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This product isn’t as great as the company wants you to think it is. There are serious doubts about its ingredients, customers are torn on whether it works or not, and the company that makes it has been accused of using a “free trial” scheme to get money out of people who don’t know what they’re signing up for. For more, read on:

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Volume Pills Overview

Volume Pills is a sexual enhancment product for men. It’s supposed to increase the quality of male ejaculation by promoting higher levels of semen production. It’s also intended to affect other areas, such as sexual desire and erections, as well as stamina during the act of love. It comes in pill form and is supposed to be natural, safe and

With claims that it’s approved by doctors, and that it brings together centuries of of ancient knowledge to help your sex life, it may sound at first like it’s the real deal. But we looked into Volume Pills and found out that, like most male sexual enhancement supplements, its claims shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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Volume Pills Claims

So here’s the scoop. These pills contain natural, herbal ingredients that are supposed to coax  your body into producing more semen for bigger ejaculations, and this supposed to make your orgasms more explosive as well. According the company, men who took the pills for two months also saw harder erections, more testosterone, and a higher sex driver overall. “…Plus more!” they add, but they don’t elaborate. Of course, this is a sale tactic: imply that there are even more good things from a product, and people will think they’re getting a great deal by buying it.

They even include a hastily-made “chart” that supposedly shows exactly the degree to which men can experience the benefits, for those who want science-y things like graphs and charts. The image itself doesn’t even have data on it, just some claims about what three test subjects supposedly saw after three weeks of using the pills.

Well, that’s a lot to take in. Like all good supplement companies, they promise a litany of benefits that all have something to do with each other, so that even if you don’t care about your semen volume, they can get you with the promises of firmer erections or more sexual urges.

Who’s making these promises, though? They’re called Leading Edge Health, and they’re behind a number of different products for everything from skin care to sexual health.

While they’re officially based in the Bahamas (a noted “tax haven”), they have several companies all with similar names based out of Canada and Cyprus, although you’ll also find a similar company called ”Leading Edge Herbals” in Tennessee.

What’s the need for all these different corporate entities?

It makes it hard to track down exactly who we’re dealing with, and even looks a little sketchy.

They have some pretty bad complaints on their Better Business Profile page, leading the BBB themselves to warn people to not sign up for anything they offer without first reading the terms and conditions. Why? Many people have found themselves accidentally signing up for a monthly auto-pay scheme – they think they’re signing up for a “free trial,” when BAM! they’re hit with a charge for the full price of the next month’s shipment, even if they don’t want it.

This is a practice we’ve seen from some other companies, and we don’t like it. It seems like a sleazy, underhanded way to get money from people as quickly as possible. We prefer companies that offer you a product that you pay for, and that’s it. No contracts, auto-shipments, or secret contracts.

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Volume Pills Ingredients

Volume Pills has a large number of active ingredients in its formula, some of which are common, others of which aren’t:

  • Drilizen
  • Solidilin
  • Ling Zhi
  • Xian Mao
  • Ku Gua
  • Hong Hua Fen
  • Emblica Officinalis
  • Fucus Vesiculosis
  • Dong Chong Xia Chao
  • Trihydroxyflavone

Drilizen and solidilin are patented blends of different herbs and plant products, but we don’t know exactly what’s in it. Supposedly it’s been proven to increase sexual desire in men, but without any idea of exactly what it contains, we can’t see if there’s any truth to it. Supposedly drilizen facilitates the production of nitric oxide in the body, which widens blood vessels for increased circulation – especially to your private parts. Solidilin, on the other hand, is supposed to make you feel more sexy due to the presence of l-dopa, a precursor to the pleasure hormone dopamine.

Ling zhi is the Chinese word for reishi mushrooms, which are used medicinally to help the immune system, and is supposedly helpful for high blood pressure.

Xian mao (curculigo) is another traditional Chinese ingredient used for treating impotence.

Ku gua is also called “bitter melon” or “mormodica charantia,” a shrub found in some regions of China. It’s supposed to be helpful in increasing testosterone levels.

Emblica officinalis is also referred to as Indian gooseberry, used for helping maintain healthy cholesterol and glucose levels in the body.

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The Science Behind Volume Pills

Hoo boy, this supplement is not at all the scientific, doctor-approved formula they want you to think it is. Other products we’ve seen in this area of treatment typically contain some well-known and accepted ingredient like l-arginine or horny goat weed, but Volume Pills contains none of those, preferring instead to go for other ingredients that have almost no proof that they work whatsoever.

Regarding drilizen and solidilin, the two main ingredients in this formula, there’s very little info out there. They claim that there were clinical trials where solidilin was tested, but they claim it was only tested on middle-aged rats. What’s more? We couldn’t actually find that trial, so we can’t see for ourselves how the trial was done and whether any conclusive results were really found.

Cordyceps, another of the main ingredients, actually has no proof in its favor at all. Apparently, there’s “insufficient evidence” that it has any effects at all on the male libido (WebMD).

