AdderPlex Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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AVG Rating: 2.9/10

This supplement does rely on some researched ingredients, but it fails to provide evidence for its use, and many said it did nothing.

A handful of users also added that it resulted in side effects which made it harder to remain focused.

This brand is lacking in its strength and far too many disliked it to find it useful.

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AdderPlex Overview

AdderPlex is a nootropic supplement used for general support including supporting mood, treating anxiety, aiding focus, and overall cognitive enhancement.

They make it seem like a reliable and well-rounded formula, but they fail to really back it up with enough real evidence. All you get are claims that seem great, but they do not state what physicians have formulated this brand. The reviews were also incredibly negative and a lot of people said it didn’t do anything.

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AdderPlex Claims

Almost all the kinds of benefits you’d hope to find in a nootropic are explained here. There’s even added claims such as anti-aging support. They essentially say it has an all-around cognitive enhancing benefit through the use of many natural herbs.
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They highlight 4 different claims of mood support, stabilized focus and memory, improved results, all with a once a day formula.

At this time they fail to go much into detail with actual science, but they do make it easy to see what can be expected with this blend. There’s also a detailed look into every additive, showing what it’s meant to do on its own.

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AdderPlex Ingredients

  • Panax Ginseng
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Chaga Mushroom
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • DMAE
  • Vitamin B5
  • Black Pepper Extract
  • Organic KSM-66

Organic KSM-66 is a patented version of the herb known as Ashwagandha, It has been used in ancient medicine as an adaptogen which can relieve the mind of stress, thereby making it easier to focus and remain in a good mood.

Chaga Mushroom has been used as a wellness enhancing fungi which is most often used in ancient Chinese medicine.

Ginkgo Biloba is added in 2 forms within this brand, as an organic and non-organic additive This is often added to nootropics as it can offer wellness support, aid circulation, and prevent age related brain decline.

Bacopa Monnieri is another traditional nootropic herb which can also help improve focus and prevent brain issues.

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The Science Behind AdderPlex

They say that this has been doctor formulated, and that it can help provide multiple benefits. They also add that they have a scientifically blended mixture of additives which are added in sufficient amounts. What this means for users is that it’s optimized for ultimate performance.
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They even say it is “anti-aging” and that it can take upwards of 60 fays to be fully effective. None of this is supported by any reliable evince that users can review. They say it’s also free of side effects and once again, this is backed by only claims.

This may be why later on in their website description they add that all these are just claims, and that it may not be true at all. Unfortunately they do not provide any reliable evidence so there’s no good reason to belie that it would actually offer results.

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Word on the Street About AdderPlex

Many who tried it had either a negative or positive result. It was clear however that the divide was big enough to raise questions about its long-term use. Some said it was not at all useful, and there were even some dangerous side effects mentioned.

For a nootropic to cause headaches in some is very alarming, as it should be supplementing the brain, not causing issues. It’s unclear why these kinds of effects were seen, as most of the formula is generally wholesome in the amount added. Whatever the cause, it’s hard to see much value form the many negative experiences.

At this time 218 people on Amazon have advised against it, saying that they would to continue using it.
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Even though some did say they enjoyed it, there were enough negative experiences to be concerned about its total worth.

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Is AdderPlex Worth a Try?

It’s made with a decent blend of ingredients, but the reviews were often mixed. Some of the additives just aren’t added in sufficient amounts, greatly weakening the overall potential benefits.

There were noticeable negative reviews from certain users who felt it was not at all useful for long-term support. Certain side effects made it incredibly difficult to take, as it caused headaches and digestive problems in some. It’s unclear what of the ingredients could have caused these issues however.

With such a wide split between good and positive reviews, it’s clear that far too many found either ineffective, dangerous, or both.

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AdderPlex vs Adderall

Adderall has been used to help target serious issues related to ADHD and narcolepsy. As such, the only legal way to take this is if a doctor has prescribed it for personal use. This should be heavily regulated as overusing this may be dangerous to overall health. This is also limited as it does not offer traditional nootropic support seen in supplements.

AdderPlex vs Addrena

Addrena is a controversial nootropic that markets itself as a OTC version of Adderall. Not only is this not true, but it’s also highly controversial as its’s technically illegal to make such claims. No nootropic can substitute a drug that is known to help those suffering from ADHD. What it uses instead is a stimulant heavy blend which may be dangerous if overused.

AdderPlex vs Profiderall

Profiderall relies on what is a basic blend that also includes caffeine. They have nutrients and some nootropic herbs that while they may be useful, are included in low quantities. This is also still sold at a much higher price than similar branded with the exact same formula. Reviews at this time are currently almost all negative.

AdderPlex vs Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is marketed as a universal brand that can provide improvements using a 11 ingredient blend. This is reliant on a fairly decent blend of additive, but at this time the reviews for it were mixed. The company that produces it also has a low rating on the Better Business Bureau, raising questions about their accountability.

AdderPlex FAQ

  1. Does Walmart offer AdderPlex?
    Walmart does not sell this brand.
  1. Is there any information about AdderPlex on Reddit?
    A few people asked about it but there was no mention of its use.
  1. Will AdderPlex work for weight loss?
    This was only intended as a nootropic, not as a weight loss supplement.
  1. Where to buy AdderPlex?
    Their official website and Amazon offer sales.
  1. Are there any AdderPlex side effects?
    According to some of the reviews, it did cause headaches, jitters, and general stimulant like side effects.
  1. What are some common AdderPlex reviews?
    It was disliked by many as they felt it offered no noticeable support.
  1. How to take AdderPlex?
    The company advises taking it only once a day.
  1. Will AdderPlex work for ADHD?
    This is meant only as a supplement, not a an alternative to ADHD medication.

So What Really Works?

The most reliable nootropic that was reviewed thus far is Memotenz. This delivers on all fronts using a natural blend of ingredients which are studied and functional for daily use. This is why many continue to take it a part of their daily regimen for enhanced mental function. Many who tried it came out with even more benefits than they were looking for.

It can target mood and wellbeing as well as more traditional nootropic benefits such as mental focus and memory. People who tried it often had specific intentions, either for work or sports. But what was clear was that people felt an added pep without any kinds of cheap stimulants or filler additives. Users often said that it gave them an noticeable boost and that they enjoyed using it. More information can be learned about to fully understand Memotenz, simply click here.

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