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A male enhancement product that fails to provide standard information to their consumers and is produced by a well-known manufacturer with a questionable business past. If you believe that it can somehow overcome its weaknesses, then read on for a out full breakdown. To continue reading regarding about the product then just scroll down a bit a click on the table of contents.

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Anthroplex Overview

Anthroplex is a male enhancement pill that is intended to increase energy levels along with general vitality within the average male consumer. Among its supposed benefits are higher levels of testosterone, more energy and stamina, along with noticeable increases of sex drive and libido

The product is manufactured and sold by InfoWars, a company related to controversial internet personality Alex Jones. InfoWars provides a phone number, and mail order address for consumers who have questions and concerns. Each bottle of the product contains 60 capsules and advises users to take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening, so each bottle should last approximately on month, all for a price of $29.95 per bottle.

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Anthroplex Claims

The site for Anthroplex makes that claim that their supplement has taken a formerly popular male enhancement product and responded to the critiques of those who used to products by adding new, specific ingredients such a horny goat weed and zinc orotate to provide a more well-rounded version of their current supplement. In doing so, the supplement sopposed to address any number of wide-ranging issues that can plague poor sexual performance.

Aside from that, there appears to be a very small number of specific claims about what they product can actually do. There are many buzzwords such as “vitality” and “masculine foundation” that allow the user to fee as though they are dealing with professionals, but, for the post part, there is much that addresses specific issues that men who suffer from a variety of specific male enhancement issues can really latch on to.

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Anthroplex Ingredients

The webpage for Anthroplex provides a view of the supplement facts label which provides all the ingredients that are used within the formula, along with some specific dosage information. That said, much of the formula is a part of a proprietary blend that does not reveal specific dosages information for each ingredient that is used. Here are all the ingredients that are used in the formula for Anthroplex :

  • Zinc
  • Trublus Terrestris
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Fulvic Powder

Overall, among the limited about of ingredients that are included within Anthroplex are stand-bys such as Tribulus Terrestris which is known to allow the body to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within the system. Tongkat Ali can actually help to boost testosterone levels in the body and can act as a natural aphrodisiac that allows users to be ready for sex more often. Finally, Horny Goat Weed, is an aphrodisiac that can increase blood flow and provide a short-term boost of energy.

Alternately, the supplement includes Fulvic Acid that is mostly used to address issues such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and fatigue, among other uses, none of which relate to male enhancement benefits. Furthermore, WebMD states that “There is not enough reliable information about fulbic acid to known if it is safe.

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The Science Behind Anthroplex

Seeing as how the product is manufactured and sold for InfoWars, it is natural to have some suspicions regarding the hard science that will be presented about Anthroplex. First, and foremost, the question should likely be: “Is there any science that is being presented”? Unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding no.

The only thing related to science regarding Anthroplex that is provided is a listing and shot-breakdown of the ingredients that are used within the formula. This breakdown gives a small amount of insight to the users who is looking to inform themselves regarding what they are putting into their bodies, but fails to provide any sort of verifiable facts or figures that could be used to support the effectiveness of the ingredients that have been chosen.

What is clearly missing from the product description is any sort of legitimate science to support that claims make by the product. Because the face behind the product is well-known conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, things like science are often ignored in favor of loud, forceful yelling-points, or shouting down any legitimate attempts at science or reason.

It is made clear that those who are looking for hard science to support their male enhancement supplements are almost definitely better off doing so elsewhere.

Additionally, is should be pointed out that there is a line of products directly endorsed by internet-personality Alex Jones who has no formal medical or scientific training and has been the subject heavy scrutiny for years.

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Word on the Street About Anthroplex

In addition to being sold through the official InfoWars website, Anthroplex is also sold through some other retailers such as Amazon. As a result, there are forums available that offer subjective reviews regarding the worthiness and effectiveness of the product itself. Based upon the reviews that we have seen, some users have seen some sort of benefit from using the product, but many more felt that it was simply a waste of time.

As one disappointed users stated after trying the product: “Sorry, but I really got nothing from this product. I used it s directed, but it was mostly filler, or seemed that way”. This sentiment is echoed by another users who said “It seems like the product is mostly filler. User for nearly a month and it was just too expensive to continue”.

Most concerningly, there were some users who stated that the product made them suffer from mild issues such as headaches and flu like symptoms. Any benefits that can be gained from the product did not seems to make up for its lack of effectiveness.