Curculigo has had a study done on it – on rats, not humans (Biomed Research International). That’s one study. One. It’s tough to make any sort of claim about how useful an ingredient is if it’s only had one trial conducted on it, so until there’s more evidence, we’re not sold.

None of these ingredients, by the way, are officially claimed to increase semen production. All of the sources we checked said they were intended as aphrodisiacs or for other, non-sexual purposes like circulation and endurance.

And as for that study we referenced earlier, with the fake-looking chart about how Volume Pills were tested on men? No link to that study. As far as we know, it never happened.

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Word on the Street about Volume Pills

There are no real verifiable customer reviews on the main website, nor could we find this product for sale on any other website like Amazon, so it’s hard to figure out what people actually think about this product. We had to track down a version of the product on Ebay, where there are only 11 reviews, and not all of them are good:

“Works when used as a supplement, but it can take up to a month.”

“Does the trick!”

“This made me sick to my stomach, and gave me bad constipation. Terrible.”

“Doesn’t work for me.”

“Great supplement!”

“Not worth the price. Disappointed.”

“This didn’t work as described.”

This product is clearly divisive, with lots of people saying it doesn’t work, while some claim it does. The fact that there are only 11 of these reviews makes it hard for us have any impressions at all. From the lack of customer reviews overall, it almost looks like very few people have bought this product in the first place, and of those few, many of them hated it.

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Is Volume Pills Worth a Try?

This supplement is probably not worth your time or money. Not only is there a problem with the company that makes it – using the old “free trial” scam to get people’s money without filling them in on what they signed up for – but the ingredients in the product don’t seem to have any evidence that they work. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that two of the ingredients (drilizen and solidilin) are not actually described in detail.

There are very few customer reviews to see, and of what few there are, several are negative, with some people claiming that it doesn’t work, while others go on to say that they got side effects from using it.

Overall, this product doesn’t make a very solid case for why you should try it. We say that there’s really nothing to see here, just another herbal sex supplement with overblown claims that they likely don’t deliver on.

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Volume Pills vs Semenax

These supplements both claim to give you higher levels of semen in each ejaculation, but Volume Pills spends more time listing the benefits and ingredients in their product, while Semenax’s website contains barely more than a couple words and an “order now” button. They’re made by the same company – Leading Edge Health – although the same amount of effort has not been put into both product’s websites. Semenax costs $59.95 for a one-month supply, while Volume Pills (at least on Ebay) costs about $65.

Volume Pills vs Vigrx Plus

These products are a little different. Volume Pills claims to give you bigger ejaculations, in addition to a higher sex drive and better erections, while Vigrx Plus only claims to increase your libido and help you with your erections. They’re both based in herbal medicine, but Volume Pills contains more Chinese ingredients like ling zhi and ku gua, while Vigrx Plus contains more common herbs like damiana, catuaba, and ginkgo. They’re both expensive: about $65 for Volume Pills and about $76.99 for Vigrx Plus.

Volume Pills vs Performer 5

Once again, we’ve got two very similar products here: both say they help men produce more semen during ejaculation, get bigger orgasms, and have better performance in bed. They both claim to use natural, safe ingredients that come from natural sources only. The main difference is in availability: Volume Pills can be purchased from the main website or from Ebay, while Performer 5 doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere, and may have been discontinued. So in the end, that might decide the difference between them.

Volume Pills FAQ

  1. Is there video proof that Volume Pills works?
    We haven’t personally seen such videos, but you might have luck trying some male enhancement forums.
  2. Are there any before-and-after photos from users of Volume Pills?
    Again, they might exist, but we haven’t personally seen any ourselves. You would have to find a forum or other semi-private channel that allows such content to be posted.
  3. Where can I read a Volume Pill review?
    If you mean customer reviews, you might have to check out Ebay, since that’s one of the only places we’ve seen such reviews.
  4. Do Volume Pills work?
    Based on what we’ve read from customers and what we know about its ingredients, we’re inclined to believe that they likely don’t work, or if they do, they don’t work as well as promised.
  5. How do Volume Pills work vs Semenax?
    If you’d like to see the comparisons between these two products, go ahead and check the section above where we compare the two.
  6. Can I buy Volume Pills at Walmart?
    No, this product isn’t available at Walmart.
  7. Can I buy Volume Pills at Amazon?
    Right now it looks like the answer is no. They may have been sold there once, but we haven’t seen them there.
  8. What are the ingredients in Volume Pills?
    Drilizen, Solidilin, Ling Zhi, Xian Mao, Ku Gua, Hong Hua Fen, Emblica Officinalis, Fucus Vesiculosis, Dong Chong Xia Chao, and Trihydroxyflavone.
  9. Do Volume Pills come with side effects?
    We’ve seen at least one customer report that they had some stomach pain and constipation after using this supplement. That’s the most we’ve heard, though.
  10. Can I buy Volume Pills at GNC?
    No, it’s not available at GNC, either in stores or online.

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So What Really Works?

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