Neuroplex Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Their formula is no doubt unique, but the science is clearly lacking. There’s a lot of doubt that any of these animal extracts would offer the support seen in more well-rounded nootropics.

The company also fails to provide a single source of evidence to prove that any of this would be effective and safe.

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Neuroplex Overview

Neuroplex is an organ health and nootropic supplement that is meant target all-around health. The claim is that the animal extracts mostly from pigs and cattle will provide nutrient support in humans.

Unfortunately in researching the formula it became quickly clear that the majority of this is lacking reliable evidence. What’s worse is that the company only provides claims, zero evidence of any kind if cited. For consumers interested in getting the facts, there’s no way to know if this is safe and effective.

Due to the complete lack of evidence and questionable formula, it leaves great doubt about the supposed benefits offered.

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Neuroplex Claims

The official website keeps the claims short and to the point. Supposedly the blend has a combined effect to improve the nervous and endocrine system. What this means for users is that cognition will be improved, and general health will also see a benefit.

They include vitamins and minerals to provide additional support. There’s a high amount of nutrients which are clear to examine.

Information is kept brief but they do make it fairly easy to see what the intended benefits are. The only problem with this information is the complete lack of additional explanations as to how these ingredients work. They fail to go into detail about the specifics and what can be expected. It’s also unclear if this should be taken daily, and what else is needed to supplement correctly.

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Neuroplex Ingredients

  • Tillandsia Usneoides
  • Bovine Orchic Cytosol
  • Porcine Brain PMG
  • Bovine Spleen
  • Ovine Spleen
  • Defatted Wheat Germ
  • Bovine Hypothalamus
  • Bovine Anterior Pituitary
  • Bovine Liver
  • Calcium Lactate
  • Para-aminobenzoate
  • Bovine Pituitary PMG
  • Porcine Brain
  • Ascorbic Acid

Tillandsia Usneoides is also known as Spanish moss and it is mostly used as an additive for providing insulation and general packing. This is sometime used medicinally for skin health and for regulating blood sugar.

Bovine Orchic Cytosol is an extract from cattle testicles used mostly for men looking to enhance their masculinity.

Porcine Brain PMG comes from the brains of pig and it’s used to help increase cognition in humans, though studies is lacking on this claimed purpose.

Bovine Hypothalamus is taken from a specific part of the brain within cattle; it’s claimed that supplementing with it can help support healthy cognitive growth.

Para-aminobenzoate comes from things such as organ meats, mushrooms, and grains and it is used to treat bowel issues, and support energy levels.

Bovine Pituitary PMG taken from a part of the brain within cattle this is meant to help stimulate overall organ health in humans, though research is lacking.

Defatted Wheat Germ comes direct from wheat kernel and it is packed with many kinds of nutrients, including the antioxidant vitamin E. It’s most often eaten as a health food as it contains a rich blend of vitamins and minerals.

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The Science Behind Neuroplex

The biggest problem with this supplement is the lack of science. Not only does the official website fail to provide any legitimate sources of information, but outside on 3rd party websites there’s a lack of proof.

It remains to be seen whether or not eating cow and pig organs can have a direct impact on overall health. While organ meat does have a rich source of nutrients, the extraction process can sometimes make these kinds of additives weaker. There has to also be accountability to ensure that the ingredients come from a safe source.

When dealing with extracted animal organs, there is a potential risk for contamination. This is why learning about the manufacturing process if important. This can also affect the overall quality of the nutrients. With so many unanswered questions, there is serious doubt that this blend would actually work as it’s described.

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Word on the Street About Neuroplex

Even though you aren’t much shared about this brand, reviews often said that it was either weak, ineffective, or that it had other benefits beyond nootropic support. Rarely did people mention if it boosted their focus, mental energy, and memory retention.

A few used it for what a said to be neuropathy support, which is an unproven and discredited form of science. The positive reviews failed to mention what they liked about it, so it’s impossible to say if it delivered any nootropic benefits.

In order to know what this can truly offer there has to be a lot more shared on the actual potential benefits.

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Is Neuroplex Worth a Try?

Until the company releases actual evidence that this s both safe and effective, there’s major doubts about the use of this. Unfortunately they do not provide sufficient details or evidence to showcase what this may offer.

All that they give are really basic claims without going into detail. After researching the ingredients it became clear that there’s little to no trials run on the majority of the additives. For customers interested in getting a scientifically proven formula, they won’t find success with this.

The price is also quite high a most of this is different parts of organ meant in pigs and cattle. Until they release evidence we can’t say for certain what this may lead to. The formula is highly questionable and as of this review, not backed by proof.

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Neuroplex FAQ

  1. What are some typical Neuroplex reviews?
    There weren’t many reviews, but there were mixed experiences.
  1. Is there a Neuroplex generic version?
    It does not appear that there is a generic at this time.
  1. Are there any Neuroplex side effects to worry about?
    We couldn’t find any symptoms mentioned by user reviews.
  1. What are the recommenced Neuroplex uses?
    It’s made for people looking t enhance their nervous system, brain, and overall organs.
  1. Where can I get Neuroplex capsules?
    Their official website as well as Amazon offer sales.
  1. Is there a Neuroplex for dogs?
    The company offers formulas for dogs, but it’s unclear if it’s the same basic Neuroplex formula.
  1. What is the Neuroplex composition?
    It has tillandsia usneoides, bovine orchic, porcine brain, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, defatted wheat germ, bovine hypothalamus, bovine anterior pituitary, bovine liver, calcium lactate, para-amino benzoate, bovine pituitary, porcine brain, and ascorbic acid.
  1. What is Neuroplex used for?
    This is used to improve the nervous system, cognition, and overall organ health.

So What Really Works?

Our reviews have been tallied up and we found no better current nootropic than Memotenz. What we liked most was the great blend of high dosage strength ingredients that’s unique to this formula. Some key ingredients are used which have been used since ancient times, as well as recently heavily researched ingredients. Many 3rd party reviews show that the formula can have a major impact on overall cognition.

This is well-rounded and it can offer direct support towards blood flow, stress levels, and the ability to stay focused and lively. This is why people of all kinds of disciplines said it worked. Whether it was athletes looking for an edge, or academics who need to study and stay mentally sharp, there was all-around support.

The company provides clear information about what makes this work, which after we performed research, made it clear they know what they’re talking about. To see what Memotenz can offer for well-rounded cognitive support, check out the link.

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