Addrena Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The name alone makes it seems like an Adderall knock off but this stimulant heavy brand focus too much on potentially damaging and unnecessary additives.

There are far too many additives in this which can lead to dangerous effects, reducing its potency for long-term use. We offer even more details about Addrena in our comprehensive analysis.

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Addrena Overview

Addrena is a nootropic supplement that clams it can help with weight loss, energy production, and general nootropic effects. The company makes it sound like an over the counter version of Adderall, though it’s in no way related to the prescription drug.

There’s far too many stimulants added to this which greatly increase the possibly fir side effects. Because of all these stimulants it makes it a potentially risky brand to use. The official website also lacks sufficient information, making it necessary for a deeper review of what is possible.

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Addrena Claims

They outline what the benefits are and it includes:

  • Providing fat burning benefits
  • Improving focus and cognitive enhancement
  • Increasing energy with natural ingredients

There’s no doubt that stimulants can affect focus, energy, cognition, and even potentially weight loss. The major problem that we’ll explain further later is the possibility for side effects.

The official website also only makes some brief claims for what is possible without providing much evidence.

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Addrena Ingredients

  • Vinpocetine
  • Yohimbe Bark
  • DMAE
  • Citrus Aurentium
  • Vitamin B3
  • Willow Bark
  • Caffeine
  • Huperzine A
  • Choline
  • Guarana

Yohimbe Bark is an ingredient rarely used in nootropic supplements but it’s a stimulant ingredient which can affect energy levels and metabolism. This is sometimes mixed with Caffeine, as it is in this brand, which is meant to further increase the stimulant effects. For some even the bark alone can be enough to cause damaging effects.

Citrus Aurentium is another stimulant ingredient which is used to boost metabolism.

Guarana is a natural plant extract which contains stimulants like caffeine.

DMAE is a natural important chemical which can enhance nerve signal communication.

For unknown reasons the official website does not list the supplements facts list, so we don’t know the dosage strength of any of the ingredients. This is especially important when reviewing a brand with stimulants.
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The Science Behind Addrena

If you use their website as the only source, you’d find it hard to find anything more than just claims. They never actually provide any citations for their claims, and all that’s offered are basic marketing hype.

It’s said that this can deliver results in a single pill and that it won’t have harsh side effects, but they do not provide evidence to support this claim. Without more data we can’t know for certain if they actually took the time to carefully dose the formula, or what kind of research went into the production of it.

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Word on the Street About Addrena

“Good of weight loss and for making me want to work out more in the gym”

“Felt real sick and it was really uncomfortable”

“Be careful with this because the side effects can be way too much”

“Definitely increased my attention span but it was not worth it, left a hot and anxious mess after”

What we feared was clear in the many negative reviews, it caused stimulant like side effects. All the clear indicators are there, nervousness, jitters sweatiness, and feeling uncomfortable. People experienced all kinds of side effects which are a result of overusing stimulants.

It appears that people also took it as directed, and they only used the amount recommend by the manufacturers. Judging from the many negative reviews, it’s fairly clear that this is a potentially harsh supplement.

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Is Addrena Worth a Try?

It would be better to avoid this stimulant heavy mess. The brand relies too much on ingredients which have to be cycled and carefully taken. There’s good reason why you should only use this early in the day, as it can lead to jitteriness and a wired sensation at night. Even for people sued to stimulants, this combination may be too much to handle.
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The company fails to give much proof as to why anyone should trust that it would be safe and effective.
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There is nothing of substance on their website to suggest that they make it with special care, or that research went into the making of it. It’s because of all these faults that we cannot recommend this brand.

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Addrena vs Adderall

Adderall is a medication only given to people who have issues with narcolepsy or ADHD. This is a doctor prescribed treatment for people with certifiable need for it, and it should not be used for any other purpose. Sometimes supplement brands like Addrena will make their name similar to Adderall to make it appear as though results may be similar, but this is not the case and it should never be used as a substitute.

Addrena vs ADDTabz

ADDTabz is a controversial nootropic ingredient meant to increase energy levels without addiction or side effects. They self-describe it as an Adderall alternative, which is a controversial and unproven claim. Any supplement suggesting it can be substituted for a nootropic is making a false and potentially dangerous claim. No science is provided to help back this up.

Addrena vs Focus Pep

Focus Pep uses many of the same ingredients as Addrena that you’d find it hard to tell the difference. They both add in bitter orange, Yohimbe, and caffeine, which combine for 3 separate heavy stimulants. When combined it has a great potential for damaging side effects and it’s truly unnecessary to have so much of it in a serving size.

Addrena vs AddieUp

AddieUp is similar to Addrena as their name makes it sound similar to Adderall, and it focuses on providing heavy stimulants. The formula in AddieUp is very basic and most of it is either found elsewhere for cheaper, or it’s heavily stimulant based. They add in Synephrine and caffeine which when combined can increase energy, but it’s also known to be incredibly dangerous for some.

Addrena vs Adrafinil

Adrafinil can only be used as a prescription and it’s meant for wakefulness, to help prevent fatigue. This was only used in France but in 2024 it became discontinued, and it is not FDA approved so access in the US is not legally possible. There are still some black markets which offer it, but it’s not advised to get it there as it’s illegal and potentially unsafe.

Addrena FAQ

  1. Can I get Addrena at CVS?
    No, it’s only on their official website.
  1. Will Addrena affect weight loss?
    According to them it will but only because it has stimulants in it.
  1. Where can I find Addrena near me?
    This is only sold online.
  1. What are some Addrena reviews?
    Generally people had unfavorable opinions about it, mostly due to the side effects.
  1. What are the full Addrena ingredients?
    This has DMAE, Yohimbe, Vinpocetine, Citrus Aurentium, vitamin B3, Willow bark, caffeine, Huperzine A, choline, and Guarana.
  1. Is there information about Addrena on Reddit?
    There wasn’t much said about it on Reddit.
  1. Is Addrena sold at Walmart?
    Walmart does not offer this brand.
  1. Is Addrena available at GNC?
    They do not offer it at GNC.

So What Really Works?

There’s currently no better solution for cognition than the nootropic brand known as Memotenz. It fit all the necessary criteria for what makes an affective and reliable brand. This can help provide changes to cognition with only natural ingredient and no stimulants. There’s a lot added to this in the right amount, and it can increase coordination, focus, and overall mood for better brain health.

What makes it especially great are the number of positive reviews from people who noticed a change in how they processed thoughts. It became much easier to focus on important tasks whether they are related to work, school or athletics. The ease of use makes it a great solution for overall daily use, as you don’t have to worry about stimulants, taking it at a certain time of day, or of cycling it. You can read a more extensive insight into Memotenz by clicking on this link.

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