Ageless Male Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The real basic blend of ingredients offered by this supplement is already found in so many kinds of foods. You’re much better off using something which isn’t so common and in this review we help explain why it was lacking.

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Ageless Male Overview

Ageless Male is a male enhancement supplement that claims it’s the #1 nonprescription currently available. It’s made to boost testosterone and virility and the name suggests it can keep men from feeling aged.

Much of the common marketing tactics are here, a “Worldwide Best-Seller”, “Clinically Tested Formula”, and of course the main thing is that it’s the #1 best. Unfortunately after really understanding Ageless Male it became clear it’s overrated.

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Ageless Male Claims

The key highlights are healthier metabolism, more lean muscle growth during exercise, more testosterone, and improved sexual health. Pretty much all of what you’d expect from a testosterone booster since testosterone affects so much of the male body.

All this is made possible by the simple blend of 2 minerals, 1 vitamin, and a patented form of an herbal ingredient called Fenugreek.
They refer to this formula as being:

“safe and easy”

This may be true but they don’t present any evidence to back this up. This is really odd since claims like this usually have to be supported by proof or a disclaimer since there is truth in advertising laws by the FTC.

A lot of great claims are made about this being a worldwide bestseller. Once again while this may be true, there is no evidence on any part of the website to help prove this. They do have a disclaimer that says none of the claims have been evaluated by the FDA, and that it’s not meant to cure or prevent disease which is nice. But overall, how are customers going to be so sure that this is so popular and effective without any proof?

For a single bottle you’re paying a ton of money when you factor in the kinds of ingredients used. $49.95 for the regular or $39.95 for the “Super Saver” option. You don’t get an explanation about what this means until you add it to your cart and go to check out. To save you the time we found that this option means you will have to sign up for an auto-shipment plan. They claim there is no commitment but that every 30 days you have to pay:

“$39.95 plus $6.99 S&H”

Now not all auto-shipment plans are scams but you always have to question the fact that a company would offer a discount simply for having you locked into a monthly contract. The benefit isn’t only that it takes a bit of effort to cancel, but that companies like this will often make it very difficult to escape these plans.

After doing some research, sure enough the company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as what was described as:

“unauthorized charges… unexpected charges… significant complaint activity”

They had a lot of angry customers who said they were continuously charged money much like other auto-shipment offering companies will offer. This major red flag is even worse by the fact that the Better Business Bureau reached out in September of 2024 to try and verify if there was anything the company had to say about themselves, they have not responded thus far.

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Ageless Male Ingredients

Only 4 total active ingredients are used and it includes:

  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)
  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Aspartate)
  • Zinc (as Amino Acid Chelate)
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract (as Testofen)

The basic explanation about the ingredients is that Testofen has a double-blind controlled study showing that men who took this saw an improvement of lean muscle when combined with strength training. Basically men who lifted weights while using this saw an improvement in muscle mass.

Zinc and Magnesium are combined to increase sex arousal and sex drive.

No explanation is given as to what kind of purpose Vitamin B6 will provide, but it’s generally very good at many different improvements. This can include mood, eye health, blood pressure, brain function, blood vessels. This is very important and useful for the development of many parts of the body. But you can also find it in meat, eggs, vegetables, grains, cereals, beans, and many other common foods so it’s not enough on its own to promote general virility in men.

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The Science Behind Ageless Male

You can find many online resources that discuss the benefits of the 2 minerals and 1 vitamin added to this. They’re all essential but also common to so many foods that it leaves doubt as to what purpose this supplement has. There’s nothing wrong with getting this in supplement form but the real key ingredient is the patented Testofen, which is likely why they say that the 2 minerals can boost its overall effects.

A series of lawsuits were filed against the company that patented Testofen because there were unproven health claims made about its unproven testosterone boosting effects. Fenugreek itself has not been effectively proven in enough studies to show if it can truly enhance testosterone. One study by the International Journal of Exercise Science saw

“no anabolic potential”

In this case it means no effects we seen for testosterone enhancement. The only support for this comes from the patented Testofen which has studies paid for by the company, so it’s unknown if this can be trusted.

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Word on the Street about Ageless Male

The majority of reviews were not positive. 92 critical reviews are available since the time of this review on Amazon. Repeat issue consumers had what that it did not do anything. This was backed up by the same kinds of disappointment from people feeling like this was overhyped, claimed to be the best while having no noticeable benefit after 30 days.

