57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

41. Ballooning 

good first date ideas

This date idea is not a cheapest one but if you have good conditions, this is a perfect opportunity to get impress your love to her. She loves sky, loves the height and I admit that she will love all work you are doing for her. If you have not tried this activity, you should do because it is a good chance to challenge your strength.

42. Bowling


Bowling is one of good first date ideas for teenagers and college students. When playing bowling, you and your girlfriend can have a slice of pizza or a beer while you and she engage in a friendly competition. You can find a bowling center at your town. In addition, in almost entertainment centers or sport clubs, you can find easily a bowling place. Playing bowling is a low-stress environment; therefore, your date can be guaranteed to feel comfortable and relaxed. Having the comfortable feeling between you and your girl is an important element that will decide if your first date is successful or not. Of course, if she is comfortable, she will have more fun, and then if she is having fun, you will get a second date.

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43. Hiking


Getting some physical activities and exploring the great outdoors are unique and good first date ideas that bring your first date wonderful and impressive experience. However, you need to make sure that your girl is an outdoorsy type. You should know that a high-maintenance girl does not like going on a hike (for example, a martini-sipping girl who has the perfectly manicured nails, is not up for it). Nevertheless, for the cute surfer girls who you met at the pubs, this dating idea is perfect for you to choose from.

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44. Aquarium


One of other good first date ideas I want to show you is to date at an aquarium. Aquarium is not only for fourth-grade field trips, but it also is a perfect place for a first dating. When going to this place, you and your girl can walk leisurely as you and she are surveying all of the sea life. In addition, the underwater creatures are slimy, toothy, colorful, and weird enough to keep everything interesting.

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45. The Theater

The theater

Do you usually go to the theater with your friends and family? Going to the theater is another idea of my favorite collection of good first date ideas. I believe that dating in the theater is more original than watching a movie, plus it is a little classier. You and your girl may get dressed up and then enjoy yourselves. In addition, there is typically an intermission throughout which you will get a chance to talk, unlike at the cinemas, where you will spend your entire time on sitting in the dark. In short, the theater is one of good first date ideas for you and it also is suitable for any type of woman. However, it is particularly well suited to art lovers and bibliophiles.

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46. Driving Range

Driving range

Plan a first date by playing golf is a unique and fun outdoor activity. Driving range (or playing golf) is not particularly strenuous, although, your first date does not need to become athletic to have a good time. The golf playing will help you have a great daytime date, because if your girl does not a professional golfer, you can help her with her swing. This is a great opportunity for you to get up close as well as personal. In addition, if she is a little more experienced, it is a chance for you and her to get a playful competition.

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47. Art Gallery

Art gallery

Make a first date at your local art gallery, how do you think? In my opinion, this will be a great first date for girls who love art and I believe that you and she will have a lot of art stories to talk. In addition, it is not a bad idea to make a little research on the exhibit beforehand. This is because not only it is good to see at least a little bit of knowledgeable, but it also is because you do not want to accidentally take her to an exhibit of the horrors of the atrocities of war or meat-processing plants.

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48. Local Music Show

Local music show download

Do you like music? I believe that almost people all over the world like listening music, and I am sure that a music ticket will impress your girl. You should remember that the conversation is possibly the most important factor that decides the success of your first date. I think that the proper music in the proper venue will provide a perfect ratio of conversation to the pleasant distraction. If you do not want a stadium show, and you do not want the heavy metal or techno where the emphasis is less on listening than dancing, you can find a smaller venue that you often come.

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49. Play Tourist

Play tourist

You should sometimes take your hometowns for granted. You should take you some minutes to think about why scores of people possibly travel to your hometowns on vacation. Your city can have a lot of amazing destinations for you and your girlfriend to make a trip. You need to try to see your city from a tourist’s perspective. Then, you can check out your local tourism office that will provide you with guides and information you need on all types of events, festivals, and sights that are worth seeing. Finally, you can take your first date on a touristy tour around your city and see it from a different perspective.

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50. Ice-Skating


Ice-skating is very fun. This is one of good first date ideas in my collection. That is the reason why it makes this list one of favorite first date ideas. Ice-skating will be a great date for any type of girls who love to be active. In addition, if your girl does not know how to professionally skate, you will have a chance to hold her hands as you aid her in staying on her feet. This is a fun way for spending an afternoon as well as a perfect opportunity to discover each other.

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51. Try New Cuisine

Try new cuisine

Sharing new cuisine experience together is a great way for building a close connection with someone you love. That is the reason why if you are going to a favorite restaurant with her, you need to stop, and try to take her to a new place that has a little more adventurous. You need to check out new ethnic cuisines or something neither you nor she have tried before. You should know that the element of adventure can help add the feeling of excitement to your first date, and, who knows, maybe both of you and she will find a new favorite place.

