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Finding information about this brand is very difficult since there are 2 different companies which make a different formula, and there are no reliable reviews. The more popular Pure Calm is lacking a reliable enough formula, as it uses some fairly common nootropic ingredients that are used far too often to consider it likely reliable.

A major issue is also seen in the lack of proof, and limited details to show what it’s meant too.

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Pure Calm Overview

Pure Calm is a nootropic supplement that at this time has not enough information to truly determine it’s potential. This is a fault of the company as they do not provide proof, their formula is basic, and reviews are extremely lacking.

There also seems to be some sort of patent issue of some sort, as there are 2 different brands which claim to offer the same kinds of results, and they also call it Pure Calm. The brand we will be reviewing is trademarked so therefore it seems to be more legitimate.

Overall however, the major problem still stands with this supplement, the ingredients are limited and they fail to provide any reliable evidence to support its use. There’s really no good reason given as to why anyone should trust this over a more well-known and established nootropic supplement.

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Pure Calm Claims

The name discusses the main intended benefit which is to provide a calmer well-being, while also supporting restful sleep. This is meant to help provide relaxation even during times of stress.

A few details are provided though they keep it very brief. It’s suggested that with 2 capsules tice daily it can help provide results. Studies are said to be performed on the ingredients to ensure that they meet 3rd party standards and that the amount added is accurate and up to date.

They do list their full ingredients which is surprisingly limited to only a few additives.

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Pure Calm Ingredients

  • Bacopa Monniera Leaf Extract
  • Passionflower Extract
  • Motherwort

Bacopa Monniera Leaf Extract provides a nootropic herb that is most often used to help reduce stress and provide a sense of calm. This is very commonly used in many other nootropic supplements. It’s common to Ayurvedic medicine and it’s claimed to offer a remedy for all kinds of ailments.

Passionflower Extract is taken from a plant and it is used to help provide calm while supporting a relaxing sleep cycle. It’s sometimes supplemented before sleep in order to help provide a rested mind and body the day after. This can be supplemented by people suffering from insomnia.

Motherwort is used to help support nerve function and to aid in sleep. It’s particularly stated to help reduce possible palpitations which can be caused by anxiousness.

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The Science Behind Pure Calm

In explain the ingredients they claim that this can reduce nervousness, palpations, and support nerve function. Instead of providing links to back up any of these claims, they keep it limited. The only promising thing is that they claim this is a “clinically-proven” blend and it’s supposedly formulated by both an herbal professional and physician.

No real explanation is given to showcase that they actually have the science to produce a nootropic like this however. We would have liked to see some sort of links to showcase that they performed good studies to make this blend.

The fact that all they decided to use are 3 basic additives which are common to nootropics leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not much support even if it’s added in high amounts. These 3 basic additives are common to so many other nootropic formulas, that it leaves great doubt on whether or not this can deliver benefits.

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Word on the Street About Pure Calm

All we can examine are reviews featured on the official website. This is clearly not enough to fully establish a credible opinion on what this can do. The fact that you cannot find reviews outside of their website is very alarming. It may mean that this is not at all well established, and that makes use of it highly questionable.

There should be a lot more than just a handful of website reviews to understand what this can truly offer. It’s possible that the company only allows positive reviews to exist on their website. We can’t say for certain if this is the case, but it’s never a good sign when only a few reviews can be examined.

These reviews were of course positive, but we’d have to see more credible sources to truly determine if it’s worth using.

Our understanding is that the nootropic we carefully ranked in our top 10 list are the current best for cognition.

Is Pure Calm Worth a Try?

There are many red flags here, from the few common ingredients, the lack of reliable reviews, no proof to support its use, and the limited potential support; nothing stands out about this brand. The reason why it’s only sold for $25 is due to the fact that they only add 3 basic additives. All of which are often added to other more well-rounded nootropic formulas.

Because of this, it’s hard to see much worth in this formula.

The company also fails to give any proof that this would be suitable to use. We do like that they keep it free of common allergens, but the same can be said about many other nootropics.

There’s also no proof that the herbalist and physician that made this know what they’re doing when it comes to formulating nootropics. At this time this brand is hard to review due to the lack of information outside of their official website. Had the provided more credible links and some sort of deep scientific insight, it would show a bit more promise.

Overall however, the formula makes it clear to see. This is far too limited to consider it a good candidate for cognitive support.

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Pure Calm FAQ

  1. Are there any common Pure Calm reviews?
    At this time there are only a handful of reviews on the company’s website, not enough to truly determine what it may offer.
  1. IS there a Pure Calm CVS listing available?
    At this time it’s not sold by CVS.
  1. What can you tell me about the Pure Calm supplement?
    It’s confusing reviewing this brand as there are 2 different companies which make a Pure Calm supplement, neither of which are popular or sold by any major 3rd party websites. They both happen to share some ingredients and they both add very little to their formula.
  1. Where is the Pure Calm Walgreens listing?
    They do not sell it on Walgreens.

So What Really Works?

For the most reliable cognitive support we recommend Memotenz over the many available options. It became clear that the formula was right, the reviews were really positive, and the amount of support offered made sense, after examining the ingredients.

It wasn’t only that it’s natural and free of stimulants, but each ingredient when combined can help to maximize overall cognition.

This well-rounded support can extend to things like work, athletics, and studying. The reviews and formula showed that this could be a comprehensive blend. There was a noticeable boost in people’s attention span, focus, ability to remember information, and mood. It gave many an increased mental awareness and we couldn’t find anyone that mentioned side effects. The best source of information on the high ranking nootropic Memotenz can be found by clicking here.

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