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Targeted for stress reduction, this nootropic has a limited formula that had split user reviews. Some enjoyed it, but there was also a strong enough negative feedback to raise questions about its functional use.

The formula is no doubt free of common allergens and it does contain some good nootropic additives, but it’s too basic and not well-rounded enough.

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Cortigon Overview

Cortigon is a nootropic supplement that is used to help relieve stress and prevent cognitive problems. The company gives a clear explanation of all the intended benefits, and their FAQ is informative.

This is also made free of many common allergens, and they make the dosing strength easy to read. While this is all good, they don’t add much to this. It’s incredibly basic and altogether far too easy to find elsewhere. The company also charges a high price if you consider taking the maximum dosage strength.

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Cortigon Claims

The company claims that it can aid brain function, increase energy without side effects, improve memory, and aid natural hormones. They add that results can be felt within 20 minutes, and that it’s useful for overall cognition.

The dosing instructions are also clear, and they have amounts for general users and for those wanting an extra strength. The claim is that most that use it see effects within a 30 day period, but that users should wait 60 days in order to fully determine its worth.

All the claims are lacking any reliable evidence however.

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Cortigon Ingredients

  • Phosphatidylserine
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • Ginkgo Leaf
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Inositiol
  • DHA

Phosphatidylserine is naturally within human cells and it’s essential for proper cell signaling. As humans age this is naturally reduced, which is why supplementing with it can be useful for preventing many cognitive problems.

L-Carnitine Tartrate is a common type of amino acid which is necessary for regulating many body functions. This is helpful at aiding muscle growth, regeneration, and much more.

Ginkgo Leaf is a extract of an ancient herb which is found in [arts of China. This is used for its phytochemicals which are said to help stimulant healthy circulation in the brain. It’s also used to help treat mood problems and to help support mental focus.

Choline Bitartrate is an important and essential nutrient that is used by the brain to help send signals. This is found in many kinds of foods including meats, vegetables and nuts. It’s often rare that someone would be deficient in this, as it would be a sign of a major malnutrition.

Inositol is found in the brain and it is used to help support cell signaling. This is considered similar to a vitamin, and it can be used to treat mood issues such as OCD and depression.

DHA is a fatty acid that’s incredibly useful at aiding brain health. This fat is good at aiding overall health as well, and it’s especially recommended in the west where other fatty acids are too high.

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The Science Behind Cortigon

Even though many of the claims about this brand sound scientific, nowhere do they publish any reliable evidence. It’s clear that they provide very specific suggestions and explanation on how long it will take to work, but no actual links to evidence.

It would have been especially useful to see how they determined that it may take up to 60 days to see a result. Dosing instructions are particularly odd as they jump from a minimum of 2 to a grand total of 6 pills a day. This is a major increase and it is never explained at all as to why a user would need so many.

Without having much more to review, it’s impossible to verify if they are telling the truth.

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Word on the Street About Cortigon

At this time there weren’t a lot of noted experiences, but there are some reviews on Amazon. A major concern was seen in the positive experiences from users who felt that the amount of pills needed was too much. Many said that they couldn’t really feel the minimum amount, and that they were forced to take much more. Price was a major consideration as for some I felt unsustainable.

At the maximum 6 pills a day this would imply that each bottle has only 5 days’ worth of product. Some also added that it failed to offer any support even with extra servings. There were a few who tried using it for weight loss but apparently this was not seen.

There was also a weird middle line where people who were forced to take more experienced negative changes to their mood.

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Is Cortigon Worth a Try?

The lack of quality information, demand for extra pills, high cost, and far too many negative reviews raises major doubt. This was called out for the need to have to take an extra dosage strength that the users described as the maximum amount. It’s odd that each bottle could last only 5 days in the total maximum recommended amount. This greatly raises the cost for what’s an average blend of ingredients.

There’s very little added to this and although it’s a good blend, it’s also easy to find in countless other nootropics. The major difference being that other brands actually back it up with much more ingredients, and at a stronger dosage strength. It’s also especially hard to trust this brand as they make unproven clams about the use of this.

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Cortigon FAQ

  1. Can I get Cortigon on Amazon?
    This is offered on Amazon.
  1. Does GNC offer Cortigon?
    GNC does not sell this brand.
  1. How to take Cortigon?
    They advise either 2 to 4 capsules or 4 to 6 if the user needs more support.
  1. Is it possible to get Cortigon in India?
    The company does offer international sales for an added shipping cost.
  1. Does Cortigon affect weight loss?
    This is supposedly effective at reducing cortisol which may play a role in reducing weight, but it’s not a main intended benefit, nor is it mentioned on the official website.
  1. Are there any Cortigon side effects?
    The company claims it does not have any side effects, but some said it actually made their mood worse.
  1. What are the Cortigon ingredients?

    It contains phosphatidylserine, L-Carnitine tartrate, ginkgo leaf, choline bitartrate, inositol, and DHA as active ingredients.
  1. Is Cortigon offered in South Africa?
    As long as the user pays the additional international fees, it can ship worldwide.
  1. Can I purchase Cortigon in Australia?
    Yes it is, but with extra added shipping fees.
  1. Where can I buy Cortigon?
    Amazon and their official website are legitimate sources.
  1. What’s a common Cortigon review?
    There were mixed experiences, some said it actually made their cognition worse, and others added that it took far too many pills to take.

So What Really Works?

It was a clear choice on what the best nootropic is. Memotenz currently outranked others for its all-around support. There are natural ingredients, no kinds of cheap fillers or stimulants, it can be taken daily, and those who have used it often say that it gave them a noticeable boost. The boost came in the form of an improved well-being, more mental stamina, improved memory and focus, and an overall enhanced mood. Users said that they felt reinvigorated and that there were additional benefits.

Everything in the blend is not just natural but included within amounts that can best optimize cognition. All the ingredients are clearly stated and it’s easy to see why it was favored. In performing deep research it was clear that when combined, the ingredients can give a noticeable change in mental output. More details about what makes Memotenz the best nootropic can be read in full here.

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