Bulgarian Tribulus Review (Updated 2024) – Is It Safe?

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A remarkably simple dietary supplement and alleged male enhancement product that attempts to sell one commonly used ingredient as somehow revolutionary. Try to wrap your head around the claims made with this product by reading our full breakdown. Scroll down a bit and click on the table of contents to keep going.

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Bulgarian Tribulus Overview

Bulgarian Tribulus is a male enhancement product that is designed to improve the user’s performance in the bedroom, and their performance in the gym. The product is also a dietary supplement, as it consists simply of one active ingredient – tribulus terrestris. The manufacturer states that this one ingredient alone can improve the testosterone levels of the user and lead to noticeable benefits in the user’s day-to-day life and sexual performance, even though tribulus terrestris used in many other male enhancement products, typically paired with several other ingredients that are designed to address other aspects of the user’s sexual health.

The manufacturer of the product is known as Ultimate Nutrition, a manufacturer or health and performance supplements.

They provide contact information through their website such as a phone number and electronic question form. They have been involved in numerous lawsuits, such as one for mislabeling their product and not disclosing ingredients. Bulgarian Tribulus is sold in bottles containing 90 capsules for $28.95. It advises users to take 1 or 2 capsules per day.

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Bugarian Tribulus Claims

The claims of effectiveness by Bulgarian Tribulus generally revolve around its ability to help the user shape their body to their desire, build lean muscle, and provide an increase in stamina that can be applied in a variety of different manners. The product website description states “Studies have shown it to be a potent supplement that allows the body to naturally increase testosterone, allowing for greater muscle growth.” Unfortunately, nowhere are these alleged studies linked to.

Furthermore, the product also claims that it can improve the user’s performance in the bedroom, through the increased stamina that it provides. The increase in stamina should allow the user to have more energy to perform for longer and better in bed, and an increase in testosterone can also lead to higher libido levels and a more pronounced sex drive. The site does not make any claims regarding specific conditions such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, so users who struggle with those issues should probably look elsewhere.

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Bulgarian Tribulus Ingredients

The ingredients making up Bulgarian Tribulus are very simple, as tribulus terrestris is the only active ingredient. The product website does offer a view of the supplement facts label, the specific dosage of the ingredient that is used (750 mg per capsule), and provides a short video and written explanation of its purpose. Once again, here is the only ingredient that is included in the product:

  • Tribulus Terrestris

While tribulus terrestris is a helpful ingredient, there is a common misconception regarding its effectiveness. Many manufacturers, including the manufacturer of Bulgarian Tribulus, state that tribulus terrestris helps create more testosterone within the body, but in fact, what it actually does is increase the responsiveness of the body and mind to the free testosterone that already exists within the body. In doing so, it can be beneficial to a user’s long-term health, particularly for younger users whose testosterone levels have not dropped significantly yet, but for older users with lower testosterone, they will not see the spike in testosterone they are hoping for.

Tribulus terrestris is so common in male enhancement ingredients, that it is hard to see the point of a supplement that uses only tribulus terrestris. The manufacturer of Bulgarian Tribulus contends that their tribulus terrestris has a higher concentration and more potency than the tribulus that is commonly used, but offers no proof of this claim. While the ingredient has been used in several male enhancement products to differing levels of effectiveness, using it on its own leaves much to be desired.

A positive about tribulus terrestris, however, is that there are no common side effects with its use.

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The Science Behind Bulgarian Tribulus

The site for Bulgarian Tribulus does not offer much in the way of science but it does provide a video – that auto-plays – explaining how the product supposedly increased testosterone. The video explains that their product stimulates the production of the Leutinizing Hormone, and states that their terrestris tribulus is more concentrated and of a higher quality than most other terrestris tribulus on the market now, but does not provide any clinical or scientific evidence to support that claim.

That said, it is difficult to take any science presented by the manufacturer at face value, considering their history. As mentioned, Ultimate Nuitrition has been the subject of several lawsuits over the years for mislabeling their products or inaccurate ingredient lists, and one such example came when Olympic swimmer Kicker Vencill was banned from competing in the 2004 Olympic Games after he tested positive for a banned substance after using an Ultimate Nutrition product. He sued the company and won over $500,000 as a result.

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Word on the Street About Bulgarian Tribulus

One positive about Bulgarian Tribulus is that it is sold through many different, established online vendors like Amazon and GNC. As a result, there are multiple forums available to the public to read about how the product performs from those who have spent their money on it and used it. Overall, the consumer reviews of Bulgarian Tribulus are mixed to negative, as the main ingredient – tribulus terrrestris – is effective but limited on its own. Troublingly, there were several users who said that they received no benefit at all.

The manufacturer states that their tribulus terrestris is special and superior to other versions, but one customer says that they actually had more luck with other versions, saying “I took 4 capsule a day and still didn’t get any results. I’ve used other tribulus products that are much more effective.”

