TestoRip X Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A testosterone booster and male enhancement product that is manufactured by a company with a very poor reputation and only available through a free trial. Does this product have enough positive qualities to make up for the places it comes up short? Read on to find out, to start simply scroll down and click on the table of contents.

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TestoRip X Overview

TestoRip X is produced primarily to allow users to increase their stamina and workout intensity, which in turn will allow them to build lean muscle. It also states that it can increase the sex drive of users, thereby allowing them to be ready to perform whenever the moment strikes. Unfortunately, only certain ingredients are mentioned in its description, and a full list of what is included within the product formula is not made clear.

The company that produces the product is based out of St.

Petersburg, Florida and maintains a page with the Better Business Bureau.

Their page with the BBB is full of customer complaints and they currently hold a “F” rating with the BBB. The complaints about the company and product revolve around their required enrollment in an auto-renewal service when signing up for the free trial, poor customer service, unauthorized charges, and receiving the wrong products. After the free trial ends, consumers are charged an exorbitant fee of $88.99 for just a month’s supply of the product.

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TestoRip X Claims

The claims made by TestoRip X include increased muscle mass, more energy, a renewed sex drive, and “more performance” whatever that means. The claims are fairly standard, but any confidence that the user may have in the product are undercut by spelling and grammar errors on the website, such as when the site claims that their product is “mad with natural ingredients”. If the manufacturer cannot be bothered to even proofread their descriptions and claims, then how are the potential consumers supposed to have any confidence in their product?

The site also makes a number of claims that seem specific at first, but don’t provide any actual evidence, such as when they claim that using protein shakes to gain muscle can actually be detrimental to your body.

Additionally, the site also attempts to sell users on another one of their products as something to pair with TestoRip X. They state that “recent studies” have shown that pairing TestoRip X with NitroNos X will lead to increased energy, sex drive, and faster results, though no specifics are offered regarding the alleged study.

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TestoRip X Ingredients

Based on the ingredients that are mentioned, it would appear that TestoRip X would possibly be an effective male enhancement product and testosterone booster, but it is undercut by the fact that it does not provide a full list of ingredients or specific dosage information. We only know of certain ingredients in the product because they are mentioned in the description on the product website, but because there is not a full list provided, we cannot be sure about the product’s safety and effectiveness. Here is a list of ingredients that are included within the product:

  • Calcium
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Saw Palmetto Fruit
  • Wild Yam Root Extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid

Each of the ingredients mentioned can provide potential benefits to those who are looking to improve their sexual health and physical fitness. Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto Extract, and Wild Yam Root Extract are all beneficial in some way. Tongkat Ali is one of the more reliable ingredients used in male enhancement products, as it is an aphrodisiac and increases testosterone and male fertility, while also reducing anxiety. Horny Goat Weed is a stimulant that increases blood flow within the system which can help increase muscle building and address erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto mostly deals with the prostate, as it can increase urine flow, treat prostate infections, and allegedly help with erectile dysfunction, though the research is currently unclear on that. Wild Yam Root Extract is known to increase sex drive in both men and women. But because we do not know the dosages with which these ingredients are used, we also cannot predict how effective they will be or if any side effects are possible. Though side effects from these ingredients are unlikely, they are possible if they are used in large enough doses, which consumers should be wary of.

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The Science Behind TestoRip X

As you may expect from a product that does not even provide a full list of ingredients for its formula, there is very little actual science that is presented. The site does mention the often-repeated fact that once men hit their 30’s their testosterone begins to decline naturally, according to them it happens at a rate of 10% every year, though there is nothing presented to support that claim. That said, that is a commonly accepted idea and doesn’t actually speak to the effectiveness of the product itself.

At one point the website mentions “This formula has been made to fit into any diet and help increase your workout time by more than 70% in just the first week alone.” That is one of the few times the site for the product provides specifics, but where that 70% number came from or how it was determined is not made clear.

Beyond that, the site also mentions that protein can actually be detrimental to the body and ineffective in building muscle, but never explains why that is or where that idea comes from. It seems that the recurring pattern with the product description is to mention specifics but not actually support them with evidence.

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Word on the Street About TestoRip X

TestoRip X is only sold through the product website, which does not offer any consumer reviews or testimonials, so finding objective reviews for the product can take some time. That said, we were able to track down some consumer reviews and they were roundly negative. Many consumers complained about the poor business practices of the company that sells the product, but reviews of the product itself and how it performs were also extremely poor.

As one user stated “Obviously, the company is a scam and the product itself is mediocre to put it kindly. All I saw was a small boost in energy, but no more than you would get from a standard energy drink.” Believe it or not, that was one of the kinder reviews, as most consumers stated that the product did do much of anything. Even those who experienced some sort of benefit stated that it was in no way worth the hassle of dealing with the company or worth the exorbitant price it is sold for.

