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A supplement that promotes itself as an alternative to Viagra, but offers very little information to back up its claims of effectiveness. Our full breakdown goes through where and how it fails to deliver. To continue reading, just scroll down a bit and click on the table on contents below.

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Arize Overview

Arize presents itself as a natural solution for men who are suffering from sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction, as well. By using the product, they believe that consumers will experience an increase in desire and libido, as well as an overall boost in confidence that can be used both in and out of the bedroom, not to mention the effect that it can have in maximizing the size of the user’s erection.

The product is manufactured and sold by a company that also goes by the name Arize. They provide some clear methods of contact through their website, including a phone number and email address, although the website in general does not look very professional. It is sold in packs containing 10 capsules for , as well as offering deals such a buy 3 packs and get 1 free for 9.

It is designed to be used as needed about 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity, and not as a daily supplement.

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Arize Claims

The product website makes an array of claims regarding the effectiveness of their product, as well as the bonuses offered by doing business with them. They state that their product has be “Lab tested and customer trusted for 7 years”, but don’t offer any specifics to back that statement up, in particular the lab tested portion. Furthermore, they claim that the product can last up to 96 hours, but again does not go into specifics regarding what effects last 96 hours and how that is achieved.

They also make that claim that their product is preferred over the well-known erectile dysfunction prescription dug Viagra, which is an easy claim to make for multiple reasons. The main reason being that Viagra, while being an effective treatment for ED, does not claim to have any other sexual performance benefits other than improved erectile function. Arize, on the other hand is designed for users who suffer from an array of sexual performance issues that can be separate from ED, so it is only natural that they would prefer it to Viagra.

What is odd about the claims regarding Arize is that they do no go into much detail regarding the other benefits that it provides aside from benefitting erectile dysfunction, which may suggest that they do not have much confidence in them.

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Arize Ingredients

The website for Arize offers some ingredient information, but only after some significant digging through their site. A full list of ingredients is shared, but they do not offer a view of the supplement facts label, or any specific dosage information for the ingredients. Among the ingredients that are used, there are some reliable and potentially beneficial supplements, but also some that cause concern. Here are the ingredients that are included within the formula for Arize:

  • Gingko Biloba
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Korean Ginseng

Among those limited ingredients, Tongkat Ali is probably the most reliable in terms of effectiveness as a male enhancement product. It is known as a testosterone booster that can lead to increased mental confidence, more stamina and energy, as well as functioning as a natural aphrodisiac to put the user in the mood for sex more often. Korean Ginseng, otherwise known as panax ginseng, can have a variety of potential benefits not just for sexual performance, but overall health in general. Some of these benefits include increase athletic performance, endurance, improvements in thinking and concentration, as well as an ability to prevent issues such a premature ejaculation.

Where we are concerned regarding the formula is the use of Ginkgo Biloba. It is often used as a stimulant to promote blood circulation, but its effectiveness as a treatment for erectile dysfunction has yet to be proven. Additionally, it can potentially cause negative side effects such as difficulty breathing, constipation, and a rapid heartbeat. The formula also uses Rhodiola Rosea which has many potential benefits such as improving stamina and mental capacity, but very little research has been conducted into its effectiveness in humans, and as a result it is unknown how effective or safe it is for humans to consumer on a regular basis.

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The Science Behind Arize

The science behind Arize is pretty limited based on what they provide through the product website, but they do at least attempt to explain some basic concepts behind how the supplement functions and benefits the body. The only area in which they get specific is where they state that 85% of their customers said that they did not experience any negative effects as a result of using their product, but that the other 15% of users reported that they did experience some minor side effects such as facial flushing and sweating.

It is vey uncommon for a male enhancement product to come out and admit that their product causes side effects in some users, which leads us to believe that the chances of side effects occurring are actually much greater than what they are stating on the sire. No links, or studies are offered to support the idea that their specific “85” and “15” figures are correct.

Furthermore, beyond that, there are no links, studies, or scientific testimonials offered to support the effectiveness of the product in general. Mostly what is offered as science are simple explanations of how sexual function and erections work in general, which are not necessarily related to anything that has to do with their product.

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Word on the Street About Artize

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any reviews associated with user’s who have Arize. The product website does no provide a forum for which customers can offer their unbiased feedback regarding their experiences with using the supplement, and because it is not sold through well-known retailers such as Amazon or GNC, there are not many places to locate customer reviews online.

The complete lack of customer reviews or reactions to the product does not inspire much confidence among users, as it shouldn’t.
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The most effective, and reliable male enhancement products all make consumer reviews – both positive and negative – available to potential customers because it helps inform those users about the strengths and weaknesses of the product, while also providing them with first hand knowledge about the effects the product may have on their bodies and a clear idea of what to anticipate.

