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This formula is supposedly based on 500 year-old alchemy. Some people might think that sounds magical and impressive. We think it sounds outdated – by a couple centuries. Couple that with a high price-point and you’ve got an expensive supplement with a novelty hook. The real question is this: does Androtrex do what it promises to? Read our review to find out.

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Androtrex Overview

Androtrex is a male supplement that claims to regulate hormone levels, specifically testosterone and estrogen. By optimizing the production of these hormones, men are supposed to feel more energetic, confident, and active, and it’s supposed to improve a weak sex drive as well.

It’s made by Global Healing Center, a natural health supplement organization (and health clinic) based in Texas. While the company itself has high marks for customer service, the quality of their product tells a very different story.
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They claim Androtrex is the “result of unparalleled ancient wisdom” – but does that mean it works? Not exactly.

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Androtrex Claims

Androtrex is entirely based on herbal ingredients, ones that are supposed to affect the levels of hormones flowing through the body and get them in the right balance. The results? Androtrex is claimed to increase a man’s sexual desire, which can start to wind down as he ages and testosterone is produced in lower and lower amounts. You’re supposed to think more clearly, as well, leading to better decision making. You’re also supposed to see improvements in your erections, as well as more energy to get up and get more done each day.

How is it supposed to accomplish this? Well, here’s where they lost us. This company claims this product was formed based on the teachings of a 16th century alchemist called Paracelsus. Never heard of him? He was an important figure in the history of natural science, coming up with many ideas that still exist to this day, like modern medicinal remedies, the importance of iron for anemia, and pioneering the concept of sicknesses being caused by outside influences (instead of imbalances in the “humors,” made-up liquids that supposedly exist in the body). Global Healing Center claims they took some extraction technique of his and “modernized” it, putting Androtrex ahead of the competition in terms of effectiveness and potency.

Huh? First of all, if you’re going to wow us with some new medicine, don’t base it on outdated, 500 year-old medicinal techniques. And if you are, tell us what those techniques are! They don’t go into any detail about what they actually mean by basing their extraction and formulations on 16th century alchemy.

Instead of being impressed, we’re left wondering: is this just some mystical hocus-pocus? Or maybe it’s all marketing, and they’re just trying to wow us by spinning a tale of how they were inspired by a centuries-old alchemist. It’s very colorful and very interesting, but it doesn’t mean much, especially when they don’t go into any detail about what they’re actually doing.
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Unlike other supplements, this comes in a liquid form which you’re supposed to drop on the tongue. Some claim this makes it easier for supplements to be absorbed into the blood stream. Each bottle contains enough for 24 days of using, which means you don’t even get a full month with each bottle – and at $59.95 per bottle, that means you’re spending a lot of money for something that doesn’t even last 30 days, which is the standard length of time a supplement should last.

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Androtrex Ingredients

Androtrex is made up entirely of herbal extracts, most of which are considered aphrodisiacs in Asian medicine:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Maca
  • Avena Sativa
  • Suma
  • Ashwagandha
  • Catuaba
  • Muira Puama
  • Fulvic Acid

Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali are common aphrodisiacs, prescribed for men and women to help them boost their sex drives. They’re both claimed to have an effect on the production of hormones (like testosterone, chiefly responsible for sex drive) and this is what’s supposed to help promote stronger libidos.

Maca is a Peruvian plant whose extract is used increasingly in the Western world as a homeopathic way to help treat symptoms related to hormones, such as low energy, menstrual cramps, and male and female sex drive. They don’t describe which maca plant variety they use, which is more important than you might think. We’ll cover that more in the next section.

Avena Sativa is another word for oats, which have been used as a natural treatment for cholesterol, anxiety, and fatigue.

Suma is also called Brazilian ginseng, and it’s a plant used for helping the body deal with stress, and give it an overall sense of well-being. It’s also supposed to be a good sex drive enhancer. Where’s the science? Oh, we’ll tell you.

Ashwagandha is a plant extract used in traditional Indian folk medicine as a way to reawaken a weak sex drive (in both sexes), as it’s supposed to have an effect on testosterone production. The problem is that the science behind it is iffy, which we’ll look at in a bit. It comes with some pretty gnarly side effects if you’re not careful, including:

  • Upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting.

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The Science Behind Androtrex

Not all of the ingredients in this supplement are worthless. Tribulus and tongkat ali are found in almost every herbal sex drive enhancement supplement out there, proving their popularity. But for a formula to be strong, you have to look at all of the ingredients that comprise it, and that’s where Androtrex falters a little.

We ended our little paragraph on suma asking the question: “Where’s the science?” Well, the answer is that there really isn’t any. While there are those who claim that it’s a safe, natural, and effective way to boost the libido, probably by increasing testosterone levels, there actually isn’t any proof that it does this: in the one study we found, there was no increase in testosterone detected (Wilborn et al, J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2006). There’s a strong likelihood that it’s basically just a placebo.

