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Some of the ingredients in this product just don’t add up. We also learned that the company has been criticized for taking advantage of its customers through the old “free trial – but you have to give us your credit card” scheme. It also has a curious connection with a suspiciously-similar product. Our review is below:

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Vigfx Overview

Vigfx is a libido enhancement supplement for men. It promises to deliver several benefits, including bigger erections, a hyper-charged sex drive, and faster recovery time in between sex sessions. They claim they’re different from other sex supplements because the pills contain a substance that prevents the pills from being absorbed in the stomach, so that they can be absorbed in the small intestine instead.

This product comes at you fast with big colorful images and bold claims, but do they stand up to scrutiny? The answer is simple: no.

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Vigfx Claims

This supplement makes a lot of very grand statements, accompanied by vulgar, garish language: “Warning: Wild Sex Ahead,” you’ll be a “beast” and you’ve “been warned” that you’ll get a “primitive desire – and ability – to fulfill your natural right to procreate” – yeesh. These guys are really laying it on strong here. But that’s not all, they claim: they also have science to back up their promises. What science? Why, a scientific study that was performed by Vedic Lifesciences, a company in India that apparently performs clinical trials.
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What did that trial find, though? Well first of all, the document they link you to says that the test was for Vigrx Plus – wait, a different product altogether?
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No, turns out the products contain the same ingredients, and in the same doses. That’s why they linked to the “wrong” study: they’re just giving you Vigrx Plus under a different name. But why? If the other one was any good, wouldn’t they continue to sell it under its original name? Or maybe the opposite is the case: the supplement was so unsuccessful they thought they’d try a new marketing approach under a different name with a different website.

This kind of behavior is the sort you’d expect from a company like Leading Edge Herbals, a company we’ve run into before selling sexual health supplements. They have a warning on their Better Business Bureau page, where the BBB warns customers to not be taken in by their advertising and to pay close attention to what you’re signing up for: many people have gotten scammed by singing up for a “subscription,” where you think you’re getting a product for free, but really you have to cancel it before the trial period is over otherwise you get hit with a huge fee on your credit card for the full price of the product. Beware of any company that uses this tactic, as they generally make it hard to cancel and count on people not reading the fine print.

Leading Edge Herbals sells a number of different supplements, from general wellness to anti-aging pills. None of them are widely sold, it seems, and they don’t have a lot of customer reviews for any of them. How do they stay in business, if there’s no proof of them selling many products at all?

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Vigfx Ingredients

Vigfx has some ingredients we’ve seen in other male sexual health products:

  • Red Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Hawthorne Berry
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Damiana
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Catuaba
  • Muira Puama
  • Cuscuta
  • Epimedium
  • Bioperine

Red Ginseng is also called Panax ginseng, a fairly common ingredient in sex drive supplements. It’s supposed to help the body adapt to stress more easily, making the body deal with fatigue better.

Saw palmetto is another common ingredient we’ve found in many sex drive supplements, because it’s supposed to have an effect on testosterone – the hormone associated with a higher sex drive. Unfortunately the evidence for its effect on the sex drive is out. We’ll discuss that more in the next section.

Hawthorne berry is supposed to promote better circulation and treat high blood pressure, but is there proof that it works? Not exactly.

Epimedium, tribulus, damiana, and catuaba are common aphrodisiacs that come from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Mediterranean. They’re supposed to either contain chemicals that stimulate the brain into desiring sex, or promote the flow of blood to the genitalia.

Cuscuta or “dodder” is a plant used in Chinese medicine, but as a way to treat UTIs. Not sure why it was included here, and it also doesn’t have any science behind it.

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The Science Behind Vigfx

Not all of the ingredients in this product have a lot of proof that they work, and that’s a problem. In order for a product to be effective, all of its ingredients have to have some effect, otherwise the formula is just weighed down with filler, and could be less effective. Sadly, that’s the truth with some of the ingredients in Vigfx.

First of all, let’s address hawthorn berry. This extract has been used in other supplements, but we’re not sure why. It seems to be able to lower the amount of “bad” cholesterol and improve blood circulation, but there’s “insufficient evidence” that it works (WebMD).

Saw palmetto is a fine enough ingredient, but its primary uses are as a way to help prostate health and decrease water retention, not to increase the sex drive. Despite this, some have included this ingredient in their sex drive supplements because they think it increases testosterone, but we couldn’t find any studies promoting its use for that purpose at either the National Institutes of Health or WebMD.

Cuscuta is another problematic ingredient. It’s known to cause stomach pain in some people, and is known to have laxative effects – not exactly the thing you want to be worried about when you’re trying to get in the mood for love (WebMD).

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Word on the Street about Vigfx

Customer reviews are an essential part of selling a product. They make your product look inviting, since many people will only buy a product if someone else has first – testing the water, in a way – and it gives them the confidence to think that the product will work as promised. Typically, men’s sexual health products will have at least a dozen reviews, but in many cases there are upwards of 50, 100, or sometimes even 1000 reviews. The more reviews, the easier it is to form an impression about the product’s quality, based on how it’s been received.