Another major problem people had that they mentioned on Amazon was that there were problems with the auto-shipment program. Many said they felt cheated and that they would not do business with this company due to the unwanted repeat charges.

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Is Ageless Male Worth a Try?

Not worth it. Most people failed to notice any benefits, the company has had major issues due to their auto-billing practices, and most of the ingredients are already found in so many common foods that there’s no need to get it in an additional amounts. You’re better off eating nutritious foods. The only unique ingredient is Fenugreek in the form of Testofen but it has not been proven effective for enhancing testosterone.

Companies like this get by on making grand claims about how useful their products are and that it’s renowned but they do not provide any evidence. There is no way to know for certain how they determined it’s a worldwide best-seller or that it’s the best of its kind. They also say their formula is clinically studied but the vitamin and minerals used are of course studied since they’re in so many foods.

Finally the added Testofen is studied but not by this company, and their studies are potentially biased. The price is another major issue since there is no reason to pay over $50 for a bottle of mostly common ingredients you’re most likely getting through food. Save your money and use as a supplement that actually has a well-rounded formula and which isn’t made by a shady company.

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Ageless Male vs Nugenix

Testosterone enhancement is intended for both brands, but many consumers failed to notice any changes. More vitamin B-6 and zinc is added to Ageless Male. There is less in Ageless Male but you know the exact amount of Testofen added to this brand.

Their main active ingredient is the patented form of Fenugreek which is intended to enhance testosterone, though this has not been proven enough times to consider it a likely result.

Ageless Male vs Andro400

Simplicity is intended within their high dosage strength of their key active ingredient. Instead of using Fenugreek however there is Tongkat Ali, an aphrodisiac and testosterone booster within Andro400.

They both share in common great marketing claims which are provided with no actual evidence. For Andro400 its targeted belly fat and Ageless Male it’s meant for general testosterone enhancement. They both are self-described as being best sellers but it’s impossible to tell if this is true.

Ageless Male vs Extenze

Extenze has a lot more ingredients but it does not include Fenugreek. Instead it has other aphrodisiacs as well as Zinc for testosterone enhancement. You can also read all about the customer related concerns about their business practices. Many complained about similar issues related to unwanted charge which were unexpected.

Ageless Male vs Viagra

Viagra is a prescription and Ageless Male is not. Another key difference is that while Viagra has just one sole ingredient which is well-studied, Ageless Male has general ingredients which are also tested.

The testosterone enhancing intended benefits of Ageless Male make it more for all-around support since Viagra is meant only to maintain blood flow for stronger erections.

Ageless Male vs Libido Max

4 different blends are added to Libido Max while Ageless Male keeps it simple with just 4 active ingredients and one herb. Reviews have not been good for either of these brands.
The general consensus was clear, there were issues with the lack of changes to sex drive and overall virility.

Ageless Male FAQ

Where can I find Ageless Male for sale?
Prices can vary depending on where you get this from as not all stores sell it at a consistent price. Their official website does have discounts on multiple bottles as well as auto-shipment but as mentioned in their review, there were controversies over this practice.

What are the stores that sell Ageless Male? / Where is Ageless Male sold? / Can I find Ageless Male in stores?
You can find it on their official website, Vitamin Shoppe, Harmon Face Values,, Walgreens, CVS, and a few other drug stores that sell general supplements.

What is the Ageless Male Price?
This is going to vary depending on where you purchase it but you can expect a single bottle for $49.95 without signing up for their controversial auto-shipment plan with additional shipping depending on where you are located.

Is Ageless Male any good?
No, unfortunately the formula is very basic and there are some questionable business practices. You can find all the proven ingredients in food and the claimed testosterone boosting Fenugreek is lacking enough studies.

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So What Really Works?

Out of all the brands we reviewed for natural male enhancement it was Viritenz which was the best overall. This has a great mixture of studied ingredients which can affect virility in many different ways. The aphrodisiacs, amino acids, minerals, and natural herbal ingredients can improve testosterone with ease.

Customers said they had a noticeable change in their overall mood, energy, strength, sex drive, and with an improved ability to keep feeling virile. This uses only natural ingredients without any cheap or unnecessary filler which give extra weight to a pill.

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