By ignoring or avoiding posting user reviews of their product, Arize is either sending a message that their product was never popular enough to inspire any significant customer reactions, or that the reactions were so overwhelmingly negative the manufacturer did their best to scrub them from the internet.

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Is Arize Worth a Try?

Because of an unprofessional website, and limited potential benefits, along with a general lack of information regarding the product, Arize is not something we recommend to consumers. As we mentioned, but bears repeating, the website is poorly designed and does not inspire much confidence regarding the product itself.
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The site does make it clear if this product is exclusively for those who suffer from male enhancement issues, or if it also addressed other aspects of sexual performance as well. It seems almost intentionally vague, which leads us to believe that they attempting to cast a wide net regarding the consumers they are trying to convince into giving their product a try.

Furthermore, the complete lack of consumer reaction that we were able to locate makes us nervous and hesitant to recommend the product. The best way to learn about a product is to read or hear about experiences that others have had with the same product, and Arize doesn’t offer that. These issues are only compounded based upon the lack of specific ingredient information offered by the products.

Overall, consumers are left with far more questions than answers regarding Arize and the effect it would have on them.

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Arize vs Viagra

Viagra is one of the most well-known erectile dysfunction products on the market because it has been known to product results. Unfortunately, because it is a prescription is can be expensive and something of headache to track it down and get your hands on it. Arize is obviously more freely available, but does not have nearly the same level of science backing it up as Viagra, and it is unknown if it is effective as there have not been any consumer reviews that have been located.

Arize vs Mojo Pills

Mojo Pills are a male enhancement product, that like Arize, are only intended to be used as needed prior to sexual activity and not on the daily basis. Mojo pills are about twice the price of Arize, but they do offer a money back guarantee. However, Mojo pills have faced so scrutiny from the FDA regarding this formula, which potential users should definitely be aware of.

Arize vs Rhino 69

Rhino 69 is the latest in a long line of Rhino pills that are generally sold through convenience stores and in very small quantities for users that are looking for immediate results. Per pill they are about the same price as Arize, but usually they are sold in one or two-packs at a time. Users of Rhino pills should be aware that they tend to be full of stimulants, which can potentially cause serious issues with blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats.

Arize FAQ

  1. Is Arize a male enhancement supplement?

Yes, Arize promotes itself as a male enhancement supplement, but seems primarily focused on addressing the issue of erectile dysfunction, and not so much with other aspects of sexual function.

  1. Has Arize been approved by the FDA?

It does not appear that Arize has been approved by the FDA for safety or at least does not note that it has anywhere through its website.

  1. How many capsules are included in each bottle?

Arize is actually sold in packets that contain 10 capsules, which are intended to be used as needed and not as a daily supplement.

  1. What is the price per bottle of Arize?

Each packet of Arize is sold for $39 plus shipping and handling, but there are also price breaks offered when multiple packets are purchased at one time, as a consumer can buy 3 packets and get 1 free for $119.

  1. What is the daily dosage of Arize users are advised to take?

There is no specific daily dosage of Arize that users are supposed take, as instead they are advised to use one capsule roughly 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual intetcourde.

  1. Are there negative side effects that are possible when using Arize?

The product site does not provide a full list of ingredients that are used within Arize, which makes it difficult to judge exactly what sort of side effects users can expect. That said, it does include ingredients such as ginkgo biloba which can lead to constipation, difficulty breathing, and more.

  1. Is there a free trial of Arize or a money back guarantee offered to users?

It does not appear that there is any sort of free trial of Arize offered to consumers at this time. The website states that it provides a money back guarantee, but does not go into much detail regarding what that entails.

  1. What are some of the key ingredients that make up the Arize formula?

The formula for Arize uses a range of ingredients that include gingko biloba, tongkat ali, muira puama, Korean red ginseng, and rhodiola rosea root.

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So What Really Works?

Finding a male enhancement supplement that is affordable and can actually deliver the benefits it advertises is often a long, expensive, frustrating journey. As a result, we, along with a team of research experts, have determined that Viritenz is the top-rated and most reliable male enhancement supplement on the market now. This conclusion was reached after evaluating the formula that makes up the supplement, and viewing the countless reactions from satisfied customers. Among the benefits that Viritenz can provide is increased energy and stamina that can be utilized both in an out of the bedroom, producing bigger, stronger erections, and intensifying the pleasure the user receives during sex.

Viritenz is ideal for those who are looking to improve and maintain healthy sexual function, or are simply looking to maximize their ability to perform in the bedroom. It is formulated with all-natural ingredients, such as oat straw, tongkat ali, and pumpkin seed among other ingredients, all of which have been tested by third-party researchers to confirm their effectiveness and safety. The product is manufactured by Health Research Institute based out of Los Angeles, California. The official Viritenz website offers significant detail explaining how the product works to achieve the benefits that it promotes, as well as promotions and price discounts for first-time users.

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