Sunifiram Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Because there isn’t enough studies on this ingredient we can’t know for certain what it may result in. Many who tried it had experiences which ranged from extremely bad to ineffective.

We discovered many interesting details about Sunifiram which we share in this full review.

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Sunifiram Overview

Sunifiram is a nootropic drug which has been used primarily as a way to help reduce amnesia, and it’s meant to work by affecting brain chemistry. The effects are sometimes described as cognitive enhancing, but evidence is lacking.

The biggest problem is that getting a hold of this is difficult since it’s a drug with limited acceptance by many regulators. For US based customers this means they would not be able to legally get a hold of this. It’s sometimes sold online without a prescription but it’s not recommended to get it this way as there is no proof of its safety or assurance of quality.

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Sunifiram Claims

It’s difficult finding any claims about this since we can’t determine exactly what drug companies make this legitimately. All that’s offered are some claims made by black market websites which sell this without a prescription. It’s suggested that this can affect:

  • The reduction of amnesia (the only studied possible benefit)
  • Memory
  • Focus
  • Mood
  • Overall brain health

Unfortunately there is no way to prove or disprove any of this. All that we know is that when making claims, it should be the responsibility of the maker to prove its worth. What we do know is that originally this was only meant to help treat people suffering from amnesia. This is considered an experimental drug which is greatly understudied.

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Sunifiram Ingredients

  • Sunifiram

Sunifiram is a drug known to affect AMPA receptors which can help with cognition. This is mostly meant to help treat amnesia, and it is also used to help brain receptors function better.

The drug is understudied and we can’t find much information about it which can prove what it may offer.

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The Science Behind Sunifiram

This drug has been studied and so far because of the lack of confirming reviews, has determined it is:


This is mostly meant to target amnesia though some online users have taken the livery to use it for general cognitive support. This is much like other kinds of nootropic drugs currently sold; there isn’t enough scientific proof to prove that it would be either safe or effective.

There’s not much value in this since we cannot determine for certain if it can be used long-term with no problems.

What’s most telling about is drug is that it is not approved at all anywhere in the world, and in the US the FDA has not approved its use either. What this means for those interested is that they are alone in trying this brand in the case of side effects. There is no way for a government agency to intervene and help users out if the drug fails to provide any benefits.

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Word on the Street About Sunifiram

“not at all with it there as no cognitive effect”

“Interesting to say the least, the effect defiantly hit me”

“Didn’t find it useful at all, I’m sticking with my old routine”

“I’d take it early because it can have damaging effects on sleep”

There weren’t many positive things said about it. In general people did say that it had a stimulant like effect, but many felt it was not good because of this reason. For some it forced them to stay too stimulated, to the point where it made sleep difficult.

A good portion of users also complained that it offered zero effect, and that it felt useless.

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Is Sunifiram Worth a Try?

This is lacking studies and we can’t say for certain what it may do, so it’s advised to avoid it. There was a good amount of users who felt that it useless and it makes sense as studies on its benefits are lacking.

Without much more information we don’t know for certain if this would be a reliable and safe ingredient. There’s far too much risk in playing around with brain chemistry to take this lightly. The price is also high and it’s not available for US users as it is not regulated or accepted as a drug.

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Sunifiram vs Adderall

Adderall is mainly used as an ADHD and narcolepsy treatment drug, as it has stimulant like effects. Even though the name of the drug is popular, it should only be used as a prescription. Some users will abuse it for cognitive support, but this was not made for this purpose, and it may be potentially dangerous if misused.

Sunifiram vs Modafinil

Modafinil is a generic prescription drug which can help treat sleep rated problems including narcolepsy and daytime sleepiness. The drug is sometimes abused as a general nootropic, but there is no evidence that it would be safe and effective for this purpose.
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The abuse of it may be seriously damage to health, and studies on the long-term effects are lacking.

Sunifiram vs Piracetam

A drug which is mostly used outside of the US, as it’s illegal to obtain in the states. The intended benefits are only of treating muscle twitching, though it’s most commonly used as a nootropic. Because of the lack of science to support it, it’s not yet proven for any cognitive benefit, even though it’s sometimes used as such. Some side effects were extreme and users often mentioned how strange they felt after use.
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Sunifiram vs Noopept

A drug used to help improve cognition. Studies on it are lacking though it seems promising in helping reduce potential age related brain health decline. The effect is considered mostly mild when taken in controlled doses. This is not yet fully proven to work, and it’s uncertain how it will work.
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Sunifiram vs Unifiram

Unifiram is considered an experimental drug which is supposed to help improve cognitive function. There is not enough studies performed to help determine its worth, and it is lacking proof to showcase if it is actually safe to use. It’s sold on the illegal black market but it’s not recommended to do so as it may be dangerous.

Sunifiram FAQ

  1. What is a common Sunifiram experience?
    It varied a lot between both good and bad experiences.
  1. Where can I buy Sunifiram?
    This is a drug and should only be used under the prescription of a medical doctor.
  1. Is there any information about Sunifiram on Reddit?
    People mostly left user experiences to talk about what they felt.
  1. What are some Sunifiram benefits?
    This is supposed to improve cognition better than a standard piracetam but studies are lacking.
  1. What’s the proper Sunifiram dosage?
    This can vary depending on the dosage strength and where you get it from.
  1. Can I get Sunifiram on Amazon?
    This is a drug but some unofficial 3rd parties have managed to sell it on Amazon.
  1. Are there any Sunifiram side effects?
    Some customers experienced symptoms such as increased salivation, raised body temperature, insomnia, and sensitivity to noise.
  1. What are some possible Sunifiram effects?
    This is made to help improve memory, mood and learning, but studies are limited.
  1. What does Erowid say about Sunifiram?
    They do not discuss it on their website.
  1. Is there a Sunifiram powder?
    It is available in powdered form.

So What Really Works?

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The benefits are good enough to improve mood and provide lasting energy, and this can also help with general cognition. In it are ingredients like St John’s Wort, phosphatidylserine, and ginkgo biloba, all of which are highly favored for their numerous studies. A great informative review of Memotenz can now be viewed as well as consumer testimonials within this link.

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