Berocca Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This basic blend of a stimulant and nutrients can increase energy, but it’s also easily replaceable for cheaper. There’s the added artificial ingredients and overuse of certain vitamins which make it a questionable brand. If you want to read about what Berocca can offer, check out this full review.

There’s many kinds of nootropics and in this guide we explain what the top 10 are and why.

Berocca Overview

Berocca is an energy and mental function enhancing supplement offered in capsules for a fizzy drink, or in supplement form. They have a “Performance” brand which is meant more for mental focus and sharpness which we are reviewing.

They advise using it daily, and it’s made with common ingredients you might expect like minerals, vitamins, and some caffeine.

Even though it can produce a reliable improvement of energy, it’s also really simple to recreate. This isn’t a general nootropic with amino acids and herbs which can have major impact, it’s all based off of a formula you could easily replace with a nutrient dense meal and some caffeine.

We list our top 10 nootropic list so users can understand which brands are best.

Berocca Claims

They say it may help with the following:

  • Supports concentration and alertness
  • Increases stamina while reducing fatigue
  • Improves mood and mental performance

It’s all fairly simple to understand and they even offer it in three different flavors with varying serving sizes for the fizzy tablets. This is supposed to be specially formulated to help deliver noticeable results. The taste is described as pleasant and easy to drink.

No artificial stimulants or sugar is added, but they do add natural caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

We provide a fully updated list of the highest rated nootropics within this top 10 list.

Berocca Ingredients

  • Caffeine
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Aspartame
  • Guarana Extract
  • Artificial flavors
  • Polysorbate 60
  • Sodium Carbonate
  • Sorbitol
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Citric Acid
  • Maltodextrin
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Various other vitamins and minerals

Most of it is vitamins and minerals and less than 2% of it is the stimulant, artificial sweeteners, and other kinds of nutrients.

They also list the total amounts which when you look at it appears alarming. The total 1667% of vitamin C, 1000% of vitamin B1, 500% of vitamin B6, and 230% of Pantothenic Acid stand out most. We’ll explain in the next section why this is troubling.

The Science Behind Berocca

Not much of an explanation is given to describe how this works, but they do add some basic descriptions which are truthful. The B vitamins and caffeine for example does have an impact on mental and physical energy.

The problem is that they add an excess of certain vitamins and minerals which will be likely filtered out through urine. This may be the reason why Web MD said that Berocca may lead to side effects including:

serious allergic reaction… diarrhea or upset stomach”

A user even said they were hospitalized due to their kidneys failing, which is a possibility with an excess of nutrients. Click this link to read the full research on the top 10 nootropics.

Word on the Street About Berocca

 Here are some positive reviews:

“good for lasting energy without the crash”

“quick acting and helped me stay awake”

“not sure if it’s worth the total cost for what it does”

Some bad reviews:

“bad taste and it does not work”

“had to go to the hospital because of a heart problem”

There were also a lot of people who used it for different reasons, some said it worked as hangover cure but it’s not made for this. People mostly commented on how it had an impact on their wakefulness. Many were able to stay energized, though not all said it was pleasant. For some the caffeine was too much, and some even said they had to calm themselves down due to jitters.

If you want to understand which nootropics are best and why, click this link.

Is Berocca Worth a Try?

The ingredients are really basic and it relies too much on caffeine for its energy boosting effects. You can get the same formula in many other brands, or exchange it for a nutrient rich diet and some caffeine from coffee or something similar .There’s also excess amounts of certain nutrients which are likely to be filtered out in urine, making it unnecessarily high.

Some even complained of kidney related issues which may be a result of using this supplement. It is a possibility since excess amounts of B vitamins can have a straining effect on the organs, causing the body to overload. It also has artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners which aren’t necessary.

If you want to learn about what the research shows are the best nootropics, click here.

