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A male enhancement supplement and energy booster that includes some unsafe ingredients and has inspired mixed reactions from consumers. To find out if it can overcome some of its weaknesses then continue reading. To start simply scroll down a bit and click on the table of contents.

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Bio Hard Overview

Bio Hard is a male enhancement supplement that is designed to allow the user to achieve the full length and girth of their erection. Additionally, it states that it can increase the physical stamina of the user, allowing them to perform sexually for longer until they and their partner are satisfied. In part it provides these benefits by increasing the user’s testosterone, which in addition to sexual benefits, can increase energy levels and athletic performance.

The product is sold through multiple online vendors including Amazon and GNC. It seems that the most common price is $39.99 plus shipping and handling for a bottle that contains 30 capsules.
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Users are advised to take 1 capsule approximately 45 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. The formula is a proprietary blend and is manufactured by BioXGenic, a sexual supplement company that has faced consistent scrutiny from the FDA regarding their advertising, labeling, and manufacturing practices.

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Bio Hard Claims

The main three claims made by Bio Hard, are that it is fast acting, provides harder and longer lasting erections, and can enhance the pleasure received during sexual intercourse. It briefly addresses how it plans to achieve these claims by going over the ingredients that are included within the formula, but it does not go into much depth in their explanation and doesn’t reference any verifiable facts.

The product also claims that it avoids any negative side effects by using safe and natural ingredients that have been tested and are cGMP regulated. For the most part, this may be true, but it is hard to ignore that it utilizes Yohimbe in its formula, which can be one of the most dangerous ingredients to include in a male enhancement product because of the extremely serious side effects that it can inspire.

Finally, Bio Hard also claims that it is cheaper than most male enhancement options at just $39.99 per bottle. While it is true that the price is lower than many male enhancement products that are currently being sold, it raises questions regarding how that price is achieved. The product does not provide the specific dosages for each ingredient that is used, which could mean that the cost is achieved by using only small dosages of the ingredients.

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Bio Hard Ingredients

The website for Bio Hard offers a substantial amount of information regarding the formula that makes up their product. A full list of ingredients is provided, along with a supplement facts label, and short explanations regarding the benefits of each ingredient. Specific dosage information for each ingredient is not provided, as the formula is a proprietary blend. For the most part, there appears to be enough information provided by the manufacturer for consumers to make an informed decision regarding if the product is right for them. Unfortunately, the manufacturer states that users do not have to worry about potential side effects with the product, which is not true.
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Here are all the ingredients included within Bio Hard:

  • Maca root
  • Avena Sativa
  • Taurine
  • Yohimbe
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Citrulline
  • L-Arginine
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
  • Cindium Monnieri
  • Tongkat Ali

Beginning with the positives, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and Tongkat Ali are all beneficial ingredients. Maca root is a popular aphrodisiac that has been used for over 3000 years. It can increase testosterone levels, libido, and sex drive, while also acting as a mild stimulant. Similarly, horny goat weed can also act as a stimulant, while increasing blood flow throughout the system, and sexual performance.

Tribulus Terrestris is beneficial in that it allows the body to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within the system, while Tongkat Ali can actually boost the levels of testosterone in the body. Additionally, Tongkat Ali can relieve anxieties or pressure related to sexual performance, allowing the user to perform better and enjoy intercourse more.

Unfortunately, there are multiple negative ingredients that are included as well. Yohimbe is our greatest concern, as it can be so damaging that its pure form has been banned in use in over the counter products, and even its diluted version is heavily regulated by the FDA. While it can be used to treat erectile dysfunction and as a stimulant, it carries the risk of very serious side effects such as paralysis, heart attack, and seizure. We generally advise users to avoid products that utilize Yohimbe.

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The Science Behind Bio Hard

Unfortunately, there is not much science backing up the claims that are made by Bio Hard. No clinical studies or research is mentioned or referenced, and the only thing close to actual science that is included are discussions of the working processes of some of the ingredients.

For example, the product site does mention how their use of amino acids such as L-Arginine and L-Citrulline provides longer and fuller erections. The amino acids increase blood flow, which means the flow of blood can fully engorge the penis upon arousal. This process is technically correct, but the site offers no scientific explanation to support this claim.

The site also states the danger of having untested compounds in your system which can happen when you use supplements that have not been properly regulated. Unfortunately, there is no proof offered that this supplement has been regulated and reviewed to meet the cGMP regulations.