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52. A Day At The Zoo

A day at the zoo

Do you often go to the zoo? I love animals and I often go to the zoo with my friends. It leaves me a feeling that is so great and fun. I believe that the zoo is one of unexpected date ideas that will allow you to flow with the conversation without effortless. In addition, you will not be stuck on either side of a table as you are in a café store. It means that you have ability to be close to your first date, and flirt your girl with ease. In a zoo, you can easily find out a coffee and then you and she sit on a patch of grass to talk one-on-one. Moreover, with so many animals around you and her, you will have a number of topics to make a conversation with her, and make you look interesting without having periods of fishing for conversation starters or uncomfortable silence.

53. Take Her To Brunch

Take her to brunch download

This dating idea is so simple but effectively. You will have a chance to show that you care about her health. In addition, the brunch date is cheaper than a traditional dinner date. The time you can begin a date is 11 a.m. on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). In addition, you should give your woman plenty of time in order that she can make herself become beautiful for you. You can ask her for suggesting a top brunch spot for both of you and her to meet. This is a lovely way to begin a new relationship, and in case you decide that you want your first date to continue, you can suggest a stroll afterward. In addition, you can invite her to take a coffee or a glass of wine with you in the early afternoon.

54. Comedy Club

comedy club

Comedy club will be a perfect idea for you and her at night. Your local comedy clubs will make for an amazing night out. To have a comedy ticket, you need to call ahead and then find a night when there are several different comedians to make sure that a few of these comedians at least will make you and her laugh and you are not stuck with a terrible comedian. In addition, tickets and drinks at local comedy clubs are very cheap, and you do not have to worry about costs of your first date. Furthermore, when you do not get too much time to chat with her, you can invite her going to a coffee store afterward. You should remember that you do not to sit near the stage where it can pick on you.

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55. Cook Dinner At Home

Cook dinner at home download

Cooking at home is one of the best ideas for you to choose. It helps you and your girl have much time to talk about meals, and tips to cook a delicious meal. In addition, it is a good chance for you to show that you are able to cook as a professional. Furthermore, cooking at home will help you save money for going to the restaurants. Cooking dinner at home also is a great opportunity for you to get her alone. You also have time to show her your culinary talents. Besides, if you are not the best cook of the world, you can impress her by the way you cook. With only a few simple touches, I believe that you can make your first date an experience to remember. As long as you can set the table, then light the candles, next garnish your food, and play soft music, she will be impressed, I’m sure.

56. Visit The Markets

Visit the markets

Going to the market will help you get more time and topics to chat with your girl. The great thing in this first date idea is that going to market is suitable for all types of women. You and she can go to farmers’ markets to buy fresh produces, and you should make sure to purchase enough for a charming picnic together afterward. In addition, there are flea markets, which you and she may dig up old treasures. Furthermore, you and she can go to the fashion markets, artists’ markets, and other food markets where your girl wants you to go to.

57. The Dessert-Only Date

The dessert-only date download

One of the good first date ideas on a budget is making a dessert-only date. Simply, you can tell her your date, and then you will pick her up a little bit later such as after dinnertime. You can whisk your girl to a great and cheap restaurant where you have ability to order coffees and desserts to your heart’s content. Maybe you know that the way to a girl’s heart is via cookies, ice creams, and sweet cakes. Actually, this is the last but very important out of the most interesting, fun and good first date ideas for teens and college students that I want to reveal in this article. In fact, this tip is very simple and you will not need to prepare too many things but just one delicious and impressive dessert.

Now, after introducing several simple yet effective first date ideas for college students and for teenagers – the list of fun and good first date ideas for teens and student you can ever find, I would like to suggest you and my other readers to do one more thing if possible – reading another article that provides general information about a revolutionary gathering of tips on how to attract a female partner right at the very first date – one of the most common desire among men in the world – the List Of 7 Tips On How To Make A Girl Fall In Love On The First Date article. This is actually a wonderful article as it releases the best fun and good first date ideas for teens, students, and people at all ages, helping men attract women right from the start without having to spend too much time, money, and effort. These methods and advice are actually very useful and simple to apply so even those men without experiences can make use of them with ease. Thus, if any man wants to improve their attractiveness in the eyes of female partners with useful and interesting first date ideas, they just need to read the recommended article above and decide whether or not they will make use of them. In brief, if you desire to be a lady-killer and have a wonderful first date, you just need to read these two articles and find out the best way to deal with your own case.

This is the list of the best first date ideas for college students and fun and good first date ideas for teens that are proven useful and 100% simple to apply so that readers of VKool.com and anyone who also desires to become more attractive and have a good first date should learn and apply for good. In fact, everyone can make use of these tips and techniques without needing to spend too much time, money, and effort. Moreover, people will not need to worry about difficulty when applying the tips and techniques revealed in this article because all of them are very simple and easy to apply and will cause no mistake at all if you follow them exactly.

To see all of our writings about topics on relationships, marriages, dating, relationship issues and strategies to overcome them, go to our main Relationship page. After reading my writing of a collection of top 57 good first date ideas for teenagers and college students, I hope that it helps you understand more about your girl, and know how to attract her in the first date. I also show you a few examples to plan your creative first date. This post is part of a series about tips and advice on creative dates, romantic dates, first dates, fun dates, and much more. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try choosing some of my collection of 57 good first date ideas?

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