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There’s a lot of controversy after both the FDA and FTC called this ingredient out after numerous side effects and lack of scientific evidence. Customers can only use this from a single supplement brand, and many said it either lead to no results, or that it was completely ineffective. If you’d like to uncover what we learned in researching this ingredient, skim through the table of contents.

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Apoaequorin Overview

Apoaequorin is an ingredient that is used only in the nootropic supplement known as Prevagen. This is controversial after two major lawsuits were filed by the FTC. Further damage hit the reputation of this additive after the FDA noted there were several consumer complaints about varying side effects.

Thousands have sent in their symptoms, claiming that this ingredient was the root cause.
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Because of its limitations and lack of sufficient studies, it’s hard to see much value in it.

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Apoaequorin Claims

Most of the intended benefits come from the only supplement manufacturer which uses this ingredient. They suggest the following benefits are possible:

  • Improved memory
  • Supports sleep
  • Increases mental function
  • Impacts the way the brain function as it ages

Its most often marketed towards people who are older and who may need the extra support offered by its age related benefits. Naturally as humans age the brain has a loss of coordination, memory, and overall brain function. This extract is intended to give the brain added support so it can deliver improvements in the brain.

The problem with this is that the FTC called them out for making what was said to be unproven scientific claims. They found that the evidence was lacking, and twice they attempted to sue them for false advertising. They especially had issues with the claims that this would deliver fast improvements, and that it was uniquely supportive of brain function.

Apoaequorin Ingredient

This is the sole ingredient and as such, is not blended with anything else. What supplement companies decide to add to their brands later is another question. The only product that uses this ingredient often blends it with things like vitamin D.

Apoaequorin is taken from a species of jellyfish which produces a natural blue light. This was originally used as a way to determine what kind of impact calcium could have in cells. This is now used only in the nootropic supplement known as Prevagen.

It’s actually intended for memory, memory function and at improving sleep quality. This is most often used by older adults who want to reduce the natural loss of mental function as the brain ages. This is intended to cross the blood brain barrier in order for it to deliver reliable benefits. Since this is only used in Prevagen, its use is limited and people interested in only using this extract cannot buy it outside of this brand.
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The Science Behind Apoaequorin

There actually are multiple clinical studies performed on this ingredient. A particular study was performed on 218 adults 40 to 91 years of age. The study said it was particularly useful for:

“verbal learning”

They also added it was well-tolerated and that it has a potential for affecting brain function in older users. It’s important to realize that this 90 day study was limited, and it even suggested that more studies were needed.

Even with these limited studies it’s clear that the Federal Trade Commission found them to make exaggerated health claims which were not proven. The FTC has tried twice already to sue them for what they saw were false claims.

Another major problem with studies is that it’s known that they have had thousands of complaints mentioned by users This often was highest in headaches and dizziness, preventing it from reaching FDA approved GRAS recognition. This means it is not seen as being generally regarded as safe.

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Word on the Street About Apoaequorin

Keep in mind these reviews are for the only supplement which uses this ingredient:

“The only way this will work is by injecting it in the brain, many also reported side effects”

“Not at all effective and this is disappointed when you factor in the cost”

“Had some bad chest pain and it makes sense when the FDA called them out”

More negative reviews are mentioned than positive experiences. People especially disliked the fact that the FDA has had investigations done due to the many negative side effects. People made it clear that they had some troubling side effect not often seen in even the worst nootropics.

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Is Apoaequorin Worth a Try?

The major question by the FTC lawsuits and the amount of criticism against the only supplement that offers it is very questionable. We can’t see much of a use for this ingredient since it’s still not known what potential side effects may result with continued use. Some have said it caused symptoms, and this is especially troubling when you consider the lack of science to support it.

There has to be far more conclusive reviews done, which is exactly the reason why the FTC has called them out. We don’t know if this is a reliable ingredient, and it’s a lot to ask for in a single extract. Even though it seems promising, the data is still lacking.

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Apoaequorin vs Nootropics

Right now there’s only a single supplement brand which uses Apoaequorin, so comparing it to other nootropics can be difficult. The major thing to realize is that nootropics generally have a lot more added to it, this is in Prevagen and it’s often mixed with general vitamins. Nootropics can generally offer a lot more support since they blend more ingredients together.

Apoaequorin FAQ

  1. What are common Apoaequorin benefits?
    It’s impossible to say for certain since some people saw no benefits.
  1. Is there an Apoaequorin WebMD listing?
    Yes, they mostly describe how studies are limited.
  1. Are there any Apoaequorin side effects?
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    Some said it caused anxiety insomnia, headache, nausea, dizziness, heart related problems and other related issues.
  1. What are common Apoaequorin reviews?
    People examined Prevagen and results have been mixed, some saw benefits though others said it offered no change.
  1. What are some Apoaequorin supplements?
    It’s only offered inside of Prevagen.
  1. Will Apoaequorin have drug interactions to look out for?
    Studies are limited on its potential side effects but it is important to look out for any symptoms especially if the user is sensitive.
  1. Where can I find Apoaequorin studies?
    PudMed has numerous free studies to review.
  1. What is the definition of Apoaequorin?
    This is a species of jellyfish extract.
  1. Where can I find Apoaequorin for sale?
    There are different stores which sell this ingredient within Prevagen.
  1. Is there an Apoaequorin Amazon listing?
    There is a supplement with this ingredient but it’s not sold individually.
  1. Can Apoaequorin be used for dogs?
    Some studies have  been performed to help cognitive function in older dogs.
  1. Is there an Apoaequorin Examine listing available?
    Not at this time.
  1. What can you tell me about Apoaequorin jellyfish?
    This ingredient is a protein from a unique kind of jellyfish which is intended to improve memory, sleep and overall mental function.
  1. Is there any Apoaequorin PubMed study?
    There are a few different studied performed on this ingredient for safety and general nootropic benefits.

So What Really Works?

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