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Word on the Street About Bio Hard

The supplement is sold through several well-known online vendors like Amazon, GNC, and Lucky Vitamin, all of which provide a forum for consumers to leave their feedback. As a result, there are dozens of objective reviews that can be easily found online. Based on the reviews that we saw, the reaction to Bio Hard was mixed to negative. Many users expressed their disappointment with the product as a sexual aid, though some did say it provided them with more energy.

There were also some users who suffered side effects from taking the product, like one reviewer who stated “The capsules made me feel sick on the just the second day of using them. Going to return it for a refund.” As mentioned, there were some users who saw some benefit from the product, just not in the areas they desired, as one consumer put it “This stuff give me energy, but it doesn’t make achieving an erection any easier.

Overall, the results provided by Bio Hard were inconsistent, and there were few who stated that they received noticeable sexual health benefits from the product. If a consumer is strictly looking to increase their energy level, then the product may be worth a shot, but it seems that it does not live up to its promises of male enhancement.

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Is Bio Hard Worth a Try?

Because of some concerning ingredients that are used and the underwhelmed reaction of consumers, Bio Hard is a supplement that is not worth your time or money. The inclusion of Yohimbe in the product formula makes us wary as it can be extremely dangerous if used in high doses, as do the claims by the manufacturer that users do not have to worry about side effects because their product is made up of natural ingredients. This suggests that the manufacturer either doesn’t grasp to potential dangers of their product or is being intentionally misleading.

The reviews posted by consumers were also worrisome to us. There were multiple reviews that stated that they did receive negative side effects from taking the product, but the most common issue was simply that the product did not perform up to expectations. Many consumers said that they did not see any sexual benefits and the most they received was a small bump in their energy levels.

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Bio Hard vs 12 Hour Extreme

Both Bio Hard and 12 Hour Extreme are produced by the same manufacturer in BioXGenic. Similar to Bio Hard, 12 Hour Extreme claims to boost testosterone and have a positive effect on men’s vitality, though unlike Bio Hard, it actually makes specific numerical claims regarding the improvement it promises. There are a few similar ingredients that are used by the products, but 12 Hour Extreme uses several more natural ingredients including broccoli and olive extract.

Bio Hard vs Megadrox

Megadrox is primarily a muscle building supplement that does not make much claim to improving the sex life of users. That said, it shares several common ingredients with Bio Hard, such as horny goat weed, maca root, Yohimbe, and tribulus terrestris. Like Bio Hard, it does claim to increase energy and stamina, in addition to its fat loss and muscle building aspects. Unlike Bio Hard, the reviews that it has received have been primarily positive.

Bio Hard vs Nugenix

Nugenix is a well-known male enhancement supplement and testosterone booster that is decidedly more expensive that Bio Hard, but has far more reactions from consumers to provide a fuller picture of its strength and weaknesses. Nugenix also provides specific dosage information for the ingredients that it uses, though those ingredients also have a chance at creating negative side effects.

Bio Hard FAQ

  1. Does Bio Hard boost production of your sperm?

The product makes several claims regarding its effects on sexual health, but never states that it can increase the production or volume of sperm within the user.

  1. Where can I view objective reviews of Bio Hard?
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Because the product is sold through several well-known online retailers, there are multiple places where objective reviews can be found. Amazon, GNC, and Lucky Vitamin are just a few of the sites that provide forums for users to post their reactions to the product.

  1. Can Bio Hard be purchased through GNC?

Yes, GNC is one of the several online vendors that sells Bio Hard in addition to Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, and Walgreens.

  1. Will Bio Hard increase the size of your penis?

No supplement can actually increase the size of your penis, and Bio Hard is no exception. It does claim, however, to increase the size and rigidity of the user’s erections on a consistent basis.

  1. What side effects should you be aware of when it comes to Bio Hard?

There are multiple ingredients included within Bio Hard that can create negative side effects. Some of these side effects include higher blood pressure, increased heart rate, seizure, paralysis, and heart attack.

  1. How many capsules come in each bottle of Bio Hard?

There are 30 capsules within each bottle of Bio Hard, and users are advised to take 1 capsule per day, and 1 capsule approximately 45 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

  1. Will Bio Hard increase the pleasure you receive from climax?

Bio Hard does claim to enhance the pleasure users receive from sex, though it does not specifically mention climax. Furthermore, it does not make any mention of how the enhanced pleasure is achieved through the product’s formula.

  1. Are there any coupons or promotions currently for Bio Hard?

Currently, it does not appear that the product website offers any special promotions or discounts to users. The price of the product is consistent through all the vendors that sell it.

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So What Really Works?

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