24 Home Remedies For Hearing Loss And Deafness

12. Vitamin C And Vitamin E

According to a study about ear infections natural treatments [2], vitamins C and E are also effective in treating hearing loss and deafness naturally. Vitamin C is found in broccoli, berries, Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, cantaloupes, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, snow peas, papayas, grapefruit, kale, honeydew, mangoes, kiwis, turnips, peaches, and nectarines. Vitamin E is found in spinach, sunflower seeds, red peppers, pumpkins, broccoli, chard, carrots, mustard, mangoes, turnip greens, and nuts.

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13. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It is also found that people who follow a diet that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids tend to successfully protect them from losing hearing sense. In fact, these healthy fatty acids are found in fish oil and cold-water fish. Experts may suggest patients who have a high risk of developing hearing problems that they should begin taking fish oil capsules to overcome this condition and simultaneously preserve the sense of hearing.

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14. Magnesium, Selenium, And Zinc

Foods that contain large amounts of magnesium may be very important for protecting the inner ear bones, especially in case they have a higher risk of being damaged from loud sound exposures. Magnesium may be found in artichokes, bananas, soybeans, broccoli and squash.

Addition to this, selenium is also good for hearing sense and it is found in tuna, fortified bread, Brazil nuts, poultry, beef, and grains.

Also, according to a study [3], it is thought that zinc has the ability to protect the hearing ability from getting diseases such as cochlear damage, tinnitus and other hearing-related conditions. Zinc is found in some ideal foods including poultry, red meat, cooked oysters, beans, seafood, fortified cereal, whole grains, dairy products, mushrooms, chocolate, spinach, and cashews.

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15. Garlic 


Garlic is also one out of the list of home remedies for hearing loss and deafness. Using garlic can help you improve your low cholesterol, blood circulation as well as blood sugar levels. For the best results, you macerate 400g of alcohol and 100g of garlic in wine. It is advised to use ½ tsp. of this solution before you go to sleep. Alternatively, you can add garlic to your daily diet by adding raw garlic to your salads.

16. Remove Excess Earwax

Hearing loss can be caused by excess earwax that blocks your ear canal. So, you have to remove the excess earwax. By using an eye-dropper, you apply some drops of glycerin or baby oil in your ear canal about twice a day within 4-5 days.

Alternatively, you can squirt warm water into your ears. Tilt the head and pull the outer ear up and then back to straighten the ear canal. Then, tip the head to the side and allow the water to drain out. Gently dry the ear with the help of a towel. Repeat this method a few times daily.

Do not scrap off earwax with the help of match sticks, hairpin and similar things as they may harm your inner ears.

Do you want to know other home remedies for hearing loss and deafness? Continue reading this entire article and then apply any of these home remedies for good.

17. Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is known as one of the best home remedies for hearing loss and deafness especially when hearing loss is caused by the excess buildup of wax. Ear irrigation can help in removing the wax buildup from your ears; therefore, you can get a significant relief.

To perform this ear irrigation method, you can purchase the ear wax kits available at the drugstores. Before using these ear wax kits, it is necessary to carefully read the instruction. In case you have tried the ear irritation, but you cannot see any improvement and even your hearing problem gets worse, you may want to go to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

18. Rosemary And Black Pepper

Some oils benefit blood circulation and they include rosemary and black pepper. You can try combining any of these oils with a carrier oil and then use it in a head massage, In case you do not want to get these oils into your hair, add these oils to a steam inhalation.

There are some other home remedies for hearing loss in this article. Continue reading this entire article and follow any of them as soon as possible.

19. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is among the effective home remedies for hearing loss and deafness. Place 1 tsp. of mustard oil and a single garlic clove and then toast it. Place it into the affected ears so that the squeezed oil can drop straight into your troubled ears.

20. Ginger 

home remedies for hearing loss - ginger

Using ginger is one of the best home remedies for hearing loss and deafness. To get quick results, you should add 3 slices of fresh ginger and 1 tbsp. each of cilantro, sage, dried oregano, rosemary as well as cinnamon to 4 cups of water for more than 15 minutes. Then, you strain it and drink 3 cups of this solution daily for 3 weeks.

