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The supposed claims are what you’d expect for a male enhancement product but after the FDA found a prescription ingredient in 2024, it called into question the safety. The known ingredients are questionable and there’s no evidence they have stopped using banned substances. Read about the dangerous things we uncovered about this brand by skimming the table of contents.

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African Superman Overview

This is supposedly going to last up to a week but after reviewing it further, we determined many users felt it was poor. There’s also the huge unmentioned controversy about the leak of banned substances which is not only illegal, but also seriously hazardous.

There’s good reason why the FDA intervened as well as why they started marketing another brand which looks similar. Simply put, you should avoid this it’s just not going to be worth all the possible side effects which can damage your health.

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African Superman Claims

The greatest sounding claim made about this supplement is that somehow it’s going to last 180 hours after just one pill. How this is possible is never explained and rarely does a supplement make such a claim. Typically you’ll only hear grand claims like this from scammers who ae looking to manipulate customers’ expectations. No supplement that we have ever come across has ever been able to prove that it would work for such a long period. Judging for the poor quality website, it also appears that the creators are making unproven health claims.

This is also meant to make erections stronger or “rock-hard and ready” as their official website claims. Just by engaging in sexual contact they say you’ll be able to notice a change in your sexuality. They even say it will “restore energy and reproduces blood”.

Curing premature ejaculation and supporting kidney function are also touted. No clear specifics are given to help customers determine in what way will this work, so determining what’s possible is difficult to understand.

In early 2024 the FDA ran a study on this supplement and according to them, it contained the prescription ingredient known as sildenafil. This is used to help combat erectile dysfunction and while it may work, using a prescription without knowing the dosage strength is a serious potential hazard, which is why it is often advised to only use this under the supervision of a doctor. This is exactly why the FDA recommended:

“consumers not to purchase”

A possible side effect from this is dangerously high or low blood pressure. This may lead to irreversible damage and there is no telling just how at risk customers are with this supplement. No explanation is provided by the manufacturers to help explain why they got so careless to let a prescription ingredient leak into their formula.

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African Superman Ingredients

  • Ginseng
  • Buffalo’s and Seal’s Penis
  • Longan
  • Chinese Matrimony Vine
  • Pilose Antler of Young Stags
  • Scalper’s Penis
  • Lily

Ginseng is the only common ingredient you’ll find in male enhancement product. This can be useful for boosting circulation and keeping erections strong. The rest of this is used more traditionally in Chinese aphrodisiac blends. No actual supplements facts list is cited, so the specific amounts of each ingredient is never known.

Scalper’s penis is essentially cow penis which is intended to boost erection strength. This was once used in China in order to increase fertility. Buffalo’s penis and Seal’s penis are also intended to help prevent erectile dysfunction, improving the likelihood of experiencing a stable erection. When using any kind of animal extract it’s very important that the extraction process is done in a safe and controlled way. This is in order to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. It’s also important to know for certain whether or not they took it from animals which are grown in safe conditions. When bunching animals together and making them malnourished or stressed it can greatly reduce the quality of extract offered.

Lily is a flower that in traditional medicine is intended to help improve the reproductive system.

Longan is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants and intended to help support the nervous system while treating stomach aches and insomnia. The Chinese Matrimony Vine is another antioxidant rich ingredient that is intended to enhance the immune system.

We cannot accurately determine the overall quality without being able to examine a full supplements facts list. It’s not yet known if they continue to use these ingredients, only an unofficial 3rd party website mentioned what’s added, for unknown reasons the official website does not mention a single ingredient.

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The Science Behind African Superman

The biggest problem is that you’re unable to know what the dosage strength is. Without this highly important piece of information there is no way to determine if the known ingredient is added in the right amount. This is necessary in order to help understand if it’s used in a safe enough amounts, and whether or not effects will be likely.

They use a lot of questionable ingredients which are lacking sufficient evidence.

Lily for example was examined by Web MD and their analysis should information is lacking to know for certain if it:

“is safe”

“isn’t enough information”

Take for example the 3 different kinds of penis extracts used. They were once used in ancient medicine in order to help boost erections, prevent erectile dysfunction, and as a general aphrodisiac. The thought was that by using the actual part of the male anatomy that you’re looking to enhance, that you too would be able to experience a change in your penis.

Unfortunately there is no real science to help support this, while it may be protein rich you’re not getting the testosterone or hormones which affect the penis. Without this there wouldn’t be a way to make it enhance your penis.

