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Those pills with fierce animals you see at the front of gas station counters represent exactly what this is. Unfortunately after a FDA recall and complaints of major side effects we realized why this doesn’t have an official website. Learn all about this by looking at the table of contents page.

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Black Mamba 2 Overview

There are a lot of great sounding claims but none of it is supported by any evidence. Worse yet, the whole issue with the FDA finding illegal substances in their products. Not only is this a major red flag, but it may mean the company willingly added dangerous substances into their products.

Not else needs to be said but let’s give it a fair review to learn about what it’s all about.

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Black Mamba 2 Claims

A large list of claims is offered but no proof is given. They say it was “Scientifically formulated”, clinically proven” and of course, all-natural. More stamina, stronger erections, reduced risk of premature ejaculation, “explosive orgasms”, and more endurance is all claimed.

They also say no harmful or synthetic chemicals are needed, also that it’s “doctor designed”. What kind of doctor exactly is never explained, this can mean a chiropractor or a medical professional who knows nothing about supplement ingredients.

One outright lie is that there is “NO PRESCRIPTIPN necessary”. This would be true if the FDA didn’t find banned substances. In December of 2024 the FDA said a laboratory review of this saw the ingredient known as sildenafil, popular for being the active ingredient in Viagra.

This is not only very dangerous but it’s an outright lie for the company to claim this is natural and safe to use. It’s important to realize that you wouldn’t know what the total amount of this ingredient is, and because of it, there’s a major possibly for life threatening side effects. This is why the FDA recommended mentioning any side effects to their website.

Of course you won’t find a reaction from the official website because there is none. Only 3rd party websites mention this brand, and only 1 website sells it. This website offers no evidence that the batches of Black Mamba 2 they’re selling is still safe to use. Keep in mind they sell 24 pills for $59.99 which is very expensive. It looks like it’s a final cash grab the website can make on these potentially tainted supplements.

They also say that you should take more than:

“one capsule every 60 hours”

Exactly why this is so is never explained. They do say it can last upwards of 7 days but no supplement has ever proven this to be true.

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Black Mamba 2 Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, 1250 mg

  • Lyco-pene
  • Yohimbe
  • Zinc Oxide
  • L-Arginine
  • Damiana
  • Guarana
  • Maca
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Tribulus Terrestris

3 different vitamins are used as well as the mineral Zinc, which is intended to increase testosterone. It’s unknown why they spell Lycopene Lyco-Pene, but they do this for all other versions of Black Mamba as well. Lycopene is a pigment that gives the signature reddish color to tomatoes and guava. It’s an antioxidant which can protect from cell damage, it’s unclear what kind of sexual enhancement benefit this may have.

Both yohimbe and guarana are stimulants which may affect sexual desire and stimulation, but it’s very important to make sure you know exactly how much of each you’re getting. It’s not uncommon for there to be side effects from these ingredients.

Tribulus terrestris, maca, and damiana are general aphrodisiacs which can improve male enhancement, libido, and virility. L-Arginine is a useful amino acid which can support blood flow, creating erections which last.

One strange thing about this company is that even though they claim to reformulate Black Mamba and they even give it great sounding names, the formula remains the same. The same ingredients added without any explanation as to what makes it so special now that it’s reformulated. The only noticeable difference is that they make the packages and name look different.

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The Science Behind Black Mamba 2

All you get are claims with no actual evidence to support its use, but luckily we have the ingredients to examine.

The questionable stimulants added to this are never explained as to what the total amount is. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has looked into the additive yohimbe and they say it is:

“very little research… on the effects”

“associated with heart attacks and seizures”

That’s just a small sample of the possible issues this can lead to, keep in mind there are many other uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms which can occur.

Guarana is another stimulant that is used to stimulate energy and improve endurance. This may happen but it can also be dangerous to use which is why the Web MD website says it is:


There are possible side effects that are not only unwanted but also dangerous. There’s too large of a list to mention but some highlights include the possibility for irregular heart brats, raised blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and ringing in the ears.

It’s not all bad however, they do use some respected aphrodisiacs such as tribulus terrestris. There’s good reason why says it can:

“enhance libido and sexual wellbeing”

Keep in mind however; it’s common to find this ingredient, making it nothing special. Looking at the rest of the ingredients highlights how basic this brand truly is. Since you don’t know the specific amounts it’s also impossible to determine what it is capable of.

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Word on the Street about Black Mamba 2

“Only ever used this pill and I found it worked great for my needs. Gave me the change I needed”

“A little more powerful than what I was expecting but good for what it was”

“Didn’t last for the full 7 days. Thought it wouldn’t do anything because this seems real unrealistic that it would last so long and I was right”

“Felt bad after using a single pill. Had a headache, some gas, saw some lights, and I felt uncomfortable”

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Is Black Mamba 2 Worth a Try?