21. Immortal Sounding The Heavenly Bell Exercise

Apart from the immortal beating the heavenly drum exercise, the immortal sounding the heavenly bell exercise is also one on how to improve your hearing loss and deafness. To perform this exercise, you need to take a sit comfortably. Ensure that your spine is erect. Place your arms on your legs and then keep the head slightly forward.  If you want to know how to perform this exercise, here are the instructions:

  • Inhale and then exhale deeply and slowly
  • Then, keep your palms over the ears while biting down sharply and repeatedly.
  • Focus on the front of the mouth about 9 times. Focus on the left side about 9 times. Then, focus on the right side about 9 times. Finally, focus on the back of the mouth about 9 times.
  • Repeat this exercise on a daily basis to get a satisfactory result.

22. Immortal Beating the Heavenly Drum Exercise

All of us know that exercise is very important for keeping the immune system healthy, increasing the blood circulation and simultaneously keeping colds and flu at bay. So, it is suggested that exercising regularly can offer a good health and body shape. Nonetheless, the regular exercise benefits are more than that. Exercise is one of the most effective home remedies for hearing loss and deafness. Now, I will introduce the immortal beating the heavenly drum exercise as an effective method on how to treat this ear problem.


  • Deeply inhale and then exhale slowly
  • Use your hands in order to cover your ears. Ensure that your fingers of each hand can point toward each other at your head’s back.
  • Then, place your index fingers over your middle fingers
  • Strike the head at the Wind Pond points behind your ears
  • After that, let the head down
  • Reapply this method about 36 times on a daily basis to get your desired result.

23. Fresh Vegetables

There are a lot of foods that are considered as home remedies for hearing loss.  Foods containing antioxidant properties may help in preventing some ear problems. So, it is highly recommended to add antioxidant-rich foods such as fresh fruits, berries, adzuki, kidney as well as black beans.

Besides, some green leafy veggies including kale, collards and mustard greens or dark yellow veggies including pumpkin, acorn and butternut squashes also help in preventing and dealing with hearing loss and deafness.  When it comes to home remedies for hearing loss and deafness, you should not skip out onions and garlic. You can cook all of these foods in different recipes or add them to your salads to improve the health of the ears.

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Some other recommendations:

  • Get a cup of milk mixed with some ghee and then drink it daily
  • Clean your ears with lukewarm water in which the neem bark or neem leaves has been boiled
  • Grind some seeds of fenugreek [4] and then add them to hot oil filtering and then use it falls into your affected ear.
  • Consume fresh pineapple or take in fresh pineapple juice as it helps to reduce the infection in the ears and in the canals.
  • Protect your ears from loud sounds by covering your ears
  • Play music at a moderate level or wear earplugs
  • For those who cannot avoid noise exposure, buy earphones that can cover your ears

24. Acupressure

home remedies for hearing loss - acupressure

According to a study [5], there is a relationship between the kidneys and the ears, which also means that kidneys- related problems may affect our ears. People often use acupuncture to deal with kidney problems, so this treatment is also believed to help in improving the ear problems such as hearing loss and deafness. It is so interesting that the ears and the kidneys have the same shape. Some individuals apply this treatment and get a significant relief. If you want to know how to treat hearing loss and deafness with acupressure, you should take these following steps:


  • Use 2 fingertips in order to tap your ears firmly
  • Ensure that the top part of the ear will be folded over the ear opening
  • Gently tap your head’s sides above your ears
  • Repeat this method 50-100 times daily for the significant result

Actually, acupressure can help you feel relaxed and relieve the pain in the ears, so you should try it out as soon as possible.

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If your ear condition does not disappear with these home remedies in several days, consult your doctor. After reading this entire article and discover top 24 home remedies for hearing loss and deafness, you should spend time reading another related article that can also help people know how to deal with tinnitus naturally at home – the How To Treat Tinnitus Naturally At Home – 9 Tips article. In fact, tinnitus is also a common health problem related to hearing sense and it can be observed in people of all ages. There are a plenty of ways people can use in order to treat the symptoms of this hearing. This article can help people deal with this disease within a short time period and people do not need to take any type of drugs, pills, or medications.

To get more information related to health problems and other issues in the life, go to VKool.com site. After knowing the article of top 24 natural home remedies for hearing loss and deafness, it would be great if this writing can be helpful and you can find out the best home remedy to treat hearing loss and deafness effectively. However, to be safe, you need to get advice from a doctor before following any of home remedy as I mentioned in this article. If you think that this article is helpful and it can help other people around you who are looking for natural treatments for their hearing loss and deafness, share this list with them right now. One more thing, if you have any question or know other home remedies for hearing loss, please leave them in the comment box.

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