Another major issue is the fact the official website has not released a statement to assure potential customers that their 2024 FDA call out was checked up on to ensure that their supplements won’t be contaminated again. There is no reassurance that what you’re getting would be safe to use.

It’s safe to say there is no science of the majority of these ingredients. Some had been used historically for libido and erectile support, but they have not been tested in any current clinical studies.

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Word on the Street about African Superman

“What a waste of money it failed to do anything that it promised and I don’t see the need to continue using it”

“Worked but I had a real bad flush and a headache from it that made it far too uncomfortable to continue on, not sure what to make of it”

“Once I split the pill in two it worked but at the full sage amount my heart started racing and I got this real bad feeling in the pit of my stomach”

“Really potent but you have to watch out with these, if you take too much you could end up feeling really bad and uncomfortable so watch out”

What was most alarming was the amount of side effects people experienced which they said made it hard to continue. These kinds of symptoms are often attributed to prescription drugs, not a supplement free of stimulants. This gave some the ability to keep their erections going, but the same can be said for any kind of male enhancing supplement.

It remains to be seen whether or not this can be relied upon long-term. Judging from the many unfavorable reviews, for some the effects came on much too strong.

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Is African Superman Worth a Try?

There’s no good reason why anyone should try it. There’s a major issue with quality control issue that has not been addressed, without knowing if they have changed their formula you can’t know for certain if it would be likely safe to use. They had a problem with adding banned substances which needs to be addressed before going forward this this product.

No brand should even have such bad control over their ingredients where a potentially hazardous prescription ingredient would be included. This was likely intentional since it would not make any sense that a supplement manufacturing facility would also handle sildenafil, an ingredient only used in pharmaceuticals. Whether it was the plant facilities fault or the owners fault is yet to be determined.

These kinds of exotic sounding supplements often flood the market which a lot of claims of them being better than the competition since they’re unique. There is no actual proof cited anywhere to help determine the quality. No mention of the supplements facts is given as well, which makes it impossible to predict what the total dosage strength is of their supposed natural ingredients.

A lot of this is lacking any real science; they use exotic extracts which have not been reviewed in any clinical study. Without knowing more, it’s impossible to take this supplement seriously.

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African Superman vs Viagra

The exact same active ingredient in Viagra was found in African Superman. The reason why this is troubling is because you are only meant to get sildenafil through a prescription. This is to project customers from possible side effects including dangerous irreversible damage.

At least with Viagra you’re getting conformation from a medical doctor who has determined that you’re heathy enough to use it without a higher risk for side effects. Still, there may be symptoms even when taken as directed, which is why strict medical attention may be required. It’s clear this is too controversial to take it lightly.

African Superman FAQ

  1. Where can I find African Superman pills at wholesale?
    One website sells over 21, 10 capsule boxes at a reduced cost of $15.16 each when purchase all together. No money back return policy is mentioned so it’s likely that all sales are final.
  1. Can I find African Superman on eBay?
    There are multiple listing s from various sellers which sell a copycat brand called African Superstud and it looks exactly the same as African Superman. The images and claims are the same but it does not appear to be the exact same brand.
  1. Are African Superman pills on Amazon?
    Yes they do have a lasting on Amazon but they do not back it up with a money back return policy.
  1. What are the African Superman ingredients?
    Ginseng, scalper’s penis, longan, sarcocarp, lily, buffalo’s penis, pilose antler of young stags, and Chinese matrimony-vine.
  1. What is the African Superman dosage recommendation?
    One single capsule every 48 hours though they do say it can work for a total of 180 hours. It should be taken 10 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.
  1. What are common African Superman pill reviews?
    It was generally poorly reviewed with people dealing with side effects. Some did say it helped improve their erections strength, but it may be because it was found to have Viagra. Some of the side effects were generally seen in users of Viagra, so it may be that they were using contaminated batches.
  1. How long does African Superman last?
    This is intended to last for a total of 180 hours. It’s unclear if this is tur, since no customer said it worked for that long. They also do not offer any evidence to support this claim so it’s undetermined what the total duration time is.
  1. Where can I buy African Superman pills online?
    They offer it on their official website and Amazon, no money back return is offered however.
  1. What is the African Superman original formula all about?
    Effects are meant to last for a total of 180 hours or 7 and half days. This has ancient Chinese aphrodisiacs but it’s important to remember their recall after it was found they used banned substances.
  1. Can I find African Superman pills in the UK?
    The official website does offer international orders and it’s available in the UK on Amazon. It may cost more to get it shipped outside of the US.

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