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This supplement took its name from a fake movie drug and instead they make specialized batches. Unfortunately all the ingredients are very basic; all are often added in cheap nootropic blends. If you want to read about what we uncovered, read our comprehensive review.

All the highest rated nootropic supplements were carefully selected and placed in our top 10 list.

NZT 48 Overview

NZT 48 is a specialized nootropic supplement that is customized made to meet user’s demands. They rely on common nootropic ingredients like amino acids, caffeine, and herbs to help boost effects, though not all blends have these kinds of ingredients. All the additives are what you’d expect to find in the most basic of nootropic supplements.

The problem with the product is that in general people said it was not useful, and many said they would not continue to use it. Some even said it was basically a cheap caffeine blend, or that you could replace the ingredients easily with other extracts.

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NZT 48 Claims

The problem with having specialized blends is that ingredients will have a different effect on the user, and it makes it hard to track what the major purpose is. Often the supplement is described as offering the following however:

  • Fast results
  • Noticeable energy
  • Customized support
  • Increased focus and confidence

Even though it may seem like this is a specialty item which would best fit a user’s needs, there is no way to know for certain if these claims are all likely to result from individual blends. We can’t say what’s likely to occur if anything.

We have looked at many nootropics to determine which were good enough for our top 10 list.

NZT 48 Ingredients

Orders are customized to meet user’s demands; therefore there may be radical differences dependent on who is making the purchase. They do tend to rely on amino acids and stimulants however, which are likely to deliver some effects.

We looked at 2 different customer labels and found the following:

  • Green Tea Caffeine
  • Caffeine Citrate
  • Theanine
  • Guarana Extract
  • Uridine Monophosphate
  • DHEA
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Folic Acid

Green Tea Caffeine, Caffeine Citrate and Guarana Extract all share the same feature, they’re stimulants. The problem in this is that the label does not specify how much total caffeine is used.

Another label has no stimulants at all but it focuses on basic ingredients which seem scientific, but they’re really extracts of common nutrients you’d find in a varied diet.

Ascorbic Acid for example is a form of vitamin C, which can be good, but it’s far too common. Many kinds of amino acids are also used, which are also common.

Our research highlights exactly what ingredients are best and what they can offer for enhanced cognition.

The Science Behind NZT 48

The main intended benefit of NZT 48 is that it’s a customized way of affecting user’s performance. Because they take customization seriously, it’s meant to help people by offering a blend best suited for performance.

Users who would benefit from caffeine get some caffeine; those who are sensitive can get blends without it.

The real issue with this is determining for certain how they track what blend would be best for the user.  They rely on:

“input from each client”

This is not an accurate way of doing science; it only benefits the user if they have a background in supplement ingredients. A person may say that certain ingredients work, but there is no way to know if the dosage strength added would suit their needs. Because of the many variables there is no way to know for certain what a likely effect would be.

Asking a client to make such a major decision can be at worst damaging, or ineffective and not useful. Their customization form is also too simple to consider it scientific. All they ask are questions like:

“Are you sensitive to stimulants?”

“Are you taking prescriptions?”

A scale is also provided from 0 to 5 to show what your main purpose is. They fail to consider that each person may say they have a preference, but they may not know for certain what it is that they need.

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Word on the Street About NZT 48

The problem with looking at reviews is that since each formulation is catered to the user, there may be varying versions. Here are some different reviews, most of which were bad:

“Had to keep going to the bathroom for days”

“felt really ill”

“Does not work I want my money back”

“Vomited and felt ill”

What’s odd about the few positive reviews on Amazon is that the majority are not verified from actual known users. There’s also clearly someone selling a single version of this supplement which would not be catered to every user.

Our research provides all the details needed to decide which supplements are best for nootropic support.

Is NZT 48 Worth a Try?

Even though it seems scientific, the questionable marketing and mostly negative reviews makes it a suspect nootropic. They rely on using the fame off a fake drug mentioned in a movie to sell their product. While this does not imply that it’s a bad product, it’s also making it appear as if it would deliver similar results.

The ingredients they use are all basic, and their process of making specialized blends sounds good in theory, but fails in practice. There is no way to accurately qualify that supplement would be good for every person.

NZT 48 vs Adderall

Adderall is a popular prescription drug that can help treat ADHD and narcolepsy. It is used to boost cognition and athletic function, though it was not produced for this purpose.
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Because of its potential for abuse, it’s highly recommended to not use it outside of a recommended doctor’s prescription. This can be every damaging to health and it may even result in addiction.

NZT 48 vs CPH4

CPH4 is another fake drug used in the movie known as Lucy. Since it’s not an actual product, there isn’t much to say about this. This was also used to enhance brain function, and it is actually found in pregnant women. The problem with this is that it’s used naturally to help baby’s development, and it’s not used outside of this context.


  1. Where is the NZT 48 Wiki page?
    The supplement is never mentioned only the fictional drug is listed on Wiki.
  1. What are some possible NZT 48 side effects?
    This can potentially cause side effects related to stimulants like headache, withdrawals, nausea, jitters, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia.

    It also depends on which blend you use.
  1. What are the full NZT 48 ingredients?
    The problem with answering this is that the company has different blends meant to match user’s physiology. Some ingredients include theacrine, hordenine, theobromine, PEA hydrochloride, thiamine, higenamine, caffeine citrate, guarana and green tea caffeine.
  1. How to take NZT 48 at home?
    They recommend using 1600 mg a day by dissolving it in water.
  1. What is NZT 48?
    There are 2 versions the fictional drug mentioned in the movie Limitless, and the supplement made by a company looking to gain interest from the movie. The supplement is marketed as powerful nootropic which affects all aspects of health.
  1. Is there any information on Reddit about NZT 48?
    Mostly people talked about the fictional drug; rarely did the supplement come up in conversation.
  1. Where can I get NZT 48 for sale?
    The makers only sell on Amazon at this time.
  1. How to make NZT 48 at home?
    This is a fictional drug, but the actual supplement which takes its name from the popular NZT 48 drug uses basic ingredients which may be recreated.
  1. Does NZT 48 have Modafinil like effects?
    No, Modafinil is a prescription and wouldn’t have the same effects.
  1. Is NZT 48 real?
    It’s not the same as the brand mentioned in the movie Limitless.
  1. Is NZT 48 a drug?
    This is an OTC supplement, not a drug.

So What Really Works?

The brand we favored most for natural nootropic support is the supplement known as Memotenz. Everything in it is included in amounts which can best optimize mental performance. All the ingredients are backed by legitimate 3rd party studies, and they can help influence brain activity without any artificial or harsh ingredients. It does not rely on stimulants, only natural herbs, amino acids, and nutrients.

The formula is also effective enough where it can be use daily without any dependence or withdrawal effects.
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The company that produces it has a great description and it’s clear in reviewing it that they put in the effort to make this a properly mixed blend. The dosage strength is rich enough to deliver lasting benefits and many agreed it worked easily. If you want to read what we discovered about Memotenz, check out this link.

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