Hawaiian Spirulina Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Spirulina in general is rich in many nutrients but this brand in particular is marketed as a kind of super food. Even though it’s decent, it’s not something which can be relied on as much as a well-rounded nootropic blend. Read our findings to better understand what Hawaiian Spirulina has to offer.

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Hawaiian Spirulina Overview

Hawaiian Spirulina is a nutritional supplement meant to deliver great benefits for the immune system, cardiovascular system, and overall brain function. This uses only the active ingredient spirulina, which is known to have rich vitamins and minerals.

There is a lot of use in taking spirulina but the problem with it is that an ingredient can only do so much. We also read a lot of side effects mentioned by users of this blend. Far too many felt it was completely ineffective, and this is often described as foul tasting when taken in pure powdered form.
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Hawaiian Spirulina Claims

The main benefits are supposed to be:

  • Enhanced immune function
  • Improved lipid levels and cholesterol
  • More energy
  • Improved cellular health

They make it fairly easy to understand and it’s easily explained as to what the specifics are. There are a few unproven claims however, and we took issue with their claim that is taken from a clean source. We’d have to see the citations to help prove this, because at this time we couldn’t find any information on their official website. All they make are suggestions and claims and no actual proof is cited.

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Hawaiian Spirulina Ingredients

  • Spirulina
  • Chicory Inulin

Spirulina is blue – green algae that are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. This is most often used as a way to provide nutrients to chicken and in aquariums. It has been used as food but the taste is often strong and described as fish like, which is why it’s most often added in tablets when used as a supplement.

Spirulina is mostly protein and it has trace amino acids of many kinds. There are also many healthy fatty acids which can enhance brain health.

Chicory Inulin is a source of fiber which is not broken down by the body, making it easier to reduce hunger and improve metabolism. This is added as an inactive ingredient.

We put in a lot of research to help readers understand which nootropics are the best thus far.

The Science Behind Hawaiian Spirulina

Spirulina is still being researched as an ingredient for fat reduction and brain health. If you look at the most recent studies, it’s clear that there has to be more science performed to determine its true worth.

Examine.com gave it a fair review and the concluded that there is only:

“Preliminary evidence”

The reason for this is because most of the studied performed have only been done on animals. This may also lead to an allergic reaction it some.

Spirulina may also produce what’s known as microsystems, which is a dangerous toxin which can lead to liver damage. This is of a major concern and users should know for certain that the spirulina they get is free from this. The makers of Hawaiian Spirulina fail to mention any scientific studies which test what kind of potential toxins are added to their spirulina. We would have to look at this information to know for certain if this would be reliable and safe product to take.

We do know that study was performed by a 3rd party, but there needs to be stricter testing and more testing to know for certain if it’s free of toxins.

Word on the Street About Hawaiian Spirulina

“I wish I could say I liked it but it made me feel really bad, stomach pains were too much”

“this is fairly easy to take and better than a powder since it doesn’t taste like anything”

“The taste of the powder was not too bad, I felt like it didn’t really affect my allergies though”

“Makes me go to the bathroom a lot more and I feel better rested in the morning”

People often used it for different reasons so not all reviews focused on mentioning any brain health benefits. There was also a mix of people who tied the powder versus the tablets. On average people who were experienced with spirulina often said that the taste was about the same as any other, and that it was fairly easy to mix.

Some had side effects however which where related to digestion and overall wellness. The few negative experiences had to do with feelings of sickness.

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Is Hawaiian Spirulina Worth a Try?
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It’s a decent product but for well-rounded nootropic benefits, there are a lot better brands. The problem with the powder version is the taste, as many found it incredibly difficult to swallow. The fish like taste was unpleasant to many, and it made it hard to enjoy a smoothie or shake.

The pills are actually decent since they are rich in vitamins and minerals but if you’re looking for complete nootropic support, this wouldn’t be enough. There are more well-rounded blends which can deliver more noticeable benefits.

The fact that far too many said it caused side effects was also a major concern. Digestive related problems and feelings of sickness were mentioned in too many reviews.
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Hawaiian Spirulina vs Other Spirulina

Many kinds of companies are producing spirulina only products. Some have a lot more marketing claims than what’s known to be true, and others may have differences in manufacturing standards. Any spirulina should be thoroughly checked to make sure that it is free of toxins and heavy metals, as some unclean waters have the potential for serious contamination.

Hawaiian Spirulina vs Organic Spirulina

Organic spirulina will come from many different manufactures since it’s not a brand name. This is different in that it’s not certified to be organic. It does not mean that Hawaiian Spirulina isn’t as good, just that organic blends do have the proven benefit of being truly organic. There’s also a difference in where you get it from, as some brands offer it straight as a powder, and there are tablet versions as well.

Hawaiian Spirulina FAQ

  1. Is there pure Hawaiian Spirulina powder?
    They do offer it in pure powdered form.
  1. What are some Hawaiian Spirulina benefits?
    This has vitamins and minerals, and it can help improve immune health.
  1. Can I get Hawaiian Spirulina at Whole Foods?
    It is available at Whole Foods.
  1. Is there a Hawaiian Spirulina protein shake?
    They offer a powdered container to make shakes.
  1. Are there Hawaiian Spirulina tablets?
    It is sold in tablet form.
  1. Is Hawaiian Spirulina offered at Costco?
    They do not offer it at Costco at this time.
  1. What are some common Hawaiian Spirulina reviews?
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    A lot of people said it was decent, but hundreds had only negative things to say.
  1. Can I find Hawaiian Spirulina at Amazon?
    They do offer direct sales on Amazon.
  1. Are there any Hawaiian Spirulina side effects?
    According to a few users, it caused dizziness, flushing, stomach pains, and stomach cramps.
  1. Is there organic Hawaiian Spirulina?
    They do not make it organic but it’s free of GMO’s.
  1. What can you tell me about Hawaiian Spirulina by Nutrex?
    It’s a supplement offered in many dosage strengths and as a powder or in tablet form.

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