Cognitex Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This uses a blend of patented ingredients which are different versions of common nootropic additives. Although it seems promising, there were far too many mixed reviews and a few experienced side effects.

They also offer a controversial auto-shipment policy which some felt was not worth using.

Explained in this top 10 list is what nootropic brands best met our criteria for being an all-round effective supplement.

Cognitex Overview

Cognitex is a nootropic supplement used for cognitive enhancement and even brain protection. The company makes it clear that this is made with 11 ingredients which can act as nutrients not already found in a diet.

They do make it easy to take as a once a day blend, but where it failed to deliver is on the amount of positive reviews. A good portion of customers felt that it simply wasn’t as good as what they were hoping for, and that the claimed benefits were exaggerated. It was clear that side effects were a concern for far too many.

Our established list of the current best nootropics offers a clear example of what brands can best support cognition.

Cognitex Claims

The intended benefits are highlighted both in brief and within a longer explanation. It can be best summarized as meaning to target: memory and “youthful cognition”, regenerating and defensive boosts, and all with the use of an advanced blend.

What makes this stand out according to them is that they provide many nutrients that aren’t already found in a user’s diet. This is technically true as most of what they add is patented. Still, they do use many kinds of herbs and extracts which are extracted from rarely used ingredients. This includes wild blueberry, an Ayurvedic herb, and other kinds of additives.

Many clear references are also provided for users interested in inspecting the claims made about this formula.

We’ve created a complete analysis of the top 10 nootropic brands to help people understand what works best for their needs.

Cognitex Ingredients

  • A-GPC
  • Sharp-PS Green
  • Gastrodin
  • Pregnenolone
  • Vinpocetine
  • Leucoselect
  • BlueActiv
  • Sensoril
  • Uridine-5-monophosphate
  • Perluxan
  • Rosemary

A-GPC is used for healthy cognition and it is found naturally within the brain.

Gastrodin is a chemical that is found in certain plants. It’s often used to treat things like dizziness and dementia, supporting the nervous system.

BlueActiv works as a patented version of wild blueberry, which is rich in antioxidants. There isn’t much known about this brand and it appears to be made by the makers of Cognitex. At this time its unknown what makes it unique or worthwhile.

Sensoril functions as an Ashwagandha extract that is patented and used to enhance the mind and body. This is used as an adaptogen which is targeted for overall mental health, stress reduction, and improved energy.

Uridine-5-monophosphate provides an enzyme that is used for helping stimulate energy levels and healthy cell function. It’s lacking many human studies at this time.

We emphasized finding the top 10 best nootropics of the year within this complete list.

The Science Behind Cognitex

Many links to different studies are provided to show what these ingredients can potentially do. There are some additives in this which work as antioxidants, adaptogen, and general cognitive boosters. It’s clear that antioxidants can have some potential benefits for reducing age rated mental decline.

The adaptogen can also potentially help reduce stress levels. So it’s not that the formula is bad, just that from the reviews, it’s clear that it failed to deliver on all the intended benefits.

It’s unclear if it’s simply the dosage strength or incompatibility with user’s digestion, but some also experienced symptoms. The company does provide a caution that people who have bleeding issues or a history of cancel should seek a physician’s recommendation.

They also include a number to call in the case of a serious allergic or unwanted side effect, which is alarming and rarely if ever mentioned by a supplement company.

The full research on the current best nootropic brands can be read in full by clicking here.

Word on the Street About Cognitex

Some of the reviews were positive but there was also a lot of doubt about the formula. There were concerns about it containing unwanted fillers, and of it not offering serious enough support. In some reviews there was also the problem of not knowing if it truly delivered, as it didn’t seem to have much of a benefit.

A good portion of users simply felt that it was overrated and not worth using as a nootropic. A few did mention side effects as well including headaches and anxiety, which should be the opposite effects of what is found in a nootropic blend.

The full research we performed made it easy to find what the current best nootropic supplements are, check out the top 10 list.

Is Cognitex Worth a Try?

Even though the company provides a clear explanation as well as links to studies, the formula failed to deliver for far too many. A common complaint was that not only did it fail to work, but that it caused some side effects. There is concern about the possibility for symptoms seeing as how they have specific phone number in case of adverse effects.

The company also has a controversial auto-shipment program which is never a good sign. This can be abused by companies who want to keep charging users and forcing them to continue to pay for unwanted product.

Some of the ingredients do have potential for cognition, but they’re also not that impressive and many of them are potentially biased patented ingredients. While this isn’t a completely terrible nootropic, it fails to impress.

Within our top 10 list we offer a detailed explanation to help show what nootropics work best and why.

Cognitex vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain has a blend of nootropic ingredients which are targeted for enhanced memory and focus. Their natural blend has also been studied in small group reviews which they paid for, but this isn’t enough to prove the many claims made about its use. The company makes this seem like a reliable supplement, but an alarming amount of customers felt that it was either weak, or completely ineffective.

Cognitex vs Prevagen

Prevagen is most known for using a patented ingredient that comes from jellyfish. Even though this ingredient seems promising, their formula relies far too heavy on this, and it’s lacking sufficient studies. The company came under fire for making unproven health claims, which is why the FTC tried suing them. They claimed they used false advertising in relation to the claimed nootropic benefits. Most who reviewed this brand also gave it a negative review, saying it didn’t do anything.

Cognitex FAQ

  1. What are the Cognitex ingredients?
    Active additives are A-GPC, Sharp-PS Green, Gastrodin, pregnenolone, Vinpocetine, Leucoselect, BlueActiv, Sensoril, Uridine-5-monophosphate, Perluxan, and rosemary.
  1. What are the benefits of Cognitex?
    The company claims this is useful for overall brain function and neuro protection. There’s also a clear explanation about the intended benefits which we explain in the claims section of this review.
  1. Are there any Cognitex side effects to worry about?
    There were a few mentions of mood related issues such as anxiety.
  1. Is Cognitex offered on Amazon?
    There are sales offered on Amazon.
  1. Can I get Cognitex in Pakistan?
    The company does offer international sales but this is at an increased cost which can be extremely high and on a long delay.

So What Really Works?

Memotenz delivered the best nootropic benefits out of the many brands we reviewed. It offered a great improvement in overall cognition, and it was well-rounded enough to satisfy user’s demands. Many who tied it left reinvigorated and there were claims that it supported their energy, focus, mood, and ability to retain information.

Another benefit we found was that people who used it for learning, work, studying, and athletics all benefited. This is all made possible through the many natural ingredients which are backed by 3rd party reviews. Looking at all this data makes it clear why there were so many positive experiences.

Read the available research to help understand what nootropic formulas can deliver the most notable benefits.

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