BrainMD Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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There are many different supplements under the BrainMD banner which seems specialized, but their formulas suffer from offering very little. The majority of these additives are fairly common to nootropics, and it makes no sense why they wouldn’t have just blended them all into a single brand.

It’s not at all cost effective and people looking for all-around support will likely be disappointed with the need to take so many supplements.

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BrainMD Overview

BrainMD is a nootropic supplement brand that offers different versions, some for mood, attention, focus, and energy. At first glance it may seem like this is optimized for specific unique benefits, as some may only want a boost in certain cognitive fields.

The problem lies in the fact that each supplement only has a very small amount of ingredients, and what they use is often added to countless other nootropics.

There really is no need to get special use, as a well-rounded nootropic can offer a lot more coverage. To get the full experience a nootropic can offer you’d have to purchase far too many brands.

The formula is clearly lacking and they rely on far too basic ingredients that are common to other nootropics, just in smaller amounts.

We showcase our top 10 list so those interested can find a quality nootropic.

BrainMD Claims

Depending on which specific version you look at, the intention of the product is featured right on the front of the label. Their most well-rounded nootropic is made for boosting memory and overall brain health.

The claim is that it can provide a sharper focus, and a clear mind. They add that this works by supporting circulation and overall mental function.

A quick description is offered alongside a vide detailing the science, as well as the full supplements facts. Their FAQ also answers key questions such as if it has any allergens and how to properly dose.

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BrainMD Ingredients

The following ingredient is found into their most well-rounded of nootropics, the Brain health and Focus blend:

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI
  • Sharp PS
  • NAC

Ginkgo Biloba Extract is a unique herbal ingredient that has been used as a useful nootropic additive which can improve memory and focus, all through improving blood circulation.

Vinpocetine is often made in a laboratory and it’s most often used for enhanced blood flow and to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer.

Huperzine A is a natural extract which can also be made in a laboratory, and it is used for reducing Alzheimer’s symptoms, and in supporting both energy and alertness.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI is made in the body and it’s also supplemented as it can help treat mood issues, improve memory, and prevent possible Alzheimer’s issues.

NAC can be used as a supplement to help provide antioxidant support, preventing possible cognitive issues and supporting immune health.

There’s a clear overview of the top 10 nootropic brand that you can read in full by clicking here.

The Science Behind BrainMD

On each supplements page there is a section where they provide a video to show what the science has to say about it. Unfortunately they do not go into detail about trials; all they do is have a doctor overview the ingredients intended purpose. While this may seem like a good way to learn, it’s also limited as it prevents people from reading legitimate science.

There should have been a more detailed showcase instead of an overview of the intended benefits of each ingredient. Without more data it’s hard to know if any of these claims are actually backed by science. Having a doctor explain the basic effects each ingredient is meant to have isn’t enough, as all this can be easily discovered with a quick internet search.

In reviewing their formulas we didn’t notice that many of the ingredients are actually already found in many foods, and really do they use cognitive enhancing herbs which are not found in a regular human diet. The brands that do have unique herbs are limited as they fail to add much else.

For a specific overview which explains which notices were top rated, click on this link.

Word on the Street About BrainMD

You’re going to find different reviews depending on their brand, but for their Brain and Memory Power Boost which acts as a more general nootropic, the reviews were decent at best.  On for example there was an almost even split between positive and negative.

It’s clear from this that it simply wasn’t strong enough for too many. There were also clear complaints about the price, some felt for both the ingredients offered and the support that this was far too costly. This is an even greater issue for people who want well-rounded support, as to find all the nootropic benefits seen in other brands, you’d have to take quite a few of their products.

Side effects were a problem for some, as it gave stomach cramps and gross illness. This was rare however, and it wasn’t a majority who had symptoms.

The brands that customers found the most cognitive support are featured in our top 10 list.

Is BrainMD Worth a Try?

Though there is the option to find many different brands which can have specific nootropic benefits, it could have all been added in a single supplement. It’s not very impressive when you factor in the very basic ingredients which would still be decent if it was blended together. It’s not as impressive as users would hope.

This is reliant on a lot of additives which are common to nootropics, or which can be easily found by eating a varied diet. The reviews were also lacking, with many saying it was mild at best.

Because it’s also expensive even as a single supplement, for well-round support users would have to pay a premium for all their lineup of products. It’s simply asking too much already as they also require heavy dosing for each brand. This would be difficult for some as some brands require 4 capsules a day in a sitting.

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  1. Where can I buy BrainMD?
    Their supplement is on the official website and Amazon.
  1. Is there a BrainMD promo code?
    Different codes are offered for discounts, but they vary.
  1. What are some common BrainMD reviews?
    There are different brands therefore reviews can vary, but their specific brand made for a nootropic boost has mixed reviews.
  1. Is there a BrainMD coupon?
    There are sometimes different discount codes offered, though they do expire.
  1. What can you tell be about BrainMD Focus and Energy?
    This brand is made with things such as green tea, ginseng, Ashwagandha and choline. The formula is fairly basic, and it requires a heavy 4 capsule a day intake. Reviews for it were mixed.
  1. What is BrainMD Attention Support?
    This brand is made with mostly nutrients, phosphatidylserine and a pone bark extract.

    Most of the ingredients can easily be replaced with a whole foods diet.
  1. What can you tell me about BrainMD supplements?
    There’ a lineup of different brands, some of which are meant for energy, focus, calming, and other kinds of specific benefits.

So What Really Works?

The current most supportive and all-around useful cognitive aid is Memotenz. It’s clear from the blend of ingredients added in specific amounts that it’s a quality brand, and what made that even better was the amount of positive reviews. Many repeatedly said that it had a noticeable cognitive boost. This then extended to support for all kinds of tasks, whether it be exercise, studying, work, or having to learn new information.

This is reliant on natural ingredients which can help relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce bring fog, and increase energy without any stimulants. The possible support is backed by 3rd party reviews on each ingredient. An especially important thing about this brand is that the company that makes it is also reputable. Overall we preferred Memotenz for its quality nootropic support which you can read about further here.

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