Berocca vs Adderall

Adderall is a prescription drug that helps user’s better deal with narcolepsy and or ADHD. This is an amphetamine which is only used when prescribed to help treat symptoms, and should not be used as a way to increase productivity. Because of its potential for side effects and affecting brain chemistry, it must always be used only as directed.

Berocca vs Zipfizz

Zipfizz offers a multivitamin drink that is intended to rapidly increase hydration without the use of sugar. There is added caffeine in the form of 100 mg of guarana and green tea. They also include large amounts of different nutrients, and they use artificial sweeteners. Certain nutrients are in excess amounts, with a total of 41,667% of the daily value of vitamin B12.

Berocca vs Coffee

Coffee is a common stimulant beverage which can range in the amount of caffeine offered. Roasting methods and the serving size play a major part, and reactions to the caffeine can vary wildly. While coffee is typically cheap and easy to source, it’s also important to be careful about its use as the caffeine can lead to dependence and withdrawals.

Berocca vs Airborne

Airborne offers supplements targeted for immune system support. They have gummies and fizzy drink blends. There are many different versions of their products, including various flavors. They typically used a blend of vitamins and minerals with yeast to enhance the immune system, though they also rely on artificial food coloring and artificial sweeteners.

Berocca vs Boost

Boost is also a brand under the Berocca label, but this is meant more for people who need more energy as there is slightly more caffeine added. The stimulant used is guarana which has 75 mg of caffeine per serving. As a higher stimulant product it may not be suitable for all users, since it can only be taken early in the day, and it should be carefully dosed to prevent possible side effects.

Berocca FAQ

  1. Where to buy Berocca?
    There are different places including Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, Vitacost, Walmart, and other online stores.
  1. Can I get Berocca at CVS?
    You can get it at CVS.
  1. Is Berocca offered at Target?
    Yes, it’s sold at Target.
  1. What is the Berocca Wiki page?
    You can review it here:
  1. Are there any Berocca side effects to worry about?
    Some said the taste was very unpleasant and the after taste was strong. There were also complaints that it caused jitters.
  1. What’s a common Berocca review?
    There were different experiences ranging from complaints about the high price, claims it only delivered a simple energy boost, and that it did provide energy but that’s it.
  1. Does Berocca contain caffeine?
    Yes, a single serving has a total of 44mg of caffeine.
  1. What’s the vitamin C content in Berocca?
    A single serving has 1667% of the daily value or 1000 mg of vitamin C.
  1. Does Berocca work for hangovers?
    This is sometimes used for hangovers but it’s not marketed as such. The only thing that may help is the nutrients and caffeine, though it can also cause more dehydration.
  1. Is there a Berocca health warning?
    There may be some associated side effects and allergic reactions to it.
  1. Is Berocca good or bad?
    This is difficult to answer as some may not be able to use it due to the kinds of ingredients used. There are some nutrients in it, but at the same time it could all be easily replaced.
  1. Will Berocca affect weight loss?
    This does contain caffeine which can affect metabolism, but it’s not enough to deliver reliable effects.
  1. Are there any Berocca side effects on the kidneys?
    Some customers did mention that they had elevated levels in their kidneys but it’s impossible to say if it’s because of Berocca until studies are run.
  1. What is Berocca used for?
    This is mean to boost energy for the mind and body.
  1. Is Berocca bad for you?
    If you are sensitive to artificial ingredients or caffeine Berocca may be dangerous.

So What Really Works?

We found that overall Memotenz was the most effective nootropic supplement currently sold. What we found from reviewing fully was that the ingredients work together to help maximize overall cognition, better than other brands we examined. There’s lot added to this and fortunately none of it is artificial, nor are there any stimulants. This makes it easy to take any time of the day, which is why there’s lot of positive feedback from users.

A common review is that this helped decrease brain fog while boosting attention, preventing mood related issues and elevating energy.

This had an impact whether the goal was to boost studying, workouts, or any routine tasks. We offer a closer inspection of Memotenz in this link to explain what it can offer.

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