Ashwagandha is in a lot of different supplements that are supposed to increase testosterone and boost sexuality, but what few of these products will admit is that the evidence for it working is very weak. There’s “insufficient evidence” that it works, and that goes for any of the purposes it’s intended for, except for possibly increasing “quality of sperm” (WebMD). Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that it makes you more sexual or more testosterone-y. And with side effects like upset stomach and diarrhea, you might want to think twice about taking it. If you plan on being sexually active, it could be a disaster.

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Word on the Street about Androtrex

There are lots of reviews of this product on the official Androtrex web page. Many people have reported positive experiences with it, although many of these 5-star reviews feature complaints about its price, with others failing to mention if it helped their sex drive or not. Reviews on Amazon weren’t as stellar:

“This made be more aggressive and more sexual, and it gave me more energy.  It also helped me move up in my weight training regimen.”

“This is pretty much the same as Super Male Vitality, another waste of time. It’s also way more expensive and it doesn’t work, despite me taking it for weeks.”

“Very good result!”

“This is false advertising – it does not do what it says it will.”

“I can’t tell if it works, but I’ll give it another couple weeks just in case.” (And this person gave it 4 stars!)

“Makes me really wired!”

So it has its fans, but keep in mind that not all people will see the same results. And from what we’ve seen, lots of people wrote in either with insufficient information as to what results they’ve seen, and there’s also some people who gave it a lot of starts despite clarifying that they didn’t really think it worked, or were still waiting on results.

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Is Androtrex Worth a Try?

This product has its satisfied customers, although there are plenty of people who don’t think this product is worth your time. The company seems decent enough, with a good history of customer service (BBB), but they also seem to base some of their science on outdated, medieval notions of medicine. Finally, the formula, while it contains some decent ingredients, is hampered by the inclusion of a few extracts that just don’t promise to work, and have no clinical trials backing them. With these included there’s a higher chance of side effects, and there’s a possibility that the supplement would be weaker than competing products that don’t contain such placebo-level ingredients.

Should you try Androtrex? It’s hard to say. If you’ve got the money and want to spend $59.95 on a supplement based on unproven science and containing some questionable ingredients, you can go right ahead. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Androtrex vs Super Male Vitality

Both of these products promise to increase the amount of testosterone in your body through natural ingredients, including herbs and plant compounds. They’re both supposed to come additive free. The most important similarity? They’re the same exact product, under different names. How did this happen? We’re not sure. Both Infowars (the company selling Super Male Vitality) and Global Healing Center claim the same things: that their formula is unique, that the “Spagyrex” process (the one based on 500 year old alchemy) is something that only they use, and that both consulted a Dr. Edward Group for his expertise in creating the formula.

Honestly, this is one of the stranger situations we’ve seen. Not only are they the same ingredients, but they’re even made using the same process under the guidance of the same doctor. So much for these products and their uniqueness!

The main differences, then, come down to price. Androtrex costs $59.95 for a month’s supply, while Super Male Vitality is “on sale” for $34.95 (down from $69.95). So if you want to go with a cheaper version of Androtrex, it looks like you can buy the same exact product – from Infowars, although for the record, Global Healing Center offers a 180 money-back guarantee, while Infowars only has a 30 day refund policy.

Androtrex FAQ

    1. Does Androtrex have side effects?
      The company claims that there are no side effects from this product, but that may not entirely be true. Based on some of the ingredients in the formula, there’s a chance you could suffer indigestion, upset stomach, or diarrhea. Some customers also reported feeling nauseous, and others claimed that it made them feel “wired.”
    2. Can you buy Androtrex on Amazon?
      This product is available on Amazon, through the Global Healing Center vendor page.
    3. Is Androtrex useful for bodybuilding?
      Some people have seen improvements in their energy and stamina when weightlifting while taking this supplement, so there’s a chance it could be of some use there.
    4. What’s the dosage of Androtrex?
      23 ml per dose, which is ¼ of a teaspoon per serving.
    5. How is Androtrex vs Super Male Vitality?
      They’re the same product. Check out our review in the section above for a more in-depth look at these two products.
    6. Do you know how to take Androtrex?
      You are supposed to take one serving (two drops) in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Both should be taken on an empty stomach.
    7. Can you buy Androtrex at GNC?
      As far as we can tell, no, this product is not available at GNC and must be purchased from the main website or through Amazon.
    8. Where can I find a coupon for Androtrex?
      As far as we’ve seen, there are no coupons or discounts for Androtrex, at least when ordering through the company’s primary product page.
    9. What are the ingredients in Androtrex?
      The active ingredients in this products are: Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Maca, Avena Sativa, Suma, Ashwagandha, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Fulvic Acid.
    10. Do you know where to buy Androtrex?
      The only places we’ve seen Androtrex for sale are from the Global Healing Center website, from Amazon, and we’ve even seen it for sale through Ebay.

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So What Really Works?

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