Coromega Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The product is a very basic fish oil blend that does not have much going for it. There needs to be more in the form of ingredients in order to trust that it will maximize cognition.

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Coromega Overview

Coromega is a fish oil supplement which has general cognitive benefits. This is rich in fish oil and it is offered in gummies and squeeze packages. They especially market his as being the best fish oil product on the market.

The uniqueness of this makes it a portable product which can be squeezed and supplemented any time of the day. Even though it is portable and useful, it’s not well-rounded enough as other more wholesome nootropic blends.

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Coromega Claims

They outline all the intended benefits in a clear way:

  • Supports overall health
  • Free from fish burps
  • Easier to absorb
  • Useful a reducing inflammation while supporting brain health

Most of what is claimed is generally suggested by other brands which use fish oil. The only major difference is that they claim that their squeezable formula is easier to absorb than regular fish oil pills which rely aren’t as fresh.

They fail to back up any of these claims however, instead they rely on a few words to suggest what is possible.

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Coromega Ingredients

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Fish Oil

Vitamin E and Vitamin C both are antioxidant nutrients which can affect overall health. They are particularly useful for reducing the natural breakdown which can affect healthy cognition. Vitamin C also is useful at supporting the body’s natural ability to fight off disease, and this can induce cognitive decline.

Fish Oil is the main ingredient which is meant to trigger all-around wellness. This can help reduce inflammation, support healthy brain function, and improve long-term brain health. As a natural fatty acid it can help provide both EPA and DHA, both of which are very important in the human diet. This can help protect the brain from cognitive decline which can lead to Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders.

This fatty acid blend can also help support healthy mood, and it can reduce the chances of depression. Other known benefits of fish oil include affecting how well information is processed. Fatty acids in general can help support brain health as they provide a nourishing affect, but this specific version is well-studied for even more benefits.

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The Science Behind Coromega

Much like many other omega-3 supplements it relies primarily on fish oil. This is a solid ingredient and it should be taken by anyone looking to boost their cognition. The problem is that this shouldn’t be the only ingredient used. There are far too many useful ingredients which can also help maximize results.

Using just a single main active ingredient is asking too much, and it’s unlikely to deliver as optimal support as other brands. The major difference with this formula is the fact it comes in ether gummies or its most common liquid version. Even though liquids seem like a good option, they have a shorter shelf-life which can reduce both the potency and the likelihood of it tasting good.

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Word on the Street About Coromega

“wanted to enjoy it but the stomach pains were too much”

“has a strong taste to it which I did not like”

“The formula isn’t as good as it once was”

“Been able to enjoy this fully”

There were a good amount of users who had quality control issues. It’s unclear if it’s the packaging, but some said that the flavor was off. Some also added that it left them uneasy, stomach problems and nausea were a concern.

A lot of people did enjoy it however, as people liked the portability. It’s hard to review this by looking at opinions though, as not many took it specially for cognitive support.

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Is Coromega Worth a Try?

This isn’t well-rounded enough to suggest it would have strong nootropic benefits. The formula is very basic and even though it’s meant to be better than fish oil pills, there is no evidence to back up this claim.

Most of this is easily reached by any other standard fish oil formula. Even though this is a solid ingredient, the problem lies in the fact that it’s not as useful as a true nootropic. Certain nootropic blends not only have fish oil, but they also use many other ingredients which can most effectively maximize cognition. Relying on a single main ingredient for support is asking too much.

The company also fails to really provide sufficient evidence, and a good chunk of users said it was ineffective or that it caused side effects.

The most suitable nootropics which can best support cognition are all featured in this top 10 list.

Coromega vs Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals produces many kinds of omega-3 rich blends including liquids and pills. They even have specialized supplements for prenatal health and for kids. The basic omega-3 rich supplements have an above average amount of fatty acids, but they do not add anything else. It is strictly an omega-3 rich blend with no other additives other than vitamin D3, if you get that specific version.

Coromega vs Barleans

Barleans makes many different kinds of liquefied blends, some of which are targeted for Omega-3 support. They make brands with flaxseed oil in different sizes, as well as women’s only or edible versions. Fish oil is also offered, and all versions are somewhat pricier than the competition. Any liquefied blend must be carefully handled since it has aa sooner expiration date over supplements.

Coromega vs OmegaBrite

OmegaBrite produces supplements for both kids and adults which emphasize high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. They specially highlight the fact that EPA can reduce inflammation, support joints, improve mood, and aid heart health. While all this is true, they also keep the formula really basic, making it not as potent as more well-rounded nootropic blends.

Coromega FAQ

  1. What are some Coromega Omega-3 benefits?
    Omega-3 in general can help reduce inflammation, boost cognition, and support overall wellness.
  1. Who is the Coromega company?
    They are owned by a company called Coromega, LLC, and they are based out of California.
  1. Is there a Coromega DHA blend?
    They do have DHA in their fish oil.
  1. Can I get Coromega on Amazon?
    Direct sales are provided on Amazon.
  1. Is there a Coromega women’s health brand?
    They do offer women’s only supplements.
  1. What can you tell me about Coromega Max?
    This is their flagship brand which has a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids, and they serve it in 2 different flavors.
  1. What’s a common Coromega review?
    Though there were hundreds of negative reviews, overall people had favorable opinions.
  1. Are there Coromega side effects to worry about?
    There were a handful of negative reviews from people who suffered from digestive issues including stomach cramps.

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