Is TestoRip X Worth a Try?

Because of the manufacturer’s extremely poor reputation with consumers and the lack of specifics regarding the product formula, TestoRip X is a product to skip. We mentioned the company’s Better Business Bureau page earlier, but it is worth bringing up again, because we have rarely seen a company with such bad marks from the BBB and with so many complaints. Many of the complaints have to do with the misleading free trial offered by the company, but there are also several complaints regarding poor customer service and unauthorized charges.

As far as the product itself, the reactions were tepid at best. Most consumers stated that it was mediocre or just flat out did not work. Certainly, it was not worth the $88.99 that they were charged for it. Additionally, the fact that the product fails to disclose all the ingredients it uses, as well as any specific dosage information is a sign that they are not confident enough in their own product to be transparent. There are countless better options on the market now.

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TestoRip X vs TestoRipped

TestoRipped is a pre-workout energy amplifier, which is similar to TestoRip X which is also supposed to be taken prior to workouts. Unlike TestoRip X, TestoRipped is sold through legitimate websites such as Amazon, and can be purchased outright, rather than having to sign up for trial. It is also available for less than half the price of TestoRip X.

TestoRip X vs Ripped NOX

Both Ripped NOX and TestoRip X are sold through the shady free trial method that unwittingly charges consumers for the full price of the product at the conclusion of the trial. Additionally, they are both intended to be used as pre-workout supplements and to build muscle, though Ripped Nox is not a testosterone booster, but focuses primarily on increasing blood flow and delivering nutrients to muscles.

TestoRip X vs Viril X

Viril X differs from TestoRip X in that it is primarily used to boost sexual wellness and doesn’t claim to address muscle building. It also uses a longer list of ingredients, featuring over 20 additives to provide a well-rounded approach to sexual health. The products are similar in that neither one provides significant information regarding the dosages of the ingredients that they use, which can leave potential consumer uninformed regarding what exactly they are putting into their bodies. Viril X can also be purchased outright and for a considerably cheaper price than TestoRip X.

TestoRip X vs Nitronos X

Nitronos X is a supplement that focuses on increasing muscle size through increased vasodilation, or blood flow. It is primarily made up of amino acids, which are largely missing from TestoRip X. Additionally, Nitronos X provides a breakdown of the ingredients that it uses and how they are supposed to function within the body to provide results.

TestoRip X FAQ

  1. What side effects should I be aware of with TestoRip X?

Unfortunately, TestoRip X does not provide a full list of ingredients, so all the possible side effects cannot be determined. That said, some possible side effects that we are aware of include higher blood pressure, stomach irritation, and increased sweating.

  1. Is TestoRip X available for purchase through GNC or Amazon?

No, TestoRip X is only available through the product website, and can only be attained by signing up for the free trial that is offered. The free trial will charge users immediately after the trial concludes.

  1. Is TestoRip X strictly a testosterone booster or does it have other benefits?

TestoRip X only promotes itself as a testosterone booster, though testosterone boosters can have a variety of effects, including muscle building, increases in stamina, and improved sex drive and libido.

  1. What sort of reviews has TestoRip X received and where can I find them?

Reviews for the product can be found through different supplement review sites that also provide a forum for consumers to share their responses. Overall, the reviews have been extremely negative, with many consumers complaining of the company’s business practices and stating that the product is mediocre at best.

  1. What is the price of TestoRip X?

As mentioned, TestoRip X can only be attained at first through a free trial that charges $4.95 for shipping and handling, but after the trial ends the user is charged the full price of $88.99 for a month’s supply of the product.

  1. What dosage of TestoRip X is recommended?

Users are advised to take three capsules every day, ideally about 30 minutes prior to a workout. Given that there are 90 capsules in each bottle, each bottle should last approximately 30 days.

  1. Will TestoRip X help me to recover from injury?

There is nothing in TestoRip X that would suggest it is beneficial for recovering from an injury faster, though increased blood flow can provide nutrients to effected areas that may allow recovery to happen faster.

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So What Really Works?

Finding a male enhancement supplement that is safe, effective, and affordable can be a frustrating task for consumers, which is why we are happy to share that we have found one that is all three. Viritenz is a male enhancement supplement that provides that benefits consumers are looking for to improve their sexual wellness, and is made available for an affordable price through its website that also offers price breaks and promotions.

The benefits that Viritenz provides includes better blood flow throughout the system, erections that are bigger and harder, as well as easier to achieve, and increase pleasure and stamina when engaging in intercourse. There are several testimonials from satisfied customers that can be viewed on the website along with a full list of ingredients that are used with in-depth descriptions of their roles within the product.

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