Nordic Naturals DHA Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Fish oil is a great way to boost cognition but relying on this with just a bit of vitamin D is asking too much. You won’t be able to get the full cognitive boost that an amore well-rounded supplement has to offer.

If you want the basics which can explain what this supplement has to offer, check out the review.

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Nordic Naturals DHA Overview

Nordic Naturals DHA is a fish oil supplement meant for general cognition, inflammation, and overall health. The formula is fairly basic and what you’d expect to find in similar brands. The only major difference is that it comes from a purified source.

There’s nothing bad in the sense that it’s not good ingredients, but it’s clearly not enough for people who want added nootropic support. You’d have to take a lot more than just the ingredients offered here for a complete mental boost. The formula is also a bit pricy for what’s offered, as other nootropic supplements offer this and much more.

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Nordic Naturals DHA Claims

Most of the benefits are implied and it includes:

  • Nourishing the brain in order to improve overall cognition
  • Supporting the cerebral cortex which affects attention, emotion, language memory, and creativity

The clear intended benefit is that this will support brain health in numerous ways. By having this effect it can make it easier to enjoy a more fruitful life. The explanation offered as to how this is so makes sense it just would have been useful had they gone into more detail. They keep the claims fairly brief and not descriptive enough for people who don’t know much about supplements like these.

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Nordic Naturals DHA Ingredients

  • Purified Deep Sea Fish Oil
  • D-alpha tocopherol
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Natural Strawberry flavor

D-alpha tocopherol is a vitamin D source which is meant to be the most bioactive and useful form of supplemental vitamin D. This is a useful antioxidant which is essential, and it can also affect mood and overall cognition.

Purified Deep Sea Fish Oil contains a rich blend of both EPA and DHA, which can help regulate healthy brain function. EPA and DHA are most useful when taken in seafood form, though there are plant foods which offer it as well. These fatty acids are well-reviewed and they can offer multiple cognitive benefits. It’s especially important to get this in an unvaried diet which may have too many omega-9, and not enough omega-3 fatty acids.

Our full outline has an explanation to help show what the best nootropic formulas are and why.

The Science Behind Nordic Naturals DHA

The explanation offered on the official website as to how this works is brief. They simply add how DHA is a major fatty acid source found in the brains cerebral cortex, and that this region of the brain is responsible for many important functions.

They say that this is processed in a way that makes it easier to absorb, so it requires less of dosage strength in order for there to be effects. They also make sure that it’s kept at a high standard, with Certificate of Analysis to prove that the purity is kept to a high standard.

3 different studies ae mentioned which show the impact that DHA can have on the brain. All this is easy to verify and in reviewing many nootropics, it’s clear why this is often added. None of this is controversial or untrue, but the fact that that’s all it relies on for support makes it a very limited product.

It may not be the supplements fault since it’s never claimed to be a cognitive enhancing nootropic formula, it’s meant more as a general fish oil supplement. This still prevents it from being well-rounded enough to expect maximum support however.

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Word on the Street About Nordic Naturals DHA

“Some of the bottles I got had quality control issues pills stuck to the bottle”

“Good for what it is, fish oil is a great supplement that I recommend”

“Really effective at supporting mood and eyesight”

“Easy to take and does not have a fishy taste to it, good for easy supplementing”

Even though most reviews did not go into the specifics on what they liked about it, many said it was a good fish oil supplement. There was an occasional bad review from people who were sent bottles with pills which stuck together, which may be because of temperature changes in the shipping process.

We couldn’t find many opinions from people who took it for cognitive support however, so it remains to be seen if it has a major impact in this category.

There are a lot of different brands for nootropic support so we decided to make an updated top 10 list.

Is Nordic Naturals DHA Worth a Try?

Even though it’s not a bad formula, it’s too simple and not truly a nootropic blend. The company makes it fairly simple and not good enough for people who additional benefits to enhance their brain power. To rely on simple fish oil in order to help boost cognition is asking a lot, and that’s why nootropics will use this ingredient as well as other additives.

The blend is also pricy and even though it is tested for purity, many other brands offer the same support. In order for there to be true coverage a person is going to have to take a lot more ingredients.

Here’s an easy to understand description which showcases what nootropics are best and what they have to offer.

Nordic Naturals DHA vs Prenatal DHA

There are many kinds of Prenatal DHA formulas, though they often rely on similar kinds of ingredients. It’s not uncommon to see fish oil as either the only or main source of EPA and DHA.

This is typically good for mothers who are expecting, but it’s highly advised to seek the support of a doctor to ensure the dosage strength is right. Other considerations include making sure the brand uses clean fish oil which is purified and tested for quality.

Nordic Naturals DHA FAQ

  1. Is there a Nordic Naturals DHA liquid?
    There is a liquid version available.
  1. Is there a Nordic Naturals DHA baby formula?
    They make a prenatal version for pregnant mothers.
  1. What are some common Nordic Naturals DHA reviews?
    There were mostly positive reviews online from people who took it mostly for their children.
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  1. Can I get Nordic Naturals DHA at Wholefoods?
    Wholefoods does in fact sell this brand.
  1. Does Walgreens offer Nordic Naturals DHA?
    At the time of this review they did not have it online.
  1. Is there an official Nordic Naturals DHA Amazon page?
    An official Amazon page is offered.
  1. Can Nordic Naturals DHA affect autism?
    It is not made to help treat autism in any way.
  1. Is Nordic Naturals DHA sold at GNC?
    GNC does sell this product on their website.

So What Really Works?

There are a lot of different kinds of supplements that are made for nootropic support and the most useful brand was clearly Memotenz. The supplement is easy to take as it has only natural ingredients, a properly dosed blend, and all without stimulants. People who took it shared similar benefits, which included an overall improvement of cognition. This gave the edge needed to focus, learn new information , stay motivated, and much more.

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