Calm-PRT Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The formula is far too simple and often found within other nootropics that also add more to it, in order to make it well-rounded. There’s also the need to get it through a healthcare practitioner, as the official website does not offer direct sales, nor do they support it with a money back guarantee.

This brand leaves a lot to be desired, as it’s not at all well-rounded.

The most useful nootropic formulas are all explained and highlighted for examination in this complete top 10 list.

Calm-PRT Overview

Calm-PRT is a nootropic supplement that uses a simple formula of amino acids, a nootropic herb, and a common chemical. There really isn’t much said about this brand as the official website keeps the details exclusive to healthcare providers.

Customers who may be interested would soon find that they can only get this through a middle man, and it’s also exceptionally pricy without the opportunity for a money back guarantee. Though they only sell it via a 3rd party, what’s odd is that the formula is basic and not at all unique. Many other nootropic supplements use the exact same additives, with the only difference being that they often add a lot more to their formulas.

Our top 10 list highlights what nootropics are best for overall cognition.

Calm-PRT Claims

Oddly enough, most of the claims behind this product are only available when you visit 3rd party websites. The only thing offered on the official website is that it can help with anxiousness, stress, and improving sleep.

There is no dedicated explanation on the official website at this time. There are some images which show how this can affect the adrenal glands from 3rd party websites, but it’s unclear how they received these images, and why the official website fails to provide this descriptive information.

It is known that many consumer reviews say that their naturopathic doctors helped them get this brand, but this is a controversial field of medicine which has not been proven. We can’t take them seriously considering the fact that no respected scientific field of practice recognizes this unproven form of medicine. It’s unknown if they only allow naturopathic doctors to sell this, but it’s known that those who tried it often mentioned that they received it in this way.

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Calm-PRT Ingredients

  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract
  • Phosphatidylserine (enriched with Soy Lecithin)
  • Glycine
  • Taurine

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract functions as a common nootropic herb that can help reduce cell damage and support both memory and learning. This is considered an adaptogen since it can help relieve stress in the body, making it a poplar nootropic additive.

Phosphatidylserine is found naturally in many foods and it is a chemical which can affect overall health. This plays a major role in many important processes in the human body, as well as brain health.
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Glycine works as an amino acid that can affect sleep, support brain health, and relieve symptoms associated with schizophrenia.

Taurine provides chemical which is considered conditional, and which is often found in enough foods. This is supplemented to help prevent heart related problems, and it function as an antioxidant. It’s likely included as it can help relieve stress on the nervous system.
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The Science Behind Calm-PRT

Their official website has incredibly limited information about the actual use of this product. They do not provide any links to studies, and they only provide a sentence to describe what it has to offer.

Because they do not offer customers the opportunity to learn more about what it can do, it makes it difficult to try and gauge a likely effect. We don’t know what kind of research went into the making of this as well. Since they use a fairly basic nootropic blend, it leaves doubt as to its effective use.

It would have been very helpful had they published evidence, considering they market their brands for patients who want to seek the support of a physician. The fact they don’t add important details really fails to inspire hope that it’s formulated for appropriate use.

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Word on the Street About Calm-PRT

Reviews were mostly the same; some people felt it had an impact on stress but whether or not it affected sleep depended on the individual. Some had no improvements in their sleep quality.

Price was often brought up, as some felt that for what’s offered, it’s too expensive. Many were recommended this by a naturopathy doctor, which is not a respected branch of science. Neuropathy has been discredited and is considered a pseudoscience, meaning that there is no reliable evidence proving that it works.

Overall, reviews varied but since they do add some useful ingredients, it makes sense that some would see a slight change.

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Is Calm-PRT Worth a Try?

The formula isn’t well-rounded enough and it’s far too expensive and basic. All the ingredients are used by other nootropic formulas, with the difference being that other brands add a lot more to their blends. This is incredibly simple and often seen, and for the price this is asking far too much. There’s no logical reason why anyone would prefer this over the many other similar nootropic formulas.

They also make it difficult to get their products, as they are only accessible by healthcare providers. After doing research it was shown that they do not offer returns, and they price this incredibly high. It makes no sense why someone would pay so much money for additives you can find elsewhere for less than half the price.

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Calm-PRT vs Calm G

Calm G focuses on reducing anxiety and relieving stress using a proprietary blend of amino acids and fatty acids. There are also some nutrients in the form of selenium and folate. The formula is decent, as it relies on studied ingredients, but it’s incredibly basic and it can be replaced with common foods. There’s no nootropic herbs which are unique and which can help reduce stress levels.


  1. What is Calm-PRT used for?
    For reducing stress, supporting sleep and treating anxiousness.
  1. Does Calm-PRT cause weight gain?
    There weren’t any weight related issues according to consumer reviews on Amazon, but it’s impossible to say at this time.
  1. What are the full Calm-PRT ingredients?
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    It contains rhodiola rosea, phosphatidylserine, taurine, and glycine as active ingredients.
  1. Are there any Calm-PRT side effects?
    Sickness and anxiety were mentioned by a few customers.
  1. Will Calm-PRT work for sleep?
    This is made to reduce restlessness and provide a sense of calm, which in turn is meant to aid sleep. Not all customers saw an improvement in sleep however.
  1. Can I get Calm-PRT on Amazon?
    The company does offer sales on Amazon at the time of this review.

So What Really Works?

The most well-rounded and all-around best nootropic formula comes from the brand known as Memotenz. Many interesting facts made it stand out from the great customer reviews, high dosed blend of only natural ingredients, reliance on 3rd party studied additives, and the great feedback on the company itself. All the essential marks for a quality nootropic were hit, as they make it well-rounded enough to tackle all kinds of potential issues.

This was made to relieve stress, improve focus, support memory, aid mental energy, and provide a boost in overall cognition. Customers looking to enhance their workload and to remain mentally aware can greatly benefit from this. There’s a lot of praise from customers who felt it delivered as a daily supplement. Specific information on how Memotenz works and what it offers as a nootropic can be read in full by clicking here.

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