Intelligex Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Because they no longer have an official website and due to the many negative reviews, we can’t trust this supplement. They got caught using fake images to supposedly show how effective this could be.

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Intelligex Overview

Intelligex is a nootropic supplement which is no longer produced, yet still marketed by bait and switch websites. We saw that many customers repeatedly had issues with billing, some paying hundreds even though they never ordered more products.
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The company has abandoned their official website, and now only has old marketing images on scam websites which all use the same scam tactics.

Intelligex Claims

Any claims are outdated and yet to be verified. This is meant to offer immediate effects with daily use, and better able to keep the mind sharp. They use what are supposed to be advanced ingredients for a maximum impact.

They don’t shy away from using great sounding scientific suggestions, yet there is no way to know if any of this is true.

Intelligex Ingredients

Because the supplements facts are unavailable, all we know is that these are some ingredients added in unknown amounts. We can’t know for certain if anything else is included:

  • Folic Acid
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Gingko Biloba

No dosage strength is provided, and we don’t know for certain if this formula has changed or even if it’s still being made. The company has failed to give even the most simple of ingredients, and all we can review are some old marketing images.

Bacopa Monnieri is a common nootropic herb which is intended to help reduce stress and improve memory. Gingko Biloba is another herb that is supportive at increasing blood flow and in reducing the risk caused by brain plaque.

Eleuthero Root is used as an adaptogen which can provide clear-headedness even when stressed.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 are important nutrients which can have a major effect on overall body functions, and they can help energy regulation.

All the information we provide makes it easy to understand which nootropics are the best.

The Science Behind Intelligex

We can’t know for certain if any science actually went into the making of this. There are claims this was:

“designed to support cognitive performance”

Also it’s meant to support peak performance and work as a great study aid. They provide an explanation on the importance of each ingredient, and what it can do for nootropic support. The problem is that they never provide any actual studied for people to review and verify.

Since all we can look at are some outdated images which were used for marketing purposes, we don’t know if this is still up to date. The ingredients are far too basic to be able to conclude whether or not they are optimal for nootropic support. We would have to also know the dosage strength in order to fully understand what it may deliver.

At this time there is no supplements fact, only an image which explains 6 of their ingredients.
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We offer our readers a great top 10 nootropic list that’s updated and full of highly rated brands.

Word on the Street About Intelligex

“total scam”

“Overcharged me and would not refund my cash”

“Not trustworthy avoid this at all costs”

“Do not deal with them”

We actually couldn’t find any reviews about the product itself because people were mostly concerned about the sudden charges. Repeatedly there were issues related to the cost and the inability to get a deserved return. This wasn’t just picky customers; many said they never knew there was auto-billing as it was never displayed on the official website.

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Is Intelligex Worth a Try?

There is no way to trust that this would be safe, and the company responsible is shady.
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They have used a fake image to improve their products popularity, and they no longer keep an official website. It has all the makings of what is likely to be a scam product.

The company that makes it has also been criticized for their billing which caused many to suddenly see unapproved charges. This happened so much that it’s likely why they no longer have a website. Typically companies who use fake images and who auto-bill will only stay in the nootropic world for a short time, then suddenly stop producing information after they’ve scammed enough people.

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Intelligex vs Geniux

The marketing for the nootropic Geniux is likely a major reason why there is no longer an official website. The company made clearly false claims which made it seem like it was celebrity endorsed, only to find it was a fake image. It appears there is no way to get this safely, and it’s unclear whether or not it’s still made fresh.

Intelligex vs Addium

Addium is a controversial nootropic supplement which is heavily criticized by customers. Mainly people said that they felt tricked by their false marketing, and the fact that it had no impact at all on cognition. Many felt that the price was too high, and there was criticism over the artificial colors.

Intelligex vs Adderall

Adderall is a prescription drug that is used to help control ADHD symptoms as well as narcolepsy. It is often associated with nootropic supplements, but it’s not to be taken outside of its intended purpose. Abusing it to help improve mental focus can be potentially dangerous, and it’s not made for this reason.

Intelligex vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain uses what is said to be clinically studied ingredients for full nootropic support. This is intended to help with memory and focus, and there is a lot of marketing which makes it appear like a great brand. Unfortunately there were several mixed reviews from people who felt the studies were flawed and that the formula wasn’t very effective.

Intelligex vs Provasil

Provasil has a blend of nootropic ingredients which can affect memory recall, attention, and overall mood. This relies on a blend of nutrients, amino cis, herbs, and other useful antioxidants.
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The only real downside is that it has an excess of certain ingredients like vitamin B12 and vitamin C, giving users days’ worth of these nutrients in single daily serving.

Intelligex FAQ

  1. What is the Intelligex website?
    Their previous website domain name is up for sale, a likely sign they are no longer functional.
  1. Is there an Intelligex Wiki page?
    No Wiki page is currently offered.
  1. What is the official Intelligex phone number?
    It is (888) 255-1750.
  1. How do I cancel Intelligex?
    You’d have to contact the company direct but it’s unknown if they are still operating.
  1. Can I get Intelligex in Canada?
    It’s not currently available anywhere.
  1. What is the full Intelligex ingredients list?
    This is meant to contain vitamin B6, B12, gingko biloba, Bacopa monnieri, folic acid, and eleuthero root.
  1. Is there any information about Intelligex on Reddit?
    At this time there is no available discussion about it.
  1. What can you tell me about CNN and Intelligex?
    There were fake images claiming that the scientist Steven Hawking promoted a “Viagra for the brain” but this was a clear hoax.
  1. Where can I find the Intelligex contact page?
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    The Better Business Bureau says they can be called at (888) 255-1750.
  1. Can I get Intelligex on Amazon?
    This is not featured on Amazon.
  1. Is Intelligex in stock right now?
    We couldn’t find any legitimate website which sells it.
  1. How do I cancel Intelligex?
    Unfortunately it appears the official website is not up anymore, so any issues with sales can’t be corrected at this time.

So What Really Works?

The current highest rated nootropic is the brand known as Memotenz. We liked all it had to offer including its high dosage strength formula, numerous positive reviews, the ease in which the company explains how it works and the effects it can deliver on optimal mental performance.

This targets all aspects of mental health including memory, focus, mood, and it can provide an improvement of energy levels. The formula relies on ingredients which work with the brain to reduce sluggishness and mood problems. It’s clear in examining reviews that people consistently said Memotenz deliver optimal support for an improved way of thinking. If you’d like to better understand what Memotenz can offer, we suggest examining them further in the link cited here.

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