Neuro XR Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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With no official website, supplements facts list, or proof that it’s still made fresh, there’s a lot of worry about this brand. No official source of information exists, and the makers have abandoned the website.

Even though it’s offered on 3rd party websites, none of them guarantee that it’s fresh or safe.

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Neuro XR Overview

Neuro XR is a nootropic supplement that currently cannot be purchased from an official website. Only spam websites market it, and they all redirect to another brand.

What this likely means is that you won’t be able to get this from a secure place. They also use an unknown formula which is known to contain a stimulant in unknown amounts.

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Neuro XR Claims

All that we know about this brand is from examining marketing images which may be outdated. They suggest this can provide enhanced mental energy without jitters or crashing, improved memory, mental alertness which lasts, and improved brain function.

There isn’t much else known about this as all that can be read about it is in short snippets offered on unrelated 3rd party websites. We can’t trust for certain if any of this is still updated and reliable.

Neuro XR Ingredients

No supplements facts list is provided though a few websites claim that the following are added:

  • WGCP
  • Folic Acid
  • L-Glutamine
  • Taurine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Caffeine

WHCP is a patented version of green coffee bean and it’s used for its natural caffeine and ability to help stimulate mental energy. All versions of this should be regulated to prevent possible stimulant side effects.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is most often supplemented with in additional amounts by vegetarians and vegans. This can help provide stress relieving benefits.

Taurine is an acid that is found in certain foods and used to help stimulate cardiovascular health. Information about its potential benefits for cognition is limited.

Folic Acid is a useful B vitamin that can deliver multiple benefits when used in controlled amounts. This is especially useful at creating healthy DNA.

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The Science Behind Neuro XR

If you take the claim on the marketing images seriously, there was a double blind study performed on a key ingredient. This was on the green coffee bean extract that is patented and shown to have possible health benefits. As a basic stimulant it may help improve metabolism and mental focus, but it’s a fairly easy stimulant to find elsewhere.

There is no evidence on any of the other ingredients, and we don’t have supplements facts list to examine. Because they fail to cite any more evidence, there is no way to determine what this brand can truly offer. All that’s known about the formula and its potential benefits can only be examined by looking at claims.

At this time there is no way to verify for certain what it’s likely to offer.

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Word on the Street About Neuro XR

There are no reviews from users posted anywhere online. Unfortunately none of the websites which claim to sell this offer any reviews either only claims about its use.  Because there is no evidence to show whether or not this would be useful or safe, which means determining its worth is impossible.

Even new brands sometimes have a few reviews to examine, and this supplement is lacking even basic details about its usage. Without any real sources to look at determining what it may offer is unknown. This is especially troubling, seeing as how they do not offer sales from any direct source.

Our understanding is that the following 10 nootropics offer the most reliable support.

Is Neuro XR Worth a Try?

There’s no good reason to think this would be effective or safe to take.  The fact that they no longer maintain a working website is just a part of the major issues that target this supplement. It’s not known if they continue to make this product, but multiple spam websites claim to offer it, only to redirect to another brand.

What this likely means is that this is no longer sold, and of course no longer made fresh. Even though a few sellers still offer this, they do so without a money back guarantee, or assurance that it’s still safe to take. Without much more information it’s not at all advised to take this unverified supplement.

Our full research makes it clear to see what nootropic brands offer the best support.

Neuro XR vs Adderall

Adderall is used as a prescription drug which can help provide focus to people with ADHD. This has a direct impact on the mind, and can make it easier to pay attention, improve work ethic, and even prevent narcolepsy. Because it’s particularly specialized, it should only be used if a doctor has prescribed it. This may result in dangerous side effects and it’s not at all intended for nootropic benefits.

Neuro XR vs Modafinil

Modafinil is given to patients who have difficulty in sleep, wakefulness, and general focus. This is used to give people enhanced control over their sleep patterns, and it is only given to particular users. There is discussion of it being used as a cognitive booster, but because it’s not meant for this, abusing it may be particularly dangerous.

Neuro XR vs Provasil

Inside the nootropic supplement Provasil is a common blend of ingredients including amino acids herbs, and vitamins. The blend is decent, and it is all-natural. The intended benefits are fairly common and expected and clams to benefit focus, memory, and overall cognition. Reviews from customers varied in terms of beneficial to lacking support.

Neuro XR vs Neuro-HD

Neuro-HD uses a natural blend of many kinds of nootropic ingredients. The reviews for it were greatly mixed however, and nearly half of the users said it didn’t do anything. These negative experiences were felt even by customers who took full bottles worth as directed. Even though they do use some studied ingredients it appears that not all users found it supportive enough as a nootropic supplement.

Neuro XR FAQ

  1. Is there a Neuro XR free trial?
    They claim to offer a free trial but a few said the company automatically billed them without warning.
  1. What is the Neuro XR official website?
    It currently does not have any information.
  1. Are there any Neuro XR consumer reports?
    There are none at this time.  
  1. Will Neuro XR cause side effects?
    Since it does contain caffeine, general stimulant like side effects may potentially result.
  1. What is the Neuro XR customer service number?
    It’s unknown at this time.
  1. How to cancel Neuro XR?
    Unfortunately they do not offer any contact information to reach them.
  1. Does Amazon have Neuro XR?
    Not at this time.
  1. Is Neuro XR fake?
    They do not have an official website but they do make an actual supplement. It’s impossible to know if they continue to produce it.
  1. Where can I buy Neuro XR?
    Only on websites like EBay which are unverified and which do not offer money back guarantee.
  1. Is there any information about Neuro XR on NBC?
    No such source currently exists.
  1. What is the total Neuro XR price?
    You can find a few 3rd party sellers who offer it at difference price ranges. A particular seller has it for $35 a bottle, but the purity is unknown.
  1. Where can I find Neuro XR reviews?
    There is no available source for unbiased reviews at this time.
  1. What are the full Neuro XR ingredients?
    No supplements facts list is cited, but it’s known to contain L-Glutamine, WGCP, taurine, ginkgo biloba, Bacopa monnieri, caffeine, folic acid and vitamin B12.
  1. What are the official Neuro XR contact details?
    Unfortunately there is no way to determine this as there is no official website or proven source of information.
  1. What can you tell me about Neuro XR Sleep?
    There is no official website but Neuro XR Sleep is meant more for aiding a healthy sleep cycle.

So What Really Works?

The nootropic brand that most impressed with its overall formula, ease of use, and many positive experiences was Memotenz. This has a blend of only natural ingredients which can directly affect how well the brain processes information, overall well-being, and focus. All the support comes from a natural high dosage strength blend of herbs, nutrients and amino acids.

There are also a lot of positive experiences from consumers who said that it gave them a notable impact which they rely on for an improvement. The reviews also mentioned the fact that it often provided results without any unwanted symptoms, which makes sense as it’s free of stimulants or fillers. More can be said about Memotenz but the current best source of information can be found by clicking here.

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