EMPower Plus Review (UPDATED 2020) – Is It Safe?

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This is more of a multi-vitamin than a nootropic and though it has some useful ingredients, it’s not as well-rounded as other formulas. The company responsible also makes many unscientific claims which seem highly unlikely. Our EMPower Plus review came across many interesting details about what it can truly offer.

Out of all the many kinds of nootropics currently offered, the following 10 gave the most impressive results.

EMPower Plus Overview

EMPower Plus is a multi-vitamin supplement with some nootropics which is meant to support both mental and physical wellbeing. The formula is clearly rich in many nutrients, but in terms of supporting cognition, it's not supportive enough.

The worst part about this is the many negative reviews from customers who notice extreme side effects. The company also uses many controversial and pseudoscientific claims which are not backed by evidence. Until they go on to prove these outlandish claims, it’s hard to take them very seriously.

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EMPower Plus Claims

It’s suggested that this will affect:

  • Micronutrient absorption
  • Brain cell health
  • Reduce stress
  • Support long-term health

They make the claim that this formula is good enough to treat many mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and even bipolar disorder. They claim that significant improvements are possible, and that this is a great way to find long-term results.

What is especially troubling with all these claims is that they never actual cite any evidence. All you get here ae broad claims made about how effective it can be, without any way of checking to verify for certain. It’s all hard to believe and this is made worse with the lack of proof.

It’s clear in our analysis as to what the most useful nootropics are, here’s what the research has to say.

EMPower Plus Ingredients

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Methionine
  • Vanadium Chelate
  • DL-Phenylalanine
  • Inositol
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Choline

Grape Seed Extract contains plenty of antioxidants and it’s generally used in supplement form to help reduce tissue breakdown, and to aid the immune system.

Vanadium Chelate is a useful mineral which can support overall health including cardiovascular. This is also used for an athletic boost.

L-Methionine is an amino acid that is most often used to help support liver health.

L-Glutamine is another amino acid that is useful for supporting a healthy mood and in reducing anxiety.

Choline is naturally found in the body and it can help reduce both mood disorders and memory loss.

Gingko Biloba is a typical nootropic ingredient which is used for its effects on blood flow within the brain. This can translate into improved long-term brain health as well as improved memory formation.

The many other ingredients added to this include all kinds of vitamins and minerals which all play a role in supporting health. The effects can translate into general nootropic support, but much of it is already found in foods, making it unnecessary in a varied enough diet. Very little of this is actually strictly or a unique nootropic benefit, been though the supplement is meant to improve brain cell health and overall cognition.

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The Science Behind EMPower Plus

What makes it hard to believe is the fact that somehow this was featured:

“In 29 medical journal publications”

They add how thousands of doctor across the world have recommended this for the reduction of mood disorders. They also say that this is made for cognitive functioning, and that it can provide real improvements. There is no way to check on any of this, all there is to know about this is strictly for the official website.

No actual citation is ever provided, and no matter how much searching was performed, there was no mention of any of these studies anywhere. We can’t say for certain if they’re lying, but it seems highly suspect that this is actually know worldwide when the only source of information is their official website. We’d need published proof to know for certain what is truly possible. It seems highly likely that they are either exaggerating, or even worse, lying.

The most highly reviewed nootropic formulas are all outlined within this completed top 10 list.

Word on the Street About EMPower Plus

“gave me really bad manic episodes which made it hard to relax”

“This may cause a mental illness if you’re unable to properly digest the formula”

“Yeah I could’ take it anymore, the headaches were too bad and I saw no real benefit from it”

“They are being sued in NY state for good reason, you can’t trust this shady product”

It was made clear in the many reviews that many people had serious side effects. Some of these symptoms were harsh enough to bring further warnings about the safety of the product as a whole. Far too many said it made them feel much worse, and what was especially odd was the suggestion that some bodies just aren’t fit for it.

This claim was made by a positive reviewer but looking at the formula, nothing in this should cause such extreme side effects. Most of it is natural nutrients which are common to many whole foods. There is no reason why it should be causing manic episodes which make it hard to focus and relax.

The most established and useful nootropic formulas are all fully analyzed in this top 10 review.

Is EMPower Plus Worth a Try?

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should trust this. The company responsible makes too many unproven and clearly unscientific claims about its use. The suggestion that this was backed by many doctors and that there are numerus studies on it is clearly false. No clinical studies are available online, and little is known about this brand outside of the official website.

The formula is also what you’d expect to find in the most basic of multivitamins, which is what the company is mostly going for here. They fail to address the fact on how especially this will affect brain function, instead they make broad scientific claims which are unprovable.

The company responsible has also had major issues including lawsuits and shay claims made about their products. They often make the suggestion that their supplements are cure all’s, but no evidence is provided anywhere. We can’t take this seriously with the many clear issues which have not been resolved.

We offer this top 10 nootropics list so those interested can learn for certain what their best options are.

EMPower Plus FAQ

  1. Where to buy EMPower Plus?
    The official website and Amazon offer it.
  1. What are some EMPower Plus reviews?
    A large amount of people found it unfavorable and some said it caused side effects.
  1. Are there any EMPower Plus side effects?
    Judging from reviews, some felt side effects like manic episodes, mood swings, and much more.
  1. Can I get EMPower Plus on Amazon?
    This is sold on Amazon.
  1. Is there an EMPower Plus powder?
    They do not offer a powdered form at this time.

So What Really Works?

The most reliable nootropic brand that we could find is Memotenz. There was plenty to examine in its rich formula and by looking at the ingredients it was clear that this could provide sufficient support. The people who reviewed it frequently added how it made them feel energized, reinvigorated, and mentally sharp. This makes sense when examining the rich formula of natural ingredients.

The ingredients all can deliver unique benefits which can maximize cognition without the fear of dangerous side effects. No cheap stimulants of any kind are included, and the entire formula is completely natural. It’s not good enough to be just natural however, the formula is also added in adorns which can most effectively provide support. We especially liked the fact that many who tried it said that the effects were lasting, and that it made it easier to focus fully on all kinds of tasks. To read about what Memotenz can possibly offer for cognitive health, click here.

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