Brain CALM Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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AVG Rating: 2.8/10

The small ingredients list and lack of unique additives really limits this brands potential. Only a few customers left their opinion and some who tried it experienced difficult symptoms.

Little is offered to explain the science behind this, and it’s clear that it’s not as well-rounded as a quality nootropic should be.

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Brain CALM Overview

Brain CALM is a nootropic supplement that is used to help relive the mind, proving a sense of calm. It stood out for all the wrong reasons unfortunately, as it only uses a blend of basic additives. The claim is that “critical amino” acids and nutrients are used which is somewhat true, as the body does need them. The major flaw in this is the fact that the body often makes enough of it on its own.

The website also does not go into detail to show what this can do, and they make it incredibly difficult to review their findings. The only thing going for it is that it’s all-natural, but still, far too basic.

To purchase this direct from the official website you also have to sign up for an account. Only healthcare practitioners can access this account process, and everyone else would have to get it through a middle man. There is no real reason to do so however, as their formula is basic and often used in countless other nootropics.

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Brain CALM Claims

The main intended benefit of this brand is to help calm the mind, which means less anxiety and an easier time relaxing. The support is meant to extend towards the nerves and muscles.
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They also provide an explanation for a few ingredients, showing that their intended purpose is.

The major intended support is for neurological health overall, which is what most nootropics claim to offer. Since this brand is meant to provide a calming effect it’s important to look at what kinds of support they offer with this.

Truly the only unique ingredient is the added passion flower, and the rest is all found in common foods. It’s lacking enough support as the company does not mention what kind of benefits can come from blending all this together.

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Brain CALM Ingredients

  • Inositol
  • GABA
  • Passion Flower
  • L-Glycine

Inositol is naturally found within the brain and it is used to protect against mood problems and things like depression. This is considered vitamin like and it’s possible it can potentially result in nausea, indigestion and headaches if overused.

GABA can be found in the brain and it’s important for regulating nerve impulses. It can be used to help with sleep, mood, and overall well-being. This is often taken by people looking to relieve anxiety and to prevent certain disorders.

Passion Flower is used to help provide a sedative like impact, and to help fight against insomnia and anxiety. This is also sometimes used to combat pain and heart irregularities.

L-Glycine is used as an amino acid that is considered non-essential as the body often makes enough of it on its own. It helps regulate the nervous system, digestive system, and overall metabolism.

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The Science Behind Brain CALM

Even though the official website has a section where the since is meant to be outlined all they offer is a quick explanation for a few ingredients. All these details are incredibly limited as it’s all found with a quick internet search.

We can’t find any proof that the company actually performed research, and that they optimized the blend to work together.

It’s clearly not enough to make a proper decision on this brand as a customer. They make some scientific claims but nowhere do they provide the evidence needed for people to understand how this can truly provide cognitive support for a calmer brain.

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Word on the Street About Brain CALM

All that’s offered is a few reviews, and we can’t really find much support from this. It failed to offer any support, there were side effects, or it simply was just decent. People who enjoyed it often failed to provide much information, so it’s unclear what the total effects were.

It’s clear that from the few reviews offered that it wasn’t incredibly impressive or well-rounded. A calmer mind was mentioned by some, which likely means they didn’t experience anxiety or any other unwanted effects. Overall however it clearly failed to impress.

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Is Brain CALM Worth a Try?

The lack of quality support or the limited formula is clear; it’s not impressive enough to consider it an all-around effective supplement. What made this brand stand out the most is how small the formula is. Only 4 ingredients are used and 3 of them are found in common foods.

They do list the ingredients strength and most of this is a natural compound found within the human body. The makers of this brand fail to offer much of a detailed look into the science, and instead all they offer is a simple explanation for a few ingredients.

Yet another major flaw is the fact you can only get this if you’re a healthcare practitioner, or if you get it advised from a healthcare practitioner. It’s unclear why they add this extra step, as t’s not at all a formula which is unique to a nootropic. All this does is force customers to have to put in more effort for a simple blend of additives.

Because of the lack of offered science, and the very simplistic formula, it’s hard to see much value in this.
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So many other nootropics offer much more for comprehensive coverage.

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  1. Are there any Brain CALM side effects to worry about?
    Some users said they experienced sudden breakouts and allergies.
  1. Can I purchase Brain CALM in Canada?
    Yes, there is shipping to Canada but this may come at an increased shipping cost.
  1. What’s a typical Brain CALM review?
    It varied but some found it ineffective or dangerous, and others said it worked.
  1. What are the Brain CALM ingredients?
    Their active blend is made up of inositol, GABA, passion flower, and L-Glycine.
  1. Is there Brain CALM on Amazon?
    There are currently sales offered on Amazon.
  1. What can you tell me about Brain CALM and Braverman?
    Dr. Braverman is a physician who has recommends this brand in the past. Unfortunately an organization by has was investigated by the New York attorney general due to questionable and unproven business claims. He also lost his medical license due to misdiagnosing and giving patients unnecessary treatment.
  1. Does Brain CALM come in tablets?
    They offer it within vegetarian capsules.

So What Really Works?

The nootropic which best met all our criteria were Memotenz. The standards we often look for include price, company history, customer review of the product itself, ingredient strength, and the likelihood of potential benefits. Many who tried this brand saw noticeable improvements in their cognition, and it makes sense after reviewing the ingredients.

Everything included within this blend has the potential to deliver a great improvement on cognition, and it uses only natural extracts that are free of common unwanted additives such as stimulants. The company also has a great understanding of nootropics as they provide a clear overview and the dosage strength is optimal. Another great thing about this supplement is that it’s well-rounded and made to target all parts of cognition. A deeper understanding of Memotenz and availability is offered when you click this link.

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