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The incredibly basic formula and major class action settlement shows just how weak raise serious concerns. The company was forced to pay a major penalty for a violation of consumer protection laws. They were found to have taken a key extract from a completely different source than what was claimed, and overall reviews for this brand are far too mixed.

The brands that had the greatest potential for aiding cognitive function are ranked in this top 10 list.

BrainStrong Overview

BrainStrong is a nootropic supplement that’s made for easy support using a simple once a day formula. They keep their original blend basic, adding only 2 different ingredients.

It’s said that this is enough to promote a strong improvement of communication within the brain. Unfortunately their basic formula is often recreated in other nootropics, which often add a ton more ingredients. For consumers looking for more comprehensive support, this simply won’t be enough.

What’s especially troubling is the controversial history of the company, as they were caught lying about the quality of their products.

Get an understanding on what nootropics can truly do by checking out the current top 10 brands.

BrainStrong Claims

The official website keeps it brief; they claim it can support important areas of mental health. This is meant for general support including focus, memory, and overall sharpness.

They add that the formulating can help aid healthy circulation, and that it can make users more productive. Benefits are meant to extend to all-around life, whether it is for work or personal use in other tasks.

It’s especially marketed for those that are concerned about aging, and who want to regain their mental acuity. Even though they say that this is a unique blend, what makes it truly unique is how basic the formula as, since other nootropics ad this as well as other ingredients.

All the information in our top 10 list can make it easier to find a nootropic which truly works best.

BrainStrong Ingredients

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
  • Choline

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf provides an often used nootropic ingredient that has been used for healthy circulation. This can translate into enhanced overall mental function. Other extended uses are often claimed such as its ability to improve mood, prevent headaches and reduce the changes of experiencing Alzheimer’s. This is often used in nootropic formulas as it has been used since ancient times, and new research has shown its potential benefits.

Choline offers an important nutrient that affects brain function, muscle health, and energy. This is essential and over time as human’s age, the amount found in the body will naturally be decreased. The belief is that by supplementing with this additive it can help support existing choline in the brain.

Most of the rest of the ingredients are inactive and do nothing beside add fillers for the capsules.

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The Science Behind BrainStrong

The company website offers a description of the main intended benefits of the formula. It’s supposedly made with quality ingredients that are unlike other additives, making it easier for blood flow to remain regulated. Healthy support for cell communicating is also claimed.

Mostly what they discuss is the ability for this to aid circulation which can make it easier for nutrients to be absorbed. They fail to list any clinical studies which may prove these claims however.
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In reviewing the ingredients it’s clear that what they use is solid, which is why other nootropic supplements often use it.

Nothing unique is added to this, making it an incredibly basic and often seen formula. They do claim that their version of ginkgo biloba is standardized, making it much more potent and better absorbed, but no proof is provided here.

Overall even though what they use in this can help provide a mental edge, it’s nowhere near the same as other varied formulas.

We’ve identified what nootropics are the current best and outlined them in full within this top 10 list.

Word on the Street About BrainStrong

Even though few mentioned what they experienced from this, the reviews varied. It’s not enough to truly draw a conclusion for what this will likely lead to, but the fact so little gave it a try means there is still lacking support for it.

Furthermore there were issues with the product itself, though this may have been due to a 3rd party manufacturing issue. According to a customer on Amazon, the product they were sent was already expired and clearly dated.

Still, from the few opinions offered it didn’t seem to offer any great nootropic success. At best it was described as a mild cognitive aid.

For cognitive support we found no better aid than the brands featured in our completed top 10 list.

Is BrainStrong Worth a Try?

Due to the underwhelming blend of common additives and the lack of customer support, it’s not nearly as good as it could be. It’s good that what they add is backed by a lot of studies, but using only 2 ingredients isn’t as optimal as other more well-rounded brands.

This company is also hard to trust after the class action lawsuit was filed which showed they lied about the quality of their ingredients. Furthermore reviews for this basic formula are limited, but still mixed. There really isn’t much to look at here.

They make some basic claims about it being optimized and that their purity and standardization makes it more suitable than other nootropics, but it’s hard to see much value in only 2 active ingredients. It’s simply not as well-rounded and comprehensive a nootropic when compared to the many other higher ranked brands. Finding true nootropic support that’s well-rounded is better suited for more varied formulas.

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BrainStrong vs Focus Factor

There are no doubt a lot of ingredients in the Focus Factor formula, but reviews were too mixed to find it reliable. Their additives include many vitamins and minerals, and at first glance it looks more like a multi-vitamin than a nootropic. For many customers the lack of noticeable changes made it hard to continue trusting this brand. Strange uncommon side effects were also seen in some as well. Mood issues were enough of a repeat problem to raise concerns.

BrainStrong FAQ

  1. What are the BrainStrong ingredients?
    It contains ginkgo biloba leaf, choline, and other inactive ingredients.
  1. Is BrainStrong sold at Walgreens?
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    Yes, Walgreens does sell it.
  1. What’s a common BrainStrong review?
    Little was said but at this time there was a great amount of mixed experiences. Some found it somewhat useful, but there were also negative experiences from satisfied users.
  1. Are there any BrainStrong side effects?
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    User reviews were limited and it’s hard to say for certain what can be expected. At this time there wasn’t a mention of side effects however.
  1. Is there a BrainStrong 60 count bottle?
    This is offered in 60 capsule servings though it’s much easier to find the 30 capsule serving sizes.

So What Really Works?

The well-reviewed nootropic we could find is the all-natural formula known as Memotenz. Not only was there a lot of praise from the many users who tried it, but there was a notable all-around improvement of overall cognition. People who used it for a specific purpose saw additional benefits beyond what they had hoped for. This is likely why so many said that they use it as a daily supplement.

The support seen included an ability to remain focused, mentally sharp, better able to retain information, and a notable enhanced sense of wellness. This also gave athletes and those who needed help studying gain a clear improvement in their ability to process information. All this is made possible with the natural high dosage strength blend of herbs, amino acids, nutrients and much more. All of it is included in amounts that when we researched it, made it clear that it could provide a combined impact. More can be said about Memotenz and the best source of information is linked when you click here.

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