There’s no good reason to try it. The biggest flaw with this supplement is the fact that it is only sold on 3rd party websites which may be selling the contaminated version. There is no evidence that the creators have made changes to it since they were found to use prescription ingredients in late 2024.

This may be the reason why the creators have their other Black Mamba supplements sold on more websites, and why it is very expensive online. Typically this is because you can’t get it from a legitimate source, and you have to rely on websites which do not offer money back return. Until the company verifies for certain that they have taken the steps needed to get rid of all the known potentially hazardous ingredients, there is no good reason why anyone should trust this brand.

There are possible hazardous side effects which can occur from this including heart attack, stroke, and even death. The company should be held accountable and told to detail exactly why they have used banned substances. If it was done on purpose they have to ensure that this won’t happen again and that they are taking the steps needed to uphold the quality.

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Black Mamba 2 vs Black Panther

Just a year before Black Mamba 2 was called out by the FDA for illegal substances, Black Panther also had the same issue. They both ended up using Sildenafil which is a prescription ingredient you should never use without a doctor prescribing it.

The intended results are the same for both brands, but finding information for Black Panther is much easier. Typically consumer reviews were negative and the marketing looks almost identical. The ingredients are the same, though the dosage strength is unknown. No real proof is given to prove either supplement.

Black Mamba 2 vs Outlaw

More blood flow, strength, and overall better workouts are a main intended benefit of Outlaw. There’s also the “bulging veins” claim which an odd intended benefit is meant more for bodybuilders who want the look of an athlete.

There’s actually no sexual enhancement claims made about Outlaw and most of the ingredients are meant for nitric oxide production. It’s real pricy for the kind of additives you’re getting and all of this can be found in food, making it a costly and unnecessary supplement.

Black Mamba 2 vs Black Mamba

The original Black Mamba is difficult to find since there are countless versions of the Black Mamba which all claim to be reformulated. There was one version of this pill which says it has the same basic ingredients.

Since it’s real difficult to verify if this even exists it’s impossible to compare it to Black Mamba 2. Judging from the fact that they often reformulate and change their blends, it’s likely that the original is now discontinued. Neither brand is advised however, until they mention what happened for there to be banned substances in their product, it remains to be seen if they are to be trusted.

Black Mamba 2 vs Black

Black or Black Rhino is a sexual enhancement pill similar to Black Mamba 2 in that it was commonly sold in gas stations. The biggest difference is that Black has a lot of ancient Chinese herbs that are not often used. You are also not advised to take more than 1 pill every 60 hour period due to concerns over side effects.

Black is intended to be long lasting for a longer penis size but there were some consumers who felt the quality wasn’t good. The same company has also had issues with the FDA due to tainted supplements.

Black Mamba 2 FAQ

  1. Can you mix a Black Mamba pill with alcohol?
    There is no mention if this can be used with alcohol, but since it does contain a stimulant this may have unwanted consequences such as heart related issues.
  1. What’s the Black Mamba pills recall all about?
    In 2024 Black Mamba 2 as found to contain a prescription ingredient known as sildenafil. This is dangerous without a prescription and especially for men who suffer from heart related issues or diabetes.
  1. Can I find Black Mamba pills wholesale? What’s the cost?
    The most you can buy is a box of pills which is 24 pills for $59.99.
  1. What are the Black Mamba pill side effects? Is there any concern?
    Other than the added yohimbe which is a potentially dangerous stimulant, the major issue with this brand is the recall due to illegal substances being used. This can be very dangerous and it’s unknown if the few places which market this brand and claim to offer are selling potentially contaminated batches.
  1. Can I find Black Mamba pills on Amazon?

    They are not available and there is a copycat supplement which looks almost exactly the same but the name is different.

    The same exact claims and stock image of two people is used which can confuse customers, but it’s not Black Mamba.
  1. What do Black Mamba pill reviews have to say?
    There wasn’t much of an opinion of this other than on the 3rd party websites which market and or sell this. They found it favorable but it’s impossible to tell if these are accurate.
  1. What does Back Mamba Premium 10000 have to offer?
    This is similar in that it takes just one capsule for 7 days of use. This has slightly different additives including lycopene, tribulus terrestris, damiana, guarana, maca, and different nutrients.
  1. Wat do reviewers on YouTube have to say about Black Mamba 2?
    Nothing at all, there isn’t any talk online about the supplement.
  1. What is the difference between this and Black Mamba Premium 18000?
    The premium version has slightly different ingredients with more nutrients and lycopene, tribulus terrestris, damiana, guarana, and maca.
  1. Where can I find Black Mamba diet pills for sale?
    Right now only on miscellaneous 3rd party websites advertises it, but only one sells it, a website called

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