57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

27. Carriage Riding 

carriage riding

Horse riding or carriage riding is also captivating, especially in a nice day. Have a horse and a carriage and ride in a nice weather. If you ride after dinner, make sure that you wear warm clothes and sit close to your partner. This is a good time to communicate each other. Try this and feel how sweet it is. This is also one of the best and most interesting first date ideas for college students and teenagers that people can consider making use if they are looking for having a wonderful and unforgettable first date.

28. Karaoke 

good first date ideas

Learning unique and good first date ideas, college students or teenagers can obtain it as good suggestion for the first date with your lovely friend. If you are flexible people and you do not like poetry or horse riding or something romantic, karaoke may be appropriate to you. Particularly when you can sing well and you can express your love through love songs. Karaoke is also a favorable chance to sing and get happiness.

You will discover some other good first date ideas in the next part of this writing!

29. Hot Tub 

good first date ideas

If you are seeking for good first date ideas, you should try to have hot tub date. Just need cute swimming suite and you can have a romantic date with her. It is also suitable in the winter days and you will feel more comfortable as it appears in a private place. Girls may be shy or embarrassed with this date idea, but it seems to be unique that you should try to perform.

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30. Building A Fort 

good first date ideas

There are many playing games in childhood and they are very excited to get fun. You can play building a fort with your partner by preparing sleeping bags, mattress, blankets, and sheets and produce a camp site. You can add some white lights for more romantic. After that, you can read or imagine some romantic stories. I think that you will get lovely and funny night with this idea.

31. Doing Couple Yoga 

good first date ideas

Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for both men and women. Especially, yoga has some poses that are for couples. You can check some centers or local community to register yoga class and participate in. Also, both of you can totally practice at home or on a comfortable space. Trying to do some yoga poses, you will feel and receive the benefits of this tremendous sport. Thus, this is one of the best first date ideas for teenagers and college students so those who really want to have a wonderful first date should try once and see how amazing their date will be!

32. Going To Bookstore

good first date ideas

If you are interesting in books that are a good chance to have date in bookstore in the weekend or free night. This is so inexpensive date and you can get fun and meaningful time with her. Buy some favorite books and give her to read, I think that he will love those books as much as love you.

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33. Stargazing 

good first date ideas

Sounds romantic, right? Viewing constellations is so great and peaceful thing that you should try. You should add stargazing in the list of good first date ideas in the summer days. This idea is free and romantic. Prepare just a blanket, lie down, and enjoy he twinkle stars on the sky.

34. Studying Together 

Another wonderful tip on the list of best first date ideas for college students and for teenagers with a simple yet effectively suggestion I would like to reveal in this entire article is that you can try learning something new or doing homework together. In fact, this is among the fun and good first dates ideas for teens and students and is not bored as many people think. You are college students and studying is very important to both of you. Why don’t you choose a nice first date by studying with her? Spending hours together in library or in a classroom to study together is so interesting. You can choose some subjects that both of you are concerning and discussing on some hot cores. Communication as much as possible, you will understand more about her.

35. Writing Love Letters 

writing love letters

This is one of good first date ideas for you to try. Probably, many young people do not choose this way to express love to their lover as the technology is developing. However, it is a conventional way and a romantic way to give love together. It is perfect idea for people who stay far away from each other. Writing love letters was a popular thing that almost of the couples in the past did and you should try this way to have meaningful first date.

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36. Watching Sunrise Together 

watching sunrise together

This idea seems to be silly but it is one of the most romantic date ideas for couples. That is easier if you live near the beach. Watching sunrise in the morning is a beautiful minute that you will remember forever. Try to do this although it seems to be stupid.

37. Walking With A Cute Dog 

good first date ideas

If you love pets particularly dog, you can take a dog for a walk with your friend. That is really a funny moment and you will have something to talk if she is shy. A dog is like a subject that you are focusing on and this is really a good point to talk about.

38. Jumping On A Trampoline

jumping on a trampoline

This seems so hard but you totally should try because it is very interesting and exciting. You can go jumping on a trampoline to get rid of stress or anxiety and have a memorable time with your partner. Jumping a trampoline is suitable in the winter days as you can play.

39. Watching Cartoons 

good first date ideas

Cartoons are funny films and you can have fun with your friend in a room. If the weather is not good enough for outside activities, watching cartoons is a great good fist date idea for your try. Have popcorn and enjoy funny moments. You can check some TV channels or buy some CDs to watch the favorite cartoons.

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40. Going To Drink Coffee 

good first date ideas

This is one of the most common first date ideas that many couples choose. They are silent and romantic enough for couples who want to express their love at the first time. Drinking coffee with her in the evening is really a common date idea but you may try if you do not know how to do and what to do first.

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