Testosterone begins to lower in users beginning around the age of 30, but one user suggests that the product does not work for younger users: “Maybe it works for older guys, but I’m just 31 and saw no difference in the bedroom or the gym.” A common theme among the reviews were users stating that they received benefits from tribulus terrrestris in other products, but in this product alone it didn’t seem to have any effects.

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Is Bulgarian Tribulus Worth a Try?

Because it only utilizes one common ingredient in its formula, and there are far more well-rounded supplements that use the same ingredient, we say skip it. Tribulus terrestris is a fine ingredient for a male enhancement supplement, but it should not be the only ingredient, and attempting to claim that there is something special about your tribulus terrestris with no proof is misleading. Consumer reviews has stated that there is a little benefit to the product here and there, but not enough to justify its cost and certainly not strong enough for most users.

Also, the manufacturer, Ultimate Nutrition, does not get the benefit of the doubt because of their checkered history. As mentioned, they have faced several lawsuits and were held culpable in a fairly high profile Olympic case years ago. For users that are interested in the benefits of tribulus terrestris, there are countless other options that are also formulated with other effective ingredients to deliver what you’re looking for.

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Bulgarian Tribulus vs Tribulus 750

As the name indicates, Tribulus 750 is essentially just a capsule containing 750 mg of tribulus terrestris. That happens to be the same amount used in Bulgarian Tribulus, so consumers may view these and believe that they are just the same product. Tribulus 750, however, is less than half the price of Bulgarian Tribulus, and the manufacturer has not faced as many issues with lawsuits and mistrust, which should both be factored into the decision when purchasing.

Bulgarian Tribulus vs Nutrabio 100% Pure Tribulus

The name of both products is a mouth full for consumers, and they both pin all their hopes on tribulus terrestris being effective. Nutrabio is the cheaper option, but it contains less tribulus terrestris per capsule and the consumer reviews have been noticeably poor. The consumer reviews for Bulgarian have not been stellar either, but Nutrabio currently holds an average rating of 1-star with GNC.

Bulgarian Tribulus vs Nugenix Testosterone Booster

Nugenix is a well-known brand when it comes to bodybuilding and male enhancement, and their testosterone booster is perhaps their most popular product. Like Bulgarian, it contains tribulus terrestris, but unlike Bulgarian, it actually contains other ingredients as well, although some of those other ingredients, like fenugreek, can cause some unpleasant side effects for the user. AS you might expect, the price of Nugenix is considerably higher, as it costs about double of Bulgarian, but has received better consumer reviews overall.

Bulgarian Tribulus vs Jarrow Formulas Tribulus Complex

While primarily based on the use of tribulus within the formula, Jarrow Formulas contains otheringredients such as ashwagandha, green tea extract, and rhodiola. Even with the extra ingredients, Jarrow Formulas is still the cheaper of the two. They have both received primiarily mixed reviews from users however, and the aforementioned ashwagandha is an ingredient that can cause some serious negative side effects such as an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. It seems like users would likely be best off going with a third option.

Bulgarian Tribulus FAQ

  1. Is Bulgarian Tribulus just tribulus terrestris?

Essentially, yes. The manufacturer of the product claims that their tribulus terrestris is more concentrated and effective than regular tribulus terrestris, but they offer no proof of that.

  1. What is the most common complaint in reviews about Bulgarian Tribulus?

In the reviews that we saw, it seemed that consumers commonly complained that the product was less effective than other products they had used containing tribulus terrestris.

  1. What dosage should Bulgarian Tribulus be used in?

The directions aren’t completely clear as to exactly how much of the product users should take, but it advises 1 to 2 capsules a day. Some users stated they used up to 4 capsules and still didn’t experience any noticeable benefits.

  1. Is the product sold through trusted retailers?

Yes, Bulgarian Tribulus is sold through retailers such as GNC, Amazon, and Walmart, which offers the opportunity to view objective reviews from previous consumers. It is also available through the manufacturer’s website.

  1. How much does Bulgarian Tribulus cost and how long will it last me?

A 90-capsule bottle of Bulgarian Tribulus costs $28.95 plus shipping and handling. For a male enhancement product that only contains one ingredient, that is a significant amount of money. How long the bottle last depends on the number of capsules you need in order for it to be effective.

  1. Can Bulgarin Tribulus be used for bodybuilding?

Bulgarian Tribulus does claim to allow for the development of lean muscle mass through increased testosterone, but there has been little consumer feedback or research to back that claim up. Technically, tribulus terrestris could benefit bodybuilding, but would likely need to be paired with other ingredients to be effective.

  1. Have there been any side effects suffered by users of Bulgarian Tribulus?

Fortunately, there have been no reports of side effects suffered from the product because it only uses tribulus terrestris, which is generally safe. That said, the manufacturer has a reputation for not always being honest on its label.

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So What Really Works?

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