Alphamax Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The fact you can’t actually get this from an official website is grounds for concern, but they also fail to provide any proof to help show why anyone should use it. There is no way to know if it’s even still made fresh since it seems like the company has abandoned it. To get the specifics behind this male enhancement brand, look no further than the table of contents to skim.

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Alphamax Overview

The only way to learn anything about this is on Amazon from reading the simple descriptions and by looking at the label of the bottle. Clearly you won’t be able to truly learn what this is supposed to do. You can’t even get any sort of information about whether or not it’s made fresh, or if it’s discontinued.

It doesn’t make any sense on why the company would get rid of their website and only feature information on Amazon. The reviews also made it clear this was an ineffective supplement for many, and we exposed the fact they offered free bottles in exchange for reviews.

Our complete analysis of male enhancement brands of all kinds highlights that no better brands exist than these carefully selected options.

Alphamax Claims

The short description on Amazon says that this is safe and made with natural ingredients This is mean to help boost testosterone which can affect drive, energy, and muscle building. It’s suggested to have a:

“science based formula”

This is supposedly showed that the ingredients in this can help boost testosterone levels and also reduce body fat. They say that the International Society of Sports Nutrition performed studies on:

“ingredients in Ultra champ Alphamax”

They do not mention which specific ingredients were tested, this could mean only 2 or it could mean a lot more. These vague sounding claims where no specifics are made make it hard to truly understand what this might be able to offer.

They advise using a pill first thing in the morning and another before workouts, so exercise of some form is needed.

There is no official website and the only place to purchase this is on Amazon. They do have a Facebook page where an official website appears to be listed but when you click this, it shows that it is open for sale, meaning that the creators have abandoned their website altogether. In situations like this, it’s clear that the company either has had issues, or for some reason they have decided to simplify and only make sells on 3rd party websites. This also makes it harder to learn about the company and see what they’re all about.

Any questions you may have may never be answered, and it also means no money back guarantee is available. The company also has a very poor rating with Fake Spot who has rated them a “D”. They also say only 49% of reviews are reliable, meaning there is a lot of fake reviews. They say that they do:

“product exchange for reviews”

This is a way for companies to likely get a positive review in exchange for free supplements. They also looked at the kinds of renews they have and say there:

“may be deception involved”

They also compiled many negative consumer reviews. All this amounts to a very poor company that has shady business practices.

All the information we compiled in reviewing male enhancement brands made it very easy to see what the top 10 were.

Alphamax Ingredients

Proprietary Blend, 742 mg

  • Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract
  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Fruit
  • Orchic Substance
  • Wild Yam Root Extract
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate

The ingredients in this include Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali; these are common aphrodisiacs which can affect libido, sperm, and even testosterone. They help to make men more virile, which is why they are often included in supplements for male enhancement.

Boron Amino Acid Chelate is an important mineral that can effect testosterone production. The same can be said about Wild Yam Root, which is a natural herb.

Orchic Substance and Saw Palmetto are also included for their testosterone enhancing benefits, saw palmetto in particular is used for prostate health as well, which can affect sperm count.

Finally there is also Nettle Root and Sarsaparilla; both of these are used specifically for boosting testosterone.

Useful and simple information helps explain what brands offered the most complete male enhancement support; click to review.

The Science Behind Alphamax

There are scientific sounding claims made that the ingredients in this were tested by a trusted journal, yet you can’t learn anything about this from any source. They never actually publish any links to these supposed studies.

Fortunately it is clear by looking at the ingredients that they use a blend of well-regarded additives. It would have been helpful to know for certain if the minutes performed some sort of research, since all you have to rely on are claims. It’s important to know in order to tell for certain whether or not they didn’t just copy other successful formulas.

Tongkat ali is a great staple ingredient for male enhancement since it can actually affect testosterone production. This can also reduce stress which when regulated, can support healthy testosterone. The study by the Biotropics Malaysia Berhard group said that this ingredient could:

“improve stress hormone profile”

This included reducing daily stress and improving exercise, supporting dieting, and even helping to prevent some of the ill effects of sleep deprivation.

Boron amino acid chelate is another studied ingredient that is studied and an analysis by the Medicine Advisors, LLC company says that this is:

“impacts the… use of testosterone”

Yet another effective ingredient is horny goat weed, this plant was reviewed by Examine which says this can be an effective:

“erectile aid and aphrodisiac”

They even say this can be useful at increasing testosterone, which makes it a well-rounded male enhancement supplement ingredient.

We can’t tell for certain if the formula is actually any good without knowing for certain if it is still made fresh. The fact that it is not currently available on Amazon, and that it’s the only source for this brand, makes it impossible to determine its overall value. Even with these ingredients, it’s not as comprehensive as other male enhancement products.

Your best options for male enhancement support are all featured in this comprehensive top 10 product list.

