Nootrobrain Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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With no working official website and no customer reviews, getting the specifics behind this nootropic is impossible. Worse yet, they add a banned drug which is not legal in the US.

There is no reason to trust that this would be safe and effective, and we can’t know for certain if it’s still being produced fresh.

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Nootrobrain Overview

Nootrobrain is a nootropic supplement that at this time has little information to show for it. The manufacturers have no established proof, and they can’t be contacted. It’s unknown if their website is temporarily down, but at this time it’s not working.

The biggest problem however is the ingredients; they add a banned substance which is lacking sufficient human studies. Why this is included is not known, but we can’t say for certain if this would be safe to use even in the short-term, as reviews are lacking for this brand.

Overall this leaves too much doubt, there’s not enough here to know if it’s likely to be safe and effective.

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Nootrobrain Claims

The only way to read some claims is by looking at the very brief explanation offered on the front of the supplement facts. At this time there is no official website to help explain what’s possible or what it’s meant to do.

It’s suggested for anyone who seeks mental clarity, improved focus, senses and verbal skills. Typically verbal skills won’t be mentioned as a benefit when it comes to nootropic brands, though it’s often suggested indirectly. Having more details about how this is possible would have been greatly helpful, since at this time all we can do is read a few brief words.

The major issue with only being able to read the front of the bottles label is that we can’t get any proof or specifics behind any of this. It’s essential to read far more than what’s offered here.

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Nootrobrain Ingredients

  • Pyridoxine HCL
  • CDP Choline
  • Bacopa Leaf
  • Aniracetam

Pyridoxine HCL is a form of vitamin B6 which is used to improve nerve function, prevent nerve problems, and to support blood cells.

CDP Choline is a type of nootropic that is used as a way to convert into choline which can help with memory and overall cognition.

Bacopa Leaf is natural and used often in nootropic formulas. The claimed benefit is improved blood flow and reduction of age-related complications including Alzheimer’s.

Aniracetam is sold as a prescription drug in Europe and it’s considered a type of nootropic drug. This is not approved for safe use within the US. This is used to help reduce mood issues and anxiety while supporting creative thought. At this time there aren’t many human studies and it’s uncertain if this is truly useful. It’s claimed that this can support healthy blood flow in the brain.

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The Science Behind Nootrobrain

No proof is offered and unfortunately 3 of the 4 ingredients are far too common. The only unique ingredient happens to be banned in the US, and there is no way to know if it’s safe.

Not enough human studies are performed on this, which is likely why the FDA has not approved it.

At the very least it would have been helpful had the company offered an explanation into what this is meant to do in a scientific way. No details are provided which makes researching this brand difficult.

Still, it’s never advised to use a blend of ingredients from an unknown company that does not offer their contact details. It would be impossible to try and contact them to find what kind of research went into it, or what they found when they looked into this. The lack of quality information prevents anyone from trying to dig deeper to find out what this is all about, and what it can do.

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Word on the Street About Nootrobrain

For unknown reasons there is no way to read reviews. No official listing even exists for this brand, and it’s unclear if it’s actually safe and effective. We especially have to raise concern over the usage of a banned drug, which may be potentially dangerous.

It’s not altogether a company’s fault usually when they are lacking reviews. What makes this supplement troubling however is that since they have no official website, there’s no source for testimonials.

Reading reviews is a major part in determine the worth of a supplement. Without more detailed information we can’t say for certain what can be expected. The risk factor is simply too high for this brand as well, taking this blind without being able to read opinions leaves far too much doubt.

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Is Nootrobrain Worth a Try?

Without a functioning website and with the use of a banned substance, there’s not a single reason why this should be trusted. We have to ask outright why the company has decided to use a substance that is considered a drug in Europe, and which is not approved by the FDA. This is also lacking human trials and its unknown if this would be safe to use.

There is also no functional working website and it’s unclear why. It could be that they no longer make this supplement, which raises the risk of potentially buying a dated and perhaps expired ingredient blend.

No reviews can be found either, so we can’t say for certain if it has offered any cognitive benefits.

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Nootrobrain vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain combines natural ingredients including many common nootropic herbs. The main intention of this nootropic is to enhance both memory and focus. They are known for having a few studies on their formula which was conducted on a limited sample pool. Many have criticized this by stating that it’s clearly not enough to prove its worth. There’s also many negative opinions shared by customers who either found it ineffective, overrated, or damaging.

Nootrobrain FAQ

  1. What is a typical Nootrobrain review?
    It’s impossible to say as there are no reviews found online.
  1. Is there a Nootrobrain Amazon listing?
    Not at this time, they don’t seem to have anything on
  1. Is there a Nootrobrain coupon code?
    It does not appear that there is a coupon offer.
  1. What are the full Nootrobrain ingredients?

    Their active blend is made up of pyridoxine HCL, aniracetam, bacopa leaf, and CDP choline.
  1. Are there any Nootrobrain side effects to worry about?
    Aniracetam in particular is a drug that’s not approved in the US, and there is concern that it may not be safe to use.

So What Really Works?

For the best nootropic support possible we recommend looking into Memotenz. A lot of the benefits that they claimed were seen in the positive reviews that were examined. The support was aimed at overall cognition and it’s clear in reading the ingredients that it’s supportive enough for all-around coverage. This can extend to stress reduction, supported blood flow, enhanced mood, and overall cognitive support. A common benefit seen in reviews was the ability to perform better in all types of tasks.

The fact that they use only natural ingredients is a major plus, and so is the lack of stimulants or fillers. They also make it easy to review by providing a descriptive overview, providing testimonials, and making it in a GMP approved facility. This means that the quality is reviewed by a 3rd party, and strict safety standards are upheld. More on the top rated nootropic Memotenz can be read when you visit the link here.

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