Mind Lab Pro Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The claim this can support 100% brainpower is not backed by actual evidence and there’s little proof to support this brand. Some of the ingredients are halfway decent, but it’s still not good enough. A lot of interesting details were uncovered about Mind Lab Pro which we expose in this review.

The best nootropic brands that we uncovered after much review are the following 10 supplements.

Mind Lab Pro Overview

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement that promises the enhancement of 6 “different pathways” which can affect overall brain health. This includes things like brain chemicals. Circulation, brain waves, regeneration and much more are targeted.

The company makes it tricky to review this as they have no supplements facts list, but they do mention the dosage strength on a page of their website. Not many people have used this and the few available reviews were negative. It’s also hard to say much about this brand due to the lack of information.

There’s several nootropics and we singled out the top 10 in this informative list.

Mind Lab Pro Claims

The basic claims are clearly outlined by the official website and they include:

  • Supports all-around mental health
  • Clinically studied dosage strength
  • Useful ingredients which are 3rd-party tested
  • Both short and long-term effects

There’s isn’t any actual evidence provided to help support any of these claims however. They do go into further detail about each ingredient but overall most of these benefits are generally made by other brands.

Here’s our explanation as to what the best nootropic brands are and why.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

  • Cognizin
  • Sharp PS
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Lions Mane Mushroom
  • Maritime Pine Bark
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B9

Sharp PS is a patented form of Phosphatidylserine, a common nootropic which can affect neurotransmitters. There’s also L-Theanine in the form of Suntheanine, a patented amino acid ingredient which is used to support brainwave health.

L-Tyrosine is somewhat similar; it’s an amino acid that is important for proper mental health.

Maritime Pine Bark contains antioxidants which are used to help reduce cognitive decline, as well as support nitric oxide for health blood circulation.

The many other vitamin B additives can help support energy levels, mood, reduce cognitive decline, and improve overall brain health.

The data on the best nootropic supplements has been updated and it shows the current 10 best brands.

The Science Behind Mind Lab Pro

There’s actually a good description of every single ingredient offered by the company. The only problem with this is that they are all claims; no actual scientific studies are ever cited.

This doesn’t mean it won’t work; just that it takes extra effort for consumers to have to review the ingredients for themselves.

The descriptions are also brief, though they don’t exaggerate many of the benefits. What’s problematic is that much of this is already found in countless other nootropic brands.

Here is our fully outlined review of the top 10 rated nootropic supplements.

Word on the Street About Mind Lab Pro

“not much of anything for me”

“felt like they under dosed some of the key ingredients”

“I had to take more to get it to work but I don’t know if this is safe”

Very few users left a review and it’s clear that his nootropic is lacking much popularity. The only positive reviews we could find are from people who either change the dosage strength, or what appeared to be possibly fake reviews on random untrustworthy websites.

In our breakdown of nootropic supplements we found out which were the 10 best.

Is Mind Lab Pro Worth a Try?

Not worth it at all, it’s lacking any evidence and reviews are limited. They never actually provide proof that it’s good enough for lasting support, and they fail to cite any scientific proof. They only make claims without linking to any actual studies.

The ingredients are also very basic and you can them all in far too many simple nootropic supplements.

The few reviews we could find were mostly negative, though it wasn’t used by many. All together the information makes it clear that this is lacking.

Mind Lab Pro vs Provasil

Provasil has a decent formula as they ad in many kinds of nootropic additives which can deliver improvements. The major flaw however is the excessive amount of nutrients with 5,000% dosage strength of B12 and 500% of Vitamin C. The supplement relies too much on these additives, and it’s possible this may lead to certain side effects.

Mind Lab Pro vs Adderall

Adderall works as a prescription medication which can affect narcolepsy and ADHD. The drug is known to cause potential side effects of many kinds, which is why it should only be used if a doctor has determined the person is capable of using it safely. The drug is abused at times simply to help deliver cognitive enhancement, but it should not be used for any other purpose than what it’s intended for.

Mind Lab Pro vs OptiMind

The incredibly simple formula in OptiMind is the reason why most who tried it said it was not worth it. There was a great majority of negative reviews from unimpressed customers. They also add in caffeine in high amounts which has to be heavily regulated as they suggest sing only a maximum of 2 capsules in the morning.

Mind Lab Pro vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is a nootropic supported by 2 separate clinical studies which although lacked many participants, is said to help with memory and focus. The supplement has a fairly simple formula of ingredients which are commonly found in many other similar brands. The price is slightly above average, and the reviews for it were often underwhelming.

Mind Lab Pro vs Qualia

Qualia was made to support energy, focus, and willpower while reducing brain fog. The formula is heavy on nutrients with some over the thousand percentile for what is meant to be daily use. There’s also some stimulants in the form of caffeine and theobromine, which is meant for lasting energy. This is not really necessary however, and greatly reduces the overall quality as it may lead to side effects if overused.

Mind Lab Pro FAQ

  1. Are there any side effects from Mind Lab Pro?
    There wasn’t many reviews so it’s difficult to determine if side effects are possible.
  1. Is there a Mind Lab Pro forum?
    Not an official forum, but there is discussion of it online.
  1. Where can I get a Mind Lab Pro coupon?
    They do not appear to offer a coupon at this time.
  1. Can I get Mind Lab Pro in the UK?
    Yes, they are a UK based company.
  1. What are the Mind Lab Pro ingredients?
    This has Cognizin, Bacopa Monnieri, Sharp PS, Lions Mane, Maritime Pine Bark, L-Theanine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, Vinpocetine, vitamin B6, vitamin b9 and vitamin b12.
  1. Is there any discussion about Mind Lab Pro on Reddit?
    Not much has been said about it, but generally what was said was negative.
  1. Can I get Mind Lab Pro on Amazon?
    They do not sell it on Amazon.
  1. What is the proper Mind Lab Pro dosage?
    They suggest taking 2 capsules in the morning or afternoon, and especially during demanding tasks. No more than 4 pills should be taken within 24 hours.
  1. What is a common Mind Lab Pro review?
    Very few reviewed it but often there was negative to mixed feelings.
  1. Can I get Mind Lab Pro at GNC?
    Not at this time.
  1. Is there a Mind Lab Pro free trial?
    No free trial is advertised at this time.
  1. Will Mind Lab Pro produce results?
    It’s impossible to say but most had no noticeable changes.
  1. What’s the total Mind Lab Pro price?
    A month long supply box sells or $65.
  1. What are some Mind Lab Pro effects?
    Generally people said it caused no changes.
  1. Can I get Mind Lab Pro at EBay?
    They do not offer it on EBay.

So What Really Works?

After looking at consumer reviews, ingredients, and a great amount of studies, we felt that Memotenz was the best nootropic brand. There’s a lot of great details about it which make it stand out. There’s a proper dosage strength which can help optimize results and people who tried it noticed an impact.

This was made to help support cognition in a way that can clear brain fog, improve memory, support mood, and increase overall mental acuity. Both those performing in sports or academics will take it, and it’s also useful at supporting any and all kinds of mental tasks. We especially liked that they offer only natural ingredients without any cheap additives which require special cycling. More information on Memotenz can be read by clicking this link.

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