.

Test X180 Alpha vs P6 Extreme

There’s no shortage of “Extreme” kinds of products in the world of testosterone boosting products. The ingredients in this are what you’d expect, some chemical extracts and hormone boosting additives. People were disappointed reputedly because it didn’t offer the support they were looking for.

There were quite a few people who  complained and at this high of a cost, they have every right to. It’s too simple of a formula to consider effective which is likely why so many failed to see an improvement in any form.

Test X180 Alpha vs TestoFuel

TestoFuel doesn’t add much to its formula, it relies mostly on vitamins and minerals which are common to many foods. Only 2 herbs and a food extract are used, and this food source provides zinc which is also added to the nutrients list.

They also suggest using it for a full 2 month period and their return policy is very strange. They force customers to give them their diet and exercise routine to judge if it was good enough to supplement the product. Many said they didn’t like it which is a good sign that it likely won’t work as directed.

Test X180 Alpha FAQ

  1. Can I Get Test X180 on Amazon?
    They do offer sales on Amazon for single bottle purchases.
  1. Will Test X180 Alpha cause side effects?
    There were complaints from customers that included a loss of libido and overall sex drive.  They also decided to add food coloring which for some may stimulate side effects.
  1. Does Test X180 Alpha come with a free trial?
    No trial offer is provided on their website.
  1. Can I Get a Test X180 free sample?
    No such sample is offered on their website and you’d have to get full bottles worth. They got rid of this after it was found they were charging customers after the sample trial offer was over.
  1. What are the directions for Test X180 Alpha?
    They advise using 2 capsules with breakfast and another 2 capsules 30 minutes just before exercising. On rest days they advise 2 at breakfast and another 2 at dinner.
  1. What do people on bodybuilding say about Test X180 Alpha?
    Mostly people repeated the common issue which was that it was too expensive, which is another way of saying it’s not worth the total cost.
  1. Does Test X180 Alpha work?
    If you were to look at user reviews alone, it would appear that a lot of people didn’t see any reliable changes. When this amount of people fails to see a benefit it’s often a good sign that it likely will not work as directed.
  1. Do I have to worry about hair loss with Test X180 Alpha?
    We couldn’t find any complaints of hair loss from any users, but this can depend on a lot of factors which can be difficult to determine beforehand.
  1. What are common TestX180 Alpha reviews?
    There were often 2 kinds of people. Some who enjoyed it and saw a boost in their energy and workouts, and others who saw no changes at all. Often people didn’t mention if it offered all the claimed benefits, most used it for muscle gains or a boost in the gym.

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So What Really Works?

With many brands to choose from we felt that overall, the best possible male enhancement support comes from Viritenz. The noticeable benefits many people felt included a surge of blood flow, enhancement of testosterone, more energy, and a great boost of overall sexual desire. The aphrodisiacs and useful ingredients include additives such as Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris, studied herbs which can offer great benefits.

The support offered to customers was great enough that many said it was their new daily supplement. There are a lot of possible benefits and the amount of ingredients added in this dosage strength ensures that effects can last. We give a more detailed look into Viritenz in the review we provide here.

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