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The mixed reviews, high cost, and use of cheap extracts make Cebria a poor nootropic. You could just as easily eat an amino acid rich meal with some vitamins and replace it while avoiding its unnecessary blue food coloring. To read what Cebria is all about, check out this informative review.

Many kinds of nootropics were examined but only the best made it to our top 10 list.

Cebria Overview

Cebria is nootropic used to help reduce memory loss, confusion, and all while increasing mental acuity. This is more heavily marketed towards older users who will naturally see a loss of short-term memory. They intend to make this happen with many ingredients, and a specific ingredient includes their touted N-PEP-12, a patented extract that is found in the brain.

The ingredient sounds promising but clinical studies are still lacking, showing it is only effective in some aspects of mental function. Overall the ingredients aren’t that impressive and this shows with the many poor reviews from actual users.

The research makes it clear as to what the best nootropic are and why; click here to review.

Cebria Claims

They mention the main benefits on the front page of their website and it includes:

  • Improving thinking speeds
  • The ability to remember more information
  • Supporting mental clarity
  • Restoring short-term memory
  • Free of any side effects and made with only GMO-free ingredients

The limit of detailed information makes it hard to verify their claims. They did specially call out their patented ingredient, but this is just a single additive of many.
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It would have been helpful for those interested to learn what the other ingredients are meant to do through real studies instead of just claims.

Factor in all the information in this guide to help decided which nootropic is best for you.

Cebria Ingredients

They make it hard to find the ingredients but it is shown to have:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Lactose
  • L-Theanine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Lysine
  • Leucine
  • Arginine
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Serine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Valine
  • Threonine
  • Tyrosine
  • Isoleucine
  • Histidine
  • Methionine
  • Tryptophan
  • N-PEP-12

A huge chuck of this is amino acids. Tyrosine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Valine, Serine, Glutamic Acid and many others function as basic amino acids. They’re not necessarily bad in that they have a high rate of possible side effects, but they’re also so common that most people eating a diet rich in protein would have no need for extra amounts. This is why rarely do you see so many amino acids added into a supplement, typically only harder to find amino acids are used, not all the common kinds.

There’s also a lot of vitamins and minerals which can be good, but once again, not essential.

The only ingredient that stands out is the N-PEP-12 which is actually found in the brain.

The provided research can help you understand which nootropics may be the most effective for your needs.

The Science Behind Cebria

Because of the common ingredients which are found already in many foods, there’s a lot of science to back up most of the formula. They include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids of many kinds. All this is important for health, which is why so many different foods already have it, it’s really unnecessary to add more and expect it to deliver the main bulk of nootropic support.

The company also decided to add some unnecessary inactive ingredients like blue food coloring, which greatly reduces the overall quality. Some people may develop allergies or other side effects because of it.

Their main patented ingredient is the N-PEP-12. This ingredient is supposed to provide most of the benefits. It has had some successful trials but this was on a limited amount of people, which means more research is needed to determine its status.
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A 2005 study said that they tested 54 males who were 50 and older and it only saw benefits in:

“some, but not other tests”

This means it lacked in some categories, and more studies are needed since the amount of users was low.

Word on the Street About Cebria

 Experiences varied and you can often find a divide between good and bad:

Positive results:

“Feel less anxious”

“Gave me a clean energy boost”

Bad reviews:

“Kind of pricy and it just didn’t work for me”

“waste of time and money, felt nothing at all”

The amount of mixed results is never a good sign since it means that far too many experienced zero results. Some bad reviews are to be expected because people have different body chemistries but this is a clear sign that your chances of having a positive experience are a gamble.
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If you want to read the research on which nootropic are best and why, click here.

Is Cebria Worth a Try?

We don’t see a need with its basic formula and sole unique ingredient which is lacking enough studies. The reviews customers gave made it easy to see that results are not to be expected. A lot of people failed to see any positive results.

Yet another major problem is the fact that the company has an auto-billing program set up. They make it seem convenient but it’s important to read the negative reviews of many customers who were enrolled. People said that they found it difficult to cancel, and they did not want to be continually sent bottles every 30 days.

This is not a good way of doing business as it enforces a contract to users who may just want to try a pack and see if it works for them. Auto-renewal is only a company’s way of making sure that people are bound and responsible for paying.

All the highest rated nootropics were carefully selected and ranked in our top 10 list.

Cebria vs Prevagen

Prevagen is a controversial nootropic supplement offered in different forms. They have a regular and extra strength formula, as well las a chewable blend. The company was targeted twice by the FTC for making unverified health claims about the use of their jellyfish extract. It was claimed to deliver natural nootropic benefits but it’s argued that the science is lacking, and that they exaggerated the supposed positives. Because they tried repeatedly to sue them for false advertising, it’s highly suspect on whether or not they are trustworthy.

Cebria vs Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a common nootropic ingredient that is an herb traditionally used for its memory enhancing benefit. This has also been used to help treat brain related conditions like Alzheimer’s and memory loss. The intended results are increased blood circulation in the body, which plays a major role in general health.

The trouble in comparing this to Cebria is that the herb can be found in different brands, and added in varying amounts. It can be a useful aid but it’s also best taken with other nootropic ingredients for added support.

Cebria FAQ

  1. Can I get Cebria at Walmart?
    This is offered at Walmart at this time.
  1. Is Cebria FDA approved?
    No, this is a supplement and as such, is not FDA approved.
  1. Is Cebria available at GNC?
    They do not appear to offer it at GNC.
  1. What are some Cebria negative side effects?
    According to customers this included the positive effects including brain fog and forgetfulness.
  1. Is there a Cebria EBay listing?
    It appears it may occasionally sell on EBay.
  1. What are common Cebria complaints?
    Mainly that it had no effect at all, and the company was poorly rated foe their auto subscription deal.
  1. What is the cost of Cebria?
    You can get if for $39.95 per 30 capsule boxes.
  1. What can you tell me about Cebria Ultimate Blend?
    This is the only version currently offered and it’s essentially meant for overall memory, clarity, and sharpness.
  1. Is Cebria medication?
    Not at all, it’s an OTC supplement sold online and in stores.

So What Really Works?

For a noticeable improvement in cognition we found that Memotenz was the best current solution. The ingredients are all completely natural and there are studies to back up their use. Nothing unnecessary is included and in fact they use some great nootropic ingredients that you’d find it hard to find the dosage strengths included. This offers customers the ability to notice a great improvement in their cognition without any unnecessary potential side effects.

The people who have used it often mention that they have continued to supplement because of its reliable benefits. The nootropic support can boost mood and increase overall thinking capacity. For people who want an improvement in challenging or repetitive tasks, this might serve as a useful nootropic. Read more about Memotenz and what it can do for brain health by clicking this link.

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