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Is Anthroplex Worth a Try?

Because of the limited amount of ingredients and the questionable reputations behind the manufacturer of the product, we advise consumers to skip Anthroplex. If you’re looking for a positive for Anthroplex is that it uses a couple of quality ingredients within its formula, but the dosages are unknown, which makes you question how effectively they’re used, but beyond that the company’s figure-head is controversial internet personality Alex Jones who does not have any sort of official medical training.

Furthermore, the product itself is oddly unspecific regarding what benefits it can provide a user who is struggling with their sexual performance, and instead offers vague words that can be stretched to mean anything. Consumer reviews of the product have been mixed to negative, particularly for those who thought that they were receiving a solution to their vitality problems. Finally, we are always wary of recommending a product that is supported by a loud, talking-hard such as Alex Jones, as generally the results of the product can speak for themselves.

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Anthroplex vs DNA Force

Another Infowars product, DNA Force is primarily concerned with increasing the energy levels of the user, whether it is during high-stress periods, their day-to-day lives, or on the bedroom. It is considerably more expensive than Anthroplex, but claims to have a wide-ranging field of effectiveness, including allowing users to age healthfully, protect against unhealthy cells, and using a proprietary blends of ingredients. The two products both claims to have an effect in the user’s ability to se an increase in energy, vitality, and effectiveness in the bedroom.

Anthroplex vs Bio True Selenium

Blue True Selenium is another product manufactured by Inforwars, but unlike Anthroplex, it does not claim to address sexual function or wellness within the user. What is does do is aim to benefits the health of user’s thyroid and function as a healthy antioxidant, which can function to increase healthy bones and joints, oxygen levels in the heart, and promote healthy blood flow. Promoting healthy blood flow is key in maintaining any number of bodily processes, including the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Though is there are many searching for a solution to their sexual performance issues, Bio True Selenium is likely not the answer.

Anthroplex vs Super Male Vitality

Super Male Vitality is also a product from Inforwars, but unlike Anthroplex it does not come in the form of a capsule, but rather is a liquid applied to the user via a dropper. It contains some of the same ingredients as Anthroplex, including tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali, and has similar goals in improving male virality. Anthroplex is slightly cheaper, but is easier to use and contains overall better consumer reviews. That said, we ware wary of any manufacturer that creates multiple male enhancement products that are mostly designed to do the same things.

Anthroplex vs Viagra

Viagra is one of the most well-known prescription male enhancement products currently available. The main issue with Viagra is that users needs a prescription in order to obtain it which can be time consuming and costly. Furthermore, all Viagra is intended to do is to address the ability to achieve and maintain and erection, and does not claim to affect any other aspect of sexual health. Anthroplex claims to be cable to make sex more enjoyable in general, and provide the user with more energy, stamina, and enhanced pleasure during intercourse.

Anthroplex FAQ

  1. Can Anthroplex help with weight loss?

Anthroplex does not make any sort of directed claims to benefiting those are looking to lose weight, as they are mostly focused on improving the sexual performance of its users.

  1. What are some of the side effects that are associated with using Anthroplex?

Based on the ingredients that are included in the Anthroplex formula, there appear to be the possibility of side effects such as increased heartrate, dizziness, and muscle spasms.

  1. Is Anthroplex associated with Amazon?

Yes, Anthroplex is actually sold through other reputable online retailers such as Amazon for roughly the same price, which should alleviate any fears that the product is a scam oor phony.

  1. What kinds of reviews have Anthroplex received from consumers?

The reviews from consumers regarding Anthroplex have been decidedly mixed. There have been reviews from some who state that have benefitted from its use, but others who found that it was either too expensive or the effects have been minimal at best.

  1. What is Anthroplex’s association with infowars?

The associated between Anthroplex amd Infowars will likely make any potential users wary about the product. Inforwars does not provide a lot of scientific information regarding their product and Anthroplex is no exception. Inforwarws is also headed by noted conspiracist Alex Jones.

  1. Essentially, what does Anthroplex claim to do?

Anthroplex essentially promises to make you more of a man through increased testosterone, muscle building, stamina, and improved performance within the bedroom.

  1. Anthroplex is a product of inforwars – is that manufacturer trustworthy?

As a brand Infowars in known to be infamous as a popular internet show that seeks to expose conspiracies mostly in the government. As a result of their popularity, they have started to sell merchandise to maximize their profits, and Anthroplex is a part of that merchandise.

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So What Really Works?

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