AddieUp Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This is mostly stimulants which are intended more for weight loss than cognitive support. There were far too many complaints from people who said it failed to provide a clean stimulant affect, and that it made them feel worse. There’s a lot to consider about AddieUp, which we reveal in full within this review.

Our updated top 10 nootropic list explains what the most effective supplements have to offer.

AddieUp Overview

AddieUp is a nootropic supplement used for focus and energy enhancement. The brand has questionable marketing, suggestions, and an ineffective formula.

This relies heavily on stimulants though oddly enough, most of it is only useful if the person taking it is looking to lose weight.  A lot of this is meant more to help boost a person’s metabolism, Even though they do add caffeine which can work as a nootropic, it’s not advised to blend so many stimulants together.

Worse yet, many customers said they experienced nothing but side effects.

In our view the following top 10 nootropics can best maximize cognition.

AddieUp Claims

It’s suggested this can be used for:

  • Those engaged in all kinds of professional jobs
  • More focus and energy
  • Enhanced mental performance

The only real explanation given is a claimed doctor’s experience in dealing with fatigue and a loss of mental functioning. The claim is that this doctor used drugs but that after trying to find a better solution, he ended up making this brand. The never actually provide his name or explain what field of science he practices to come up with a supplement like this.

We were able to rally up the top 10 nootropics within our complete list.

AddieUp Ingredients

  • Noopept
  • L-Theanine
  • Octopamine
  • Alpha GPC
  • DMHA
  • Synephrine
  • Huperzine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Noopept is a branded ingredient that is used to help prevent the loss of healthy cognition as human’s age.

Octopamine comes from Synephrine and it is mainly used as stimulant which can affect weight loss. This stimulant like effect can also potentially increase mental focus.         

DMHA is also known as Octorine and it is a kind of stimulant drug which is lacking much research. This is used mainly to treat nasal congestion, but it’s also used for its fat burning results. The stimulant like effects are claimed to help cognition, but evidence is not provided.

Synephrine is a kind of molecule which is used as a fat burner. This is a stimulant like ingredient which also goes by the name bitter orange. Though recommended with stimulants for increased effects, this can greatly increase the risk for side effects.

Huperzine is a typical cognitive enhancing ingredient that is meant to prevent brain decline in elderly users.

Caffeine Anhydrous is a common but overused stimulant ingredient which can increase both energy levels and focus. The effects have to be carefully taken since caffeine can be dangerous, causing many stimulants like side effects.

Out of all the current nootropics sold, the top 10 stood out for good reason.

The Science Behind AddieUp

As expected there is no actual evidence provided anywhere. The claim is that a medical professional came up with the formula, but there is no evidence to show whether or not he has a background in supplement ingredients.

It doesn’t make sense that this would rely heavily on ingredient used more commonly for weight loss. The reason being is that this has a lot of metabolism boosters which can stimulant the body in general, but this can be very dangerous and it’s not advised to mix so much in a single serving.

The company also fails to provide science to show that the blend of stimulants would be safe for day to day use.

There are currently no better brands for nootropic benefits than these top 10 offerings.

Word on the Street About AddieUp

“Wish I didn’t get started, felt bad the entire time”

“It did increase my energy but that’s about it”


“I couldn’t stop being thirsty”

Often it was the case that people had to experience stimulant like side effects. Even though some said it gave them an energy boost, people said it wasn’t clean and that it didn’t support their ability to remain focused. This makes sense when you look at the many stimulant ingredients made mostly for weight loss, not for nootropic benefit.

Many kinds of nootropics are offered and our goal in this top 10 list was to single out he very best.

Is AddieUp Worth a Try?

The heavy use of stimulants and the fact it contains a dug raises questions about this brand. It’s unknown how they could still use a drug which is both lacking research and not allowed legally inside of supplements.

They fail to give a detailed explanation into how this works, nor do they sell it at a fair price. There may be dangerous side effects from the use this controversial formula. Some customers also complained on how it made them feel uncomfortable and that the effects were too strong. Many experienced a lot of stimulant like effects which made it hard to remain relaxed.

The thorough review process we follow showed that the following 10 nootropics are most supportive.

AddieUp vs Adderall

Adderall is a treatment drug which can help those suffering with ADHD and sleep related problems. This can improve focus and make it easier to stay mentally aware and awake. The stimulant affects come from the amphetamine quality of the drug which has to be used in amounts prescribed by a doctor. It’s not uncommon for there to be a wide range of side effects.

AddieUp vs Modafinil

Modafinil is used for people needing a drug which can help control their sleep related problems. This can support wakefulness, which can translate into an easier time focusing and staying active. Much like other drugs it’s only accepted legally when given as a prescription, but this in particular also may lead to addiction if it’s not regulated.

AddieUp vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain contains some common nootropic ingredients, the effects are mostly intended for mood and focus. The company is known for advertising their clinical studies, though this was only on a small group of people, not nearly enough to prove its worth.

Many have tried this brand and at this time there is a clear split between positive and negative reviews. An alarming amount of people said it was ineffective and not worth using.

AddieUp vs ADDTabz

ADDTabz relies on a varied blend of stimulants and basic additives such as nutrients. The stimulant effects can potentially cause side effects, and they even decided to add food coloring which is unnecessary.

The company makes it clear that people should avoid this if they are sensitive to stimulants, which was an unfortunate problem according to some users.

AddieUp vs Vyvanse

Vyvanse is a drug that can affect both children and adults who need to control their ADHD. There’s also the potential benefit of helping those with a binge eating disorder. The drug has been used widely and their website outlines may of the considerations. This is known to potentially cause all kinds of side effects which can affect heart healthy, mood, and overall well-being.

AddieUp FAQ

  1. What’s a common AddieUp review?
    Few gave an opinion but in general it was mostly negative.
  1. Is there information about AddieUp on Reddit?
    There was criticism from a few users who felt that it’s backed by untrustworthy marketing and a cheap formula.
  1. Where can I buy AddieUp?
    Only their official website sells it.
  1. Is AddieUp offered at Amazon?
    It appears they used to but they have since removed it.
  1. Does Walmart offer AddieUp?
    No, the only current source for this is their website.
  1. What are the full AddieUp ingredients?
    This contains Noopept, L-Theanine, Octopamine, Alpha GPC, DMHA, Synephrine, Huperzine, and Caffeine Anhydrous.
  1. Does CVS offer AddieUp?
    CVS does not provide this supplement.
  1. Is there an AddieUp coupon?
    The official website claims to offer a discount offer.
  1. Can I buy AddieUp at Walgreens?
    They do not sell it at Walgreens.

So What Really Works?

The current best pick for nootropic support was best seen in Memotenz. The great range of ingredients can maximize results by affecting stress, mood, attention, mental energy, and even long-term brain health. The many users who tried it often commented on the sudden improvements and the clear benefits. The reviews we found often said that it not only gave them the support they were looking for, but that it’s a daily supplement now.

The positive feedback is made clearer when you examine not just what’s inside of it, but how much of each ingredient is included. The support is solid enough due to the stimulant free combination of studied nootropics. This can affect just how well the brain processed information in a way that is unlikely to cause complications. No better source for Memotenz is offered than what’s mentioned in this link.

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