If Vigfx is as effective as the company claims, you’d think it would have a lot of reviews, and good ones.
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You’d be wrong.

There’s only 1 review we found for this product, on Amazon, and it’s a 1 star review.

“Didn’t work for me.”

And that, folks, is about all there is to be said about it. When your one customer review is a negative one, you’ve got a serious PR problem on your hands. Vigfx would do well to increase its visibility, try to drum up more customers, and get their products out and being sold, so that they can get more customer reviews. Otherwise, people are likely not going to be interested.

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Is Vigfx Worth a Try?

There are a number of things to watch out for when it comes to avoiding bad men’s performance supplements, and unfortunately, Vigfx checks them all off. They’re sold by a company that has several customer complaints about the shady ways they try and get money out of people, and a warning from the Better Business Bureau to make sure you don’t get suckered in by signing up for something without reading the fine print. This shows a lack of care for the customer, and they would do well to shed those policies that’ve gotten them into trouble. It also doesn’t help that this is an identical product to another one the company sells, Vigrx Plus, which makes it seem like something weird and underhanded is going on.

Secondly, the formula contains ingredients that either are not helpful when it comes to sexual enhancement (such as saw palmetto and hawthorn), but can cause side effects that definitely work at cross-purposes with sex – such as the laxative effects of curcuta.

Last (and worst) is the lack of customer reviews, and the fact that the one they have that we could find only gave it 1 star out of 5. This definitely makes it seem like the product doesn’t work, and is possibly the worst thing that harms their image.
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Overall, we don’t see a single reason why you should trust this company with your money. Keep on searching and make sure that when you’re considering a product, you make sure that not only are the ingredients legit, but that the company has a good reputation and that customers actually like it. That’s the way to keep from getting scammed.

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Vigfx vs Virectin

These products are very similar, in that they’re both herbal supplements that are meant to address erectile dysfunction and a weak sex drive. They have some ingredients in common, even, including epimedium, ginkgo, and saw palmetto.
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They differ in price, with Vigfx costing $76.99 and Virectin costing $44.95. Both products offer monthly subscription deals, but the prices are much higher up front if you go with the option.

Vigfx vs Vigrx

If you think these products have basically the same name, there’s a reason: they’re the same product. When you look up the “scientific test” on the Vigfx page, you’ll see plainly in the document that it was actually “Vigrx Plus” that was tested instead. On a hunch, we compared the ingredients in these two products, and they’re identical, right down to the amount of each herb in the formula. And the cost for both products is, you guessed it, identical: $76.99.

Vigfx vs Viagra

There isn’t much in common between these products, despite the fact that they both advertise themselves to give me stronger erections. That’s where Viagra’s claims end, however, but Vigfx goes on to promise to give men more sexual stamina and libido, something that Viagra can’t claim. Viagra is also a drug, meaning it requires a prescription, while Vigrx is just a supplement and can be bought over-the-counter by just about anybody. They also differ in price, with Viagra costing up to $40 a pill, while Vifx costs $76.99 for a whole bottle.

Vigfx vs Progentra

Vigfx has one thing over Progentra: it doesn’t claim to make your penis “bigger,” as Progentra claims, something which you’ll find in a quick Google search is physically impossible. They both claim to work as a way to boost the sex drive, however, and both consist of herbs (some are even shared between them, including epimedium, damiana, and muira puama. Vigfx is a little more expensive than Progentra at $76.99, compared to Progentra’s $69.95. Progentra also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, while Vigfx’s guarantee only lasts for 60 days.

Vigfx FAQ

  1. What are the directions for taking Vigfx?
    It’s not clear how many pills you’re supposed to take, but since there’s only 30 pills per bottle, it’s probably just one or two a day.
  2. Does Vigfx come with a free trial?
    No, it doesn’t look like they offer a free trial anymore. They probably got burned last time, as customer have called this company out for using “free trial” offers as ways of tricking people into paying full price once the trial period ends.
  3. What are the ingredients in Vigfx?
    Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Cuscuta, Epimedium, and Bioperine.
  4. What’s the price of Vigfx?
    The price is $76.99 for a single bottle, although that price goes down (slightly) when you order more than one at a time.
  5. What’s the difference between Vigfx and Vigrx Plus?
    There doesn’t seem to be a difference. They’re virtually the same product, from what we’ve seen, right down to the ingredients and price.
  6. Where can I read Vigfx reviews?
    The only review we found (from a customer) was on Amazon.
  7. What’s the dosage for Vigfx?
    It looks to be 1440 mg per serving.
  8. Is Vigfx a male virility supplement?
    That’s certainly what it claims to be. Whether it works as one is another question entirely.
  9. Is there a Vigfx “Plus”?
    No, we’re not away of a Vigfx Plus, just the normal Vigfx. You might be thinking of “Vigrx Plus,” which is a different label (same product, though) from this company.
  10. What is the price of Vigfx in India?
    You would have to check the exchange rate of the rupee to the dollar, which can change weekly.

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So What Really Works?

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