Etherium Gold Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The lack of scientific research on the sole active ingredient prevents anyone from knowing what it may do. All the official website offers is claims about its use, and there’s no way to know what it can really do.

Because the reviews on this brand were mixed, it’s impossible figuring out what a likely effect may be.

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Etherium Gold Overview

Etherium Gold is a nootropic supplement that claims it has been backed by research for improved clarity and mental function. They suggest that it can support both mind and body, and give it the support needed to remain focused.

Even though they do offer it in 2 forms and with a lot of claims to supper it, the science is actually limited. There are no independent 3rd party reviews on what the sole active ingredient can offer, and the reviews highlight how limited this really is.

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Etherium Gold Claims

The claims made about this are that it can affect overall brain function. They add that people who used it noticed that their clarity and focused improved, as well as the coordination between the mind and body.

Reduced stress and improved calmness is also suggested, and they add how this can be used for spiritual practices. All these claims are offered at just a couple of sentences, and they fail to go into detail about what it can really do.

Without many more additional details all that can be absorbed about this brand are general claims often made about similar brands. The only unique thing about this is the claim that it was used historically as a way to support brain function. They suggest that it can have an improvement of wave activity in the brain, which if true, would mean it can directly change brain chemistry.

Etherium Gold Ingredients

  • Monatomic Mineral Essence

Monatomic Mineral Essence is essentially a type of mineral which is found naturally within sea deposits. Finding any useful science to help explain what this ingredient is, or what it can do, is impossible. Most websites which mention anything about this additive market it, and they do not list any studies. al studies.

It’s rare that any ingredient would fail to have any legitimate scientific information about it, unless it’s either new or wrongly described. This single atom form of mineral is supposedly more potent than other forms. The unproven major claim is that these forms of minerals are better absorbed by the human body.

Other filler ingredients and common additives are found, particularly in the liquid blend.

The Science Behind Etherium Gold

The major claim is that the sole active ingredient in this stimulates “energized fields”, which can help stimulate the body. It’s meant to work far better in the body than other forms of minerals, thereby having a greater nutritional impact.

There is also a spiritual claim as the official website for Ethereum Gold claims it has been used by people looking to improve he body and mind connection.

They add that it has been used for:

“spiritual work”

They also add it’s supplemented for people who are about to get involved in prayer and meditation. The claim is that this can help boost mental performance which can also be used for any and all tasks that require a heavy mental output.

Though all these claims seem like it would be good for nootropic support, the actual studies to prove this are lacking. They list a study by the Alphalearning Institute, but they are not known as a respected scientific group.

Word on the Street About Etherium Gold

Far too many mixed reviews were mentioned to truly trust that this would be effective. A few people who ended up researching this ingredient felt cheated, as they found out that the formula has not been backed by actual science. Some said that they didn’t see much benefit from it, and others said it did absolutely nothing.

There was an expectation that it would affect mood and focus, but neither was seen according to the many reviews. A few of the reviews did say that they noticed a change, but it’s hard to see much value in this is nearly half of the reviews on Amazon were strictly bad. A few did experience side effects related to digestive issues and headache. It’s also unclear if this is safe to take Ove an extended period.

Fortunately there are plenty of studied supplements for nootropic benefits which made our top 10 list.

Is Etherium Gold Worth a Try?

It’s not at all isn’t worth using, there is no legitimate science to support its use, and the reviews varied too much. The fact remains that the company has yet to give any real evidence to show what this can actually do once ingested. There is a serious limitation in the use of this as it adds a rarely mentioned additive which does not appear in any trusted scientific journals.

The only thing known about this ingredient is that it does come from sea beds, which may mean it can offer multiple kinds of healthy minerals. This is no doubt useful, but it’s also minerals which are a part of a healthy diet. There is no proof that this specific version of minerals will deliver a greater impact or be better absorbed.

Had there been more proof to back it up it would be an interesting ingredient, as it stands it’s lacking sufficient proof to know what it will offer over time. The price is also high considering it’s only a single active ingredient which is unproven.

Etherium Gold FAQ

  1. What are some Etherium Gold benefits?
    Without actual studies to review, it’s impossible to say what it may result in. Some who reviewed it failed to see any improvements.
  1. Are there any Ethereum Gold dangers to worry about?
    We can’t say for certain what may result due to the lack of scientific information currently available. Because of the lack of information, it’s impossible to know what it may offer.
  1. What are common Ethereum Gold reviews?
    People had mixed experiences, though many said it did nothing at all. At this time there are far too varied opinions to show what it might likely offer.
  1. Will Ethereum Gold cause side effects?
    It’s impossible to say since there are no actual proven scientific studies on it.
  1. Is there an Ethereum Gold Wiki?
    They have no official Wiki page at this time.
  1. Can I get Ethereum Gold on Amazon?
    Amazon does offer sales of this.
  1. Are there Ethereum Gold studies?
    The company links a study but it was not performed by a legitimate scientific group. This single study looked at brain scans, but it was not published on a scientific scientific journal that is unbiased and trusted.
  1. Does Ethereum Gold come in a powder?
    They offer it in a liquid formula or regular pill supplement, not a powder.
  1. What are the full Ethereum Gold ingredients?
    It contains a single active ingredient, Monatomic mineral essence.

So What Really Works?

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