Berberine-500 Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Because this brand relies on a single active ingredient it’s already not quite as effective as more well-rounded formulas. This additive is also promising for certain things, but not for the intended nootropic support that some claim.

This supplement fails to truly impress as there needs to be more completed studies on the active ingredient.

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Berberine-500 Overview

Berberine-500 is a general wellness supplement that claims to offer all kinds of support using a single active ingredient. The information about this brand is limited to a few sentences, most of which is explanations about how to take it, and any potential warnings.

They make it clear that it reduces the activity of certain enzymes, and that it should be taken up to twice a day with 2 capsules. It’s odd that the official website for this brand would only make claims without actually citing evidence, and they do not provide testimonials or a deep explanation on how the sole active ingredient works.

A major warning that was not expressed by the company but which should be considered is that this can have dangerous effects when used alongside other medications. This is also lacking support as a nootropic supplement, as we’ll go over in detail in this review.

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Berberine-500 Claims

The website states that this supplement can support healthy gut bacteria, support respiratory function, aid blood sugar metabolism, and help regulate cholesterol.

In summary they add that heart, vessels, and metabolism are the main benefits. The active ingredient has also been claimed to help with reducing inflammation and for supporting fat loss while on anti-depressants.

It’s important to note that nowhere on the official website do they go into detail to help support these claims .There’s no actual supporting evidence, therefore determine its worth is hard to do unless we look elsewhere.

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Berberine-500 Ingredients

  • Berberine HCI

Berberine HCI is taken from the plant Indian Barberry and it’s sometimes eaten simply as a fruit. The benefits are said to be for treating blood sugar, inflammation, digestive health, and many other intended benefits.

It’s also supplemented for people who are suffering from heart failure, or who want to get rid of specific bacteria. Web MD has made it clear that it’s only “POSSIBLY EFFECTIVE” for blood sugar regulation and healthier cholesterol.

This ingredient is currently only reviewed on a few websites and at this time is lacking sufficient proof for wellness support. When using this it should be carefully dosed as it may be ineffective or dangerous if misused.

The Science Behind Berberine-500

No science is provided on the Barberine-500 official website, only general claims. What we did find was that recommends taking it multiple times in the day, but also watching the intake of it as it may cause many digestive issues.

They also warn that this should be taken with caution if the user is on medication as it:

“may be serious”

All this should have been offered by the supplement manufactures as they are important details which may prevent some from being able to use this. Without their full explanation we can’t say for certain if they know all about this ingredient. There’s also the important notice that this isn’t well-rounded like other nootropic formulas which can directly impact mood, instead of this single additive which is lacking much support.

We also would have liked to see long-term evidence to show what this may do over an extended period. Most of the information comes from short-term reviews which are promising, but not enough to make an informed decision over repeat use.

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Word on the Street About Berberine-500

An alarming amount of customers said this caused major side effects. Things such as depression, night terrors, difficulty relaxing, anxiety, and a long lasting sense of unease were mentioned. Headaches, gas, indigestion, hyperventilation, and chest pains were also mentioned by some.

The fact that it caused so much distress is a major problem. The review by of the sole active ingredient showed it may lead to many digestive problems if overused, but the other symptoms aren’t supposed to result.

Even the positive reviews often only focused on a single benefit, most often it as with blood pressure and blood sugar, though this wasn’t always seen as a benefit. Overall it’s very alarming to see such a high amount of dangerous symptoms seen. It’s unclear why this blend was so harmful to some. This should have not been experienced at all as side effects should be limited to digestive issues if slightly overused.

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Is Berberine-500 Worth a Try?

Though this is meant to provide a comprehensive wellness boost, the use of a single additive is asking too much from this. There’s also the major issue with side effects as some said they felt much worse after using this. This was seen in the form of dangerous symptoms which made it impossible to function like normal.

The science behind this ingredient shows that it is limited, although promising in some aspects. Overall however, it’s not enough and the customer reviews made it clear this was lacking.

A major concern is had with the lack of quality information on the official website. It should be their responsibility to provide some sort of evidence so customers feel at ease when choosing this brand.

The company fails to really establish this as a wellness supplement ,and it also fails as a nootropic as it’s meant more as an indirect boost to cognition though the improvement of gut flora. Not much benefit was seen in this according to several reviews.

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Berberine-500 FAQ

  1. What are common Berberine-500 reviews?
    There is no clear consensus as there were mixed reviews. Some experienced unwanted symptoms, no benefits, and others found it somewhat useful
  1. Are there Berberine-500 side effects to worry about?
    Some users mentioned that they ended up with mood issues, insomnia, night terrors, and increased fatigue.
  1. Can I get Berberine 500 mg at GNC?
    It’s not currently sold at GNC.
  1. Is there a Thorne Berberine 500 mg Amazon listing?
    Amazon does have it up for sale at this time.
  1. Is there a Berberine-500 mg Walmart offering?
    Walmart does currently offer this brand.
  1. What are some Berberine-500 uses?

    It was made to help regulate blood share, metabolism, cholesterol, and overall gut health.
  1. Can I find Berberine-500 mg in Australia?
    There are a few websites which offer international shipping from the US at an increased cost.
  1. Is there a Berberine-500 mg CVS sales page?
    There is no CVS page up at this time.

So What Really Works?

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