Word on the Street about Alphamax

“didn’t see much of a noticeable difference, I’ll be looking for something different next time I’m in the market”

“so far a load of crap I took this expecting something but I didn’t gain anything at all”

“Yeah I am a regular gym goer and this did nothing to improve my gains at all, but it was free so I guess I can’t complain”

“helped get rid of some of my stomach fat”

We found out that they either used to or continue to give free sample bottles in exchange for reviews. A few customers who left reviews mentioned this fact, which calls into question the likelihood of any of the positive reviews being honest. Even with this there were still a total of 46 critical reviews on Amazon from dissatisfied consumers.

To better enhance your testosterone and sex life we see no better solutions than the supplements linked here.

Is Alphamax Worth a Try?

You can get a hold of much better brands made by more trusted companies. The fact you won’t even know if this is still made fresh makes it a questionable product. Nowhere is there an official website to reach out to the customer service people, all you get is a 3rd party website to purchase this from.

There are also a lot of claims about this supplement without the links to the supposed evidence. Judging from the history of free bottles for reviews, this can inflate the positive reviews to make it seem much better than it actually is. Even with this, there were still a lot of dissatisfied customers, which is never a sign of a quality supplement. If they can’t get a majority of positive reviews from giving free samples, it’s likely that it would have even even more poorly reviewed.

The ingredients in this are decent, but without knowing more about the company or even if this is still made fresh, there is no reason to trust it.

We favored these supplements which work to support male enhancement through the use of ingredients that are backed by science.

Alphamax vs Erase Pro

The ingredients in Erase Pro are really basic with only 4 active ingredients. Even though they do add a lot to with a total of 1,000 mg per serving, it’s still not worth the high $64 price tag.

They even add blue food coloring to this which is not necessary. There were also far too many negative experiences, with these many problems it’s hard to see how effective this truly would be. Customer service much like Alphamax was a concern as well, people said they reached out but never got a response back. There are also some questionable ingredients in Erase Pro which may cause side effects.

Alphamax vs TestoFuel

The simple ingredients in TestoFuel are not going to be good enough to provide lasting male enhancement support, at the very least not as good as other brands. They don’t include much to this, most of it is either inactive or it can be substituted with a varied diet.

There was a lot of negative feedback as well, customers often said that it did not work and that they wanted their money back. They have a poor return policy with a required diet and exercise plan that must be submitted to them so they can decide whether or not the customer did enough work. This is a good way for them to deny consumers from getting a return.

Alphamax vs Spyder

Little is known about Spyder Nutrition’s testosterone booster but the reviews were often mixed. They add a total of 15 ingredients in a very small 500 mg blend, which means it are not likely to be beneficial since many of these ingredients should be used in far larger amounts for them to be effective.

They also add caffeine anhydrous in amounts that are not known, this stimulant has to be carefully dosed to prevent the risk of side effects. DHEA is a controversial ingredient added to this which can lead to dangerous side effects, especially when you don’t know how much of it you’re getting.

Alphamax FAQ

  1. Where to buy Alpha Max?
    It is only offered on, no other source currently exists. It’s important to remember that there is no assurance that this is made fresh, and information about it is limited.
  1. What can you tell me about Alpha Max male enhancement side effects?
    The available reviews show that there were issues with swallowing; it does not appear that any other side effects were listed. The problem with swallowing was also due to the capsules themselves, not the ingredients.
  1. Is there an Alpha Max male enhancement free trial?
    Not at this time, it does not appear they offer a free trial because there is no official website.
  1. Where can I reach the Alpha Max customer service?
    You can’t, they offer no email, phone number or address of any kind. You can only contact Amazon if you do purchase this, but it is not known if this is operated by the manufacturers or a 3rd party seller.
  1. What are some common Alpha Max male enhancement reviews?
    The only place for reviews is on Amazon and they have a 3 out of 5 star rating, which essentially means it is poor. 12% of people gave it the lowest possible rating, and many said it was just decent.
  1. What is the total Alpha Max male enhancement price?
    It’s featured solely on Amazon and it is out of stock at the time of this review. It’s unknown if the price is consistent or if it changes either.
  1. Where is the Alpha Max male enhancement website?
    They used to have a website but they have since abandoned it and only offer sales on 3rd party websites. Why they got rid of it is never explained, it makes it hard to know any real facts about the product, and you can’t learn about whether or not it was made with real science in mind.
  1. What can you tell me about Alpha Max male enhancement pills?
    Well they do have a lot of the ingredients you’d hope to find in a male enhancement, but it’s also not highly reviewed. A lot of people complained about the lack of effects, and there is no money back guarantee.

There are a lot of options for male enhancement and after doing the research, we found no better solutions than these brands.

So What Really Works?

The most comprehensive and supportive male enhancement that we reviewed this year was Viritenz. Their ingredients are what you’d hope to find, full of aphrodisiacs and natural herbs which can heighten sexual vigor, boost overall testosterone, and make men more virile. The entire blend is made with only natural ingredients without the unnecessary addition of anything artificial or heavy on stimulants.

The opinions from customers were often consistent with many stating they had a noticeable improvement of their sexual confidence and overall vigor. The way it works is by supporting blood flow, mood, energy, and of course testosterone. We provide a more in depth breakdown of Viritenz in our full review which you can access here.

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