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There’s not much to look at here with it’s very simple formula and lack of company information. A lot of people gave it a negative review and we discovered that they have made numerous changes to their formula.

Even more unique details can be read about in this Neuro Clarity review.

Learn the specifics about what made the top 10 list the best nootropics currently offered.

Neuro Clarity Overview

Neuro Clarity is a nootropic supplement which lacks basic details about its use. All you can read is an page which basically serves as a marketing tool. No actual reliable details are given about this supplement, so we can’t tell for certain what it’s likely to offer.

The only known details about this brand are that it uses a basic formula, their formula has changed at least 3 times, and there is no way to reach the company. Because they fail to give any real proof to highlight why anyone should take it, it’s clearly not that good of a nootropic.

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Neuro Clarity Claims

The marketing claims this is the “#1 Brain Function” nootropic, and that it’s useful for aiding clarity, memory, and focus. This number 1 claim is not backed by any real evidence, and you can’t even learn about the company or how they manufacture this brand.
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We can’t verify any of the claims since the entire have to offer is a few words to describe this. All of it is presented in marketing images with no real sentences to talk about its worth.

It’s clearly lacking sufficient enough description to prove its worth. We can’t verify any of this since they fail to give proof, nor do they go into detail about the specifics.

Neuro Clarity Ingredients

  • John’s Wort
  • Glutamine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Phosphatidylserine Complex
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • DMAE Bitartrate
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Vinpocetine

St. John’s Wort is a yellow herbal ingredient which is most often used to treat mood disorders like depression.

The Phosphatidylserine Complex is essentially used to help prevent the problems which come from a loss of cognitive function. It can be preventative to stop the damaging effects which can result into Alzheimer’s and memory loss.

Ginkgo Biloba is the most common nootropic ingredient for good reason; it can help assist in blood flow which targets memory.

Vinpocetine is another common nootropic which can help prevent the loss of healthy brain function.

Most of it is often featured in even the most simple of nootropic formulas.

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The Science Behind Neuro Clarity

At the very least they do add some nootropic ingredients which are backed by a lot of science. The bad is that they never actually provide any proof. All they say is that it can do a lot of things, without explain the science behind it.

We don’t even know if the company responsible has performed reviews, or if they are clearly only relying on marketing. What makes it hard to trust this brand is that the company is never revealed, so we can’t look at their history to help determine if they are likely reliable.

All that is known is that they make a very simple nootropic formula and that they claim it’s the number 1 best. None of this is scientific or impressive in any way.

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Word on the Street About Neuro Clarity

“Must have quality control issues because they keep changing the formula”

“Not for me cause I didn’t see any changes”

“Completely ineffective, not at all good”

“Found it was good, but it did give me a noticeable headache”

In examining repeat customer reviews it was clear that the company has undergone ingredient changes. Because of this it can be difficult to know for certain if the formula will have drastic differences. There’s currently over a thousand negative reviews on their Amazon page which is a considerable amount. Even though thousands gave it a positive review, there is no telling which of these consumers took an updated version.

Typically brand will only reformulate if there is some sort of issue and to change it at least 3 times is a major red flag.

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Is Neuro Clarity Worth a Try?

There’s no clear benefit to taking this average supplement which is constantly making changes. It’s not necessarily a bad thing when a company decides to change their ingredients list, but when it’s done as much as this brand has changed; it raises questions about the research performed.

We can’t know for certain why it was changed; only that a few took notice and wondered what’s going on. Far too many people gave it a negative review, and this raises even more questions about its worth. It’s not uncommon for their to be negative reviews even for a brand which is mostly favorably rated, but to have so many mixed opinions makes it hard to see much value in this.

The company is also highly suspicious as they do not list any contact information, nor do they upkeep an official website.
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The only source of information is their Amazon page, which fails to provide sufficient details.

There are currently no better nootropic formulas than these top 10 brands.

Neuro Clarity vs Adderall

Adderall is an amphetamine drug which can affect impulse control and nerve function in the brain. This is sued as a useful way to help combat against ADHD, but the effects can be very dangerous if taken without the prescription of a doctor. This should only be used if it’s prescribed, and even then, is not advised for long-term support.

Neuro Clarity vs Provasil

The nootropic formula offered by Provasil is actually decent; they add a lot of well-regarded ingredients. What were not good about this supplement were the excess amounts of certain nutrients. It’s unclear why anyone would need 5,000% of the daily serving of vitamin B12, unless it’s very poorly absorbed. Yet another issue is the many filler ingredients which act as coating.

Neuro Clarity vs Neuro Peak

There really isn’t much added to the nootropic formula in Neuro Peak. They do sue some good ingredients, but relying on only 6 additives for full support is asking too much. You can’t expect much from this, especially since they only add in small amounts of each ingredient. The only additive in high amounts is the 8,333% amount of vitamin B12.

Neuro Clarity vs OptiMind

The many negative reviews, excess amounts of vitamin B12 and the unitary use of caffeine make this a really cheap formula. Why anyone would need 8,333% of vitamin B12 is never explained, and they add a lot of caffeine to this. Caffeine can be useful but it’s also cheap and really not necessary for energy production.

Neuro Clarity vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain has a lot of marketing to support its use, and it’s also backed by 2 clinical studies. They paid for these studies and had only a few people participate. Since it’s not a clear indicator of its value, the next good source for information is the customer reviews. A lot of people who tried it shared similar effects, far too many said it did nothing.

Neuro Clarity FAQ

  1. What does Reddit say about Neuro Clarity?
    Only a single thread is available and a person said they felt the reviews were paid for.
  1. Can I get Neuro Clarity on Amazon?
    It is sold on Amazon.
  1. Does GNC offer Neuro Clarity?
    GNC does not sell Neuro Clarity.
  1. Does Walmart sell Neuro Clarity?
    Walmart does not sell this brand.
  1. Can I get Neuro Clarity at Walgreens?
    It is not sold at Walgreens.
  1. Will Neuro Clarity cause side effects?
    We can’t say for certain but a few people did complaint about rashes and headaches.
  1. What are the Neuro Clarity ingredients?
    St John’s Wort, L-Glutamine, Phosphatidylserine complex, bacopa monnieri, Acetyl-L-Carnitine. DMAE Bitartrate and Ginkgo biloba.
  1. Is there a Neuro Clarity free trial offered?
    No free trial is currently offered.

So What Really Works?

A lot different brands were examined and overall Memotenz gave the most promising results. People who used it repeatedly said that it gave them a noticeable improvement, and that they functioned better. It offers a lot of support which can improve focus, mood, sleep, and cognition in the long-term. Many who tried it concluded with the same opinion, that it made them feel sharper and better able to perform.

The effects are all backed by a natural formula of high dosage strength ingredients. Each ingredient has a lot of scientific studies to support its use individually, and when combined it can further maximize total cognition. Because it’s free of any unwanted ingredients like stimulants or artificial ingredients, it’s also suitable for many. More can be read about the current number 1 nootropic supplement Memotenz.

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