Brain Vitale Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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With only a few reviews available and due to the lack of positive opinions, this brand is clearly lacking sufficient support. The ingredients are somewhat decent, but not enough support is seen in this lacking blend.

This is also extremely pricy, far too much for the type of additives used.

For a closer understanding on what nootropics can offer at their best, we suggest looking at these top 10 rated brands.

Brain Vitale Overview

Brain Vitale is a nootropic supplement that combines a fairly basic formula of compounds either already found in a standard diet, or which are unique but also commonly used in nootropics.

All this amounts to a fairly standard supplement, not terrible but not at all impressive. What makes this a hard sell is the fact that it’s incredibly expensive, making it in the running for the most expensive nootropic sold. There’s no reason to pay such a high amount of money for a simple formula like this.
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We also have concerns over the potential use of caffeine which may be added in unknown amounts. Without knowing how much is included, there are safety concerns.

Our goal was to find the most useful supplements for nootropic support and these top 10 rated brands were seen as the best.

Brain Vitale Claims

The official website keeps the claims brief and to the point. This was made for overall brain function, using a blend of additives which hare meant to help brain cells. The effects are wide-ranging enough according to them, making it effective for overall cognitive function.

The blend is described as being comprehensive and unique. The company does not add more than a few sentences to help show what this brand is capable of. Fortunately their full supplements facts list is shown, so it makes it much easier to identify what’s possible.

Out of all the kinds of nootropics being offered, the brands within our top 10 list were shown to be the most supportive.

Brain Vitale Ingredients

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL
  • Cognizin
  • Glycerophosphocholine
  • NeuroFactor
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Ginkgo

Cognizin is a type of patented ingredient that provides citicoline, which is essential for good brain health. Citicoline is found in the brain and it helps with overall cognition. Cognizin in particular is backed by clinical studies as it’s a patented additive. This is meant to provide a potent antioxidant benefit, reducing unwanted cell breakdown.

Glycerophosphocholine is a version of choline which can be found naturally in the human brain. It’s most supplemented by people who are concerned about developing dementia such as Alzheimer’s. This is meant to cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby making it easier to enjoy benefits.

NeuroFactor is patented green coffee beans, an unroasted common bean that is used to make coffee. This is unroasted in order to help provide even more antioxidant benefits. This is meant to offer additional support for brain health, though details about this specific patented additive is lacking. It’s claimed that this version of coffee beans helps keep all the healthy additives which can affect cognition.

Ginkgo is a common nootropic that comes from a tree extract that has long been used for its intended medicinal benefits. This can help prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and mood issues.

After reviewing many nootropics we have found that the following 10 offer the most noticeable support.

The Science Behind Brain Vitale

There is some scientific explanation provided in 2 sentences, but no links to prove any of it. According to the website this is meant to aid with cell energy, promote antioxidant function, and aid mitochondria.

All this is meant to support healthy neurons which can make it easier for information to be processed by the mind. Although all this sounds impressive, it’s important to note that the kinds of ingredients used are common and while they may offer support, a standard healthy diet can also get most of this formula.

The only thing unique is that they add the nootropic herb ginkgo biloba, and a patented version of green coffee bean. There is controversy with the green coffee bean however, as without knowing the amount of caffeine in it, we can’t say if this would be safe to use for an extended or even short-term period.

For a good understanding on what your preferred options are for nootropic support, we recommend looking at the results of the top 10 ranking list.

Word on the Street About Brain Vitale

Currently there are mixed reviews but not enough to really know what this may offer. There were some users who said that it simply failed to offer any support, and there was also a user who experienced lasting major discomfort. This was enough for them to not be able to use it any longer, as it made it impossible to relax until the effects completely wore off.

It’s unclear if this incident is just due to the person, but it’s a major problem no doubt caused by this supplement. We’d have to examine a lot more reviews to ensure that it would be safe to use since as of now, there’s very little to examine.

Some who favored it failed to add many details, so it’s impossible to say if it offered lasting cognitive support. The major side effects seen in the customer review should also be investigate as it’s unclear which of these additives could have caused such an extreme negative impact.

We offer our updated top 10 nootropics list so those interested can see what their current best options are for well-rounded support.

Is Brain Vitale Worth a Try?

It’s simply too basic of a formula with some additives which have to be carefully taken. Using green coffee bean may mean that there is some caffeine, and for some this may lead to side effects. This may be why there was a highly negative response seen in a customer. We’d have to be able to examine a lot more data before deciding if it’s worth taking, and unfortunately it’s currently not provided.

The company for this brand fails to provide much information and instead relies on claims to support it. Judging from the limited ingredients, it’s too basic of a formula to consider it unique. What stood out is that they do use 3 different patented ingredients, and the price is exceptionally high.

This is an incredibly expensive supplement which offers only 60 servings for each $121.44 bottle, making it almost 3 times the cost of a well-rounded nootropic supplement.

Better and more reliable options for nootropic support are available and we highlight the best in this top 10 list.

Brain Vitale FAQ

  1. What are some common Brain Vitale reviews?
    Few reviews are offered so it’s impossible to get a good consensus. At this time it had mixed reviews with some adding that it did nothing.
  1. Are there Brain Vitale side effects that may raise concerns?
    There were some that experienced anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and an inability to relax.
  1. Can I get Brain Vitale in Canada?
    Yes, this is offered internationally at an increased shipping rate.
  1. What can you tell me about Designs for Health Brain Vitale?
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    This is a natural nootropic formula sold at $121.44 per 120 capsule serving, and it contains some patented additives alongside common nootropic ingredients.
  1. Is there a Brain Vitale powder?
    It appears it only comes in capsule form at this time.
  1. What are the full Brain Vitale ingredients?
    The active blend consists of acetyl-l-carnitine, glycerophosphocholine, NeuroFactor, phosphatidylserine, and ginkgo.
  1. Is Brain Vitale available in the UK?
    Sales are offered to the UK with an increased shipping cost.
  1. What does Brain Vitale do?
    It’s made to help promote enhanced brain function including support for mood, memory, and energy.
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So What Really Works?

There was no doubt after reviewing all types of nootropics that the most supportive supplement was Memotenz. All of what we saw stood out from the amount of positive reviews, the natural wholesome formula, and the use of studied ingredients. Customers saw a major improvement in the way their mind processed information, making it much easier to stay mentally active and at ease. Because it offers no stimulants or cheap fillers, it also can be taken at any time of the day without any worry of cycling or harsh side effects.

A major benefit to this brand is the amount of ingredient added to it, which is made to help provide lasting support. This amount to a well-rounded product with doesn’t skimp on the possible benefits it can offer. It can range from improving mood, aiding mental focus, reducing mental fatigue, and raising overall cognition. The best source of information on the top rated Memotenz can be found by clicking here.

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