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This formula is about as basic as it gets, there’s nothing at all unique about it. There are countless other nootropic blends which include the exact same ingredients, and we’re left wondering why should this be selected over the rest?

At this time there’s not a good enough reason which is why this was incredibly lacking as a well-rounded nootropic formula.

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Super Brain Boost Overview

Super Brain Boost is a nootropic supplement with a natural formula of common nootropic additives. This has a few herbs and natural compounds found within a healthy diet.

Although it’s not full of unwanted additives, it’s lacking sufficient support from an even more wholesome blend. Little is known about the company and their website keeps the details about this supplement brief. Without being able to examine more information, we can’t say if this is made by a reputable company.

Nowhere on the official website is there proof that this works or that it would be more effective than the countless other similar formulas.

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Super Brain Boost Claims

Enhanced efficiency, improved memory, reduced fatigue, and enhanced concentration are the main claims made about this brand. This is supposed to also help with energy production, thereby not only reducing fatigue, but making it easier to remain focused on tasks.

Within each bottle is a full 2 month supply as there are 120 pills advised to be used at a maximum of 2 a day. The label offers a warning which states that it should be regulated in people who are taking coagulants or those who are about to go into surgery. A warning of increased photosensitivity is also mentioned.

They only provide a few sentences of claims, with no supporting evidence to back up any of it.

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Super Brain Boost Ingredients

  • Ginkgoxine
  • Phosphatidylserine Complex
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • John’s Wort
  • Glutamine
  • DMAE Bitartrate
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Vinpocetine

Ginkgoxine is a patented form of ginkgo biloba; a common nootropic herb used for healthy blood circulation and improved memory. For unknown reasons there is in information about this additive, and it’s unclear who makes it. Without reliable information to review, we can’t say if it’s any more useful than standard ginkgo biloba.

Phosphatidylserine Complex is used as an important chemical within cells that can affect many functions. It’s particularly useful for healthy brain function, and it can be found naturally in many foods.

St. John’s Wort is a plant extract that is fairly common to nootropics. This can be used to help support mood and it’s sometimes used to help reduce symptoms of depression.

Glutamine is an amino acid used to support healthy muscle development, prevent add stress from trauma, and support organ function. It is most common to the body and it’s often easy to find within all types of foods.

DMAE Bitartrate is an essential brain chemical that can be used for proper communication between cells. This can also be used to prevent possible Alzheimer’s, improve athletic endurance, and support the nervous system.

Bacopa Monnieri is often used in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to improve general wellness. New insights into its use have made is a popular addition to nootropics, as it can help improve memory.

Vinpocetine is found naturally within the Periwinkle plant and it’s used for its ability to aid blood flow and support memory.

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The Science Behind Super Brain Boost

Only an explanation of some of the science is given, with no actual proof. They claim that this can support brain cells, aid circulation, protect cells, and repair existing damage.

Instead of proving a description on how this is possible or at the very least, linking some credible science, they keep the explanation brief. There is no detailed look or support offered so people can feel confident that this will work.

They do emphasize using a fairly standard nootropic blend that you’ll often find in other formulas, and this is for good reason. All the additives used are backed by lots of science, though a good portion of this is already in common foods. The bigger problem here is that it’s too common and there’s no real reasoning given as to why this should be preferred over the many other similar nootropic blends.

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Word on the Street About Super Brain Boost

Very few reviews are available and they can only be found on their page. People who tried it often said that the results were either mild, or that they’re not quite sure if it did anything. Some did find some changes, but it’s altogether too common as the ingredients are repeatedly used in many other nootropics.

What stood out the most was how average this really was. Nothing really stood out and there wasn’t any impressive change that you’d find in a highly rated nootropic supplement.

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Is Super Brain Boost Worth a Try?

We can’t recommend this brand due to the simple formula, lack of company history, and little to no evidence. All we can do is review basic claims made about this brand on the official website; they fail to cite any proof.

They also keep their formula incredibly basic by using common nootropics already used in far too many supplements. We have to consider the fact that the company is not well known, so there’s no good reason to choose this supplement over other more well-round formulas.

There’s nothing at all impressive which is the major downfall of this product. More support is clearly needed by a more well-rounded mixture of solid nootropic ingredients.

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Super Brain Boost FAQ

  1. What are some common Super Brain Boost reviews?
    Little was shared on though it seemed not to cause any major side effects.
  1. What’s the current Super Brain Boost cost? sells it for $23.74 per 120 capsule bottle.
  1. Are there any possible Super Brain Boost side effects?
    It’s impossible to say due to the lack of reviews, though their formula is fairly basic and tends to be well-tolerated in controlled amounts.
  1. Is there any information about Super Brain Boost on CNN?
    Not at this time, CNN has yet to mention this brand.
  1. Is there a Super Brain Boost Forbes listing?
    No, they were never featured on Forbes.
  1. Where can I get Super Brain Boost tablets?
    The only current source seems to be Amazon.
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    com and their official website.
  1. What’s known about the Super Brain Boost supplement?
    Very little unfortunately as all they offer are a few sentences to explain this brand, and little is also shared on their page. They do publish the supplements facts to review however.

So What Really Works?

We favored Memotenz and determined it is the current best nootropic formula. People who tried it for different reasons ended up experiencing all-around benefits, which makes sense after we reviewed the ingredients. They rely on some practical ingredients such as amino acids and nutrients, as well as useful herbs that have been examined in many 3rd party studies. The blend is useful at targeting all parts of cognition, whether it is for reduced stress, improved blood flow, and other factors which can support brain health.

This then translates into a more functional mind that can work on tasks with more energy, less stress, improved memory, and an elevated mood. What made this also stand out was that it has no stimulants of any kind of cheap additives which often result in weak or unwanted effects. You can read about Memotenz and see what it can offer through testimonials and an explanation of the formula by clicking here.

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