Cellucor P6 Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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This product contains ingredients that can actually increase estrogen levels – the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Not only that, but as many as 20% of customer reviews for this company’s products could be fake, according to one source. Read on for the full story:

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Cellucor P6 Overview

Cellucor P6 is a testosterone-enhancement supplement for men. Although they made it mainly as a way to help men in the gym, it promises other benefits, including a bigger sex drive and more energy. Unfortunately, it can’t guarantee any of its promises, and we’ll learn exactly why in a bit.

Despite flashy packaging and “scientific”-looking claims, P6 is not what they make it out to be, which is why we put together this review.

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Cellucor P6 Claims

This product (also called P6 Red) is your standard testosterone booster, and it comes with a set of claims that seem pretty reasonable – at first. They make a lot out of the “science” of muscle building, which is the main thing they are counting on their customers wanting. It’s based on the main principle of what they call the “Big Three”: increasing testosterone, preventing estrogen formation, and reducing DHT. Doing all these things will help men get better results when working out, make their muscles bigger, and give them more energy.
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Another effect, they claim, is that these actions will make men more sexual, increase their desire for sex – and (by implication) help with your erections and performance.

This is all very well and good – after all, doesn’t everyone want to be more fit and sexy? – but for all the “science” they talk about, they don’t offer any of their own. Weird, right? When you mention tests, clinical trials, and formulas, you better be ready to back it up. Problem is, on the product’s main website, they don’t offer any. No charts, no links, no studies, no quotes. Nothing. They even put an asterisk (“*”) next to their claims about trials and evidence, but they don’t offer anything else – we’re led to expect that these asterisks lead somewhere, or refer to another section of the page where the nature of those asterisked sentences will be explained. But no, we get ghosted instead.

No proof.

Also one thing we noticed was their use of the term “ergogenic” on the label. Sounds technical and fancy, right? Wrong. The Oxford English dictionary confirmed that this is not an official scientific word (“not in technical use”) and seems to be used only by supplement companies trying to make their product sound more legitimate. But hey, it sounds impressive, right?

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Cellucor P6 Ingredients

Cellucor P6 has a pretty standard list of herbal extracts in its formula, with some that we haven’t seen before. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam
  • Ovine Placenta Powder
  • Agaricus Bisporus
  • Myrica Rubra
  • Clary Sage
  • Tribulus Alatus

Ashwagandha is an Indian ingredient used in Ayurvedic medicine for boosting the libido, among many other things (seriously – it’s claimed to cure over 20 different symptoms). While there’s a chance it can be useful for reducing swelling and helping the immune system, there is “insufficient evidence” (WebMD) that it can help with sex drive or testosterone.

Ovine Placenta powder is a very niche ingredient – we’ve personally never heard of it – but we did some research and it is literally powdered freeze-dried sheep placenta. Yikes. We’ve mostly seen it pitched as a way to help keep skin looking young and vibrant, but other sources claim that it’s good for helping muscle regeneration and strength.

Agaricus Bisporus is the fancy name for the common white button mushroom. You know, the kind they throw on pizzas. While they contain B vitamins, they don’t have much else going for them, especially for testosterone production, which is why we wonder why it was put in here in the first place.

What’s Myrica Rubra? It’s a type of fruit found in Asia, and here it’s been used for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants can help prevent cells from turning cancerous, as well as protect people from cardiovascular disease, but that’s about it. Nothing having to do with sex, testosterone, or energy.

Clary Sage is another ingredient that, like ovine placenta powder, is mostly used for soothing and rejuvenating skin. Again, why are they putting these ingredients in this testosterone supplement?

Wild Yam makes the least sense as an addition to this product. Why? It’s known for containing diosgenin, which acts like estrogen in the body – again, why add this in a product that’s supposed to increase testosterone?

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The Science Behind Cellucor P6

Hoo boy, this formula has all sort of problems going on. Let’s start with ashwagandha. The product’s web page claims that a clinical trial showed that this herb was shown to increase testosterone in men – but there’s no link to verify that claim.
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Remember those asterisks they put next to all their scientific claims? That was one of them, but like we mentioned above, we get no actual links to anything. And our own research led us to the conclusion that there actually aren’t really any studies that show a positive correlation between ashwagandha and testosterone level, and since this is the main ingredient in this supplement, it doesn’t really bode well for the overall strength of the supplement.

The next big problem is with the inclusion of ovine placenta powder, something which you’ll see mentioned in a number of websites about health. Thing is, they’re all about skin health. The only place we found mentioning the use of this ingredient for muscle building was on some Amazon product page, with no proof to back it up. Plus, since it’s a placenta, shouldn’t that mean that it’s filled with estrogen, the exact opposite hormone of testosterone? So many questions.

The inclusion of things like myrica rubra aren’t necessarily bad, per se, but for a product that claims over and over that it’s a way to increase testosterone levels, you’d think they’d be including ingredients that actually address that, rather than including a bunch of other ingredients that focus on secondary things like vitamins and antioxidant actions.

Wild Yam may have been added as a way to “inhibit” estrogen in the body, since diosgenin is supposed to interact with the same receptors as estrogen does (making it “replace” estrogen’s effects and lower its interaction with the body) but they don’t explain how this is supposed to “inhibit” estrogen. If it’s putting an estrogen-like substance in the body, how is that practically any different from letting estrogen do its thing?

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Word on the Street about Cellucor P6

You can find reviews for this product from several different sources, including GNC and Amazon, in addition to the company’s main website. There are a number of reviews on these third-party sites, both positive and negative:

“If you take it like it says you’ll get serious mood swings, but I also saw good gains in muscle mass. It’s basically a legal steroid.” (Looks like a warning sign to us!)

“This made me sick, so I had to return it. Just awful.”

“My husband uses this and he loves it, and it keeps him energetic throughout the day.”

“It’s ok.”

“I’ve been taking it for years now, and it definitely brought back all my youthful vitality.”

One thing we wanted to comment on was the fact that Cellucor has a “C” rating from FakeSpot, a service that tracks fake and authentic customer reviews. What does this mean? Up to 20% of all this company’s products’ reviews could be fake, meaning you should take all of their reviews with a huge grain of salt, and many of them can’t be trusted, throwing the whole thing into confusion.

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Is Cellucor P6 Worth a Try?

Most of the ingredients in this product have no evidence that they work – and that’s pretty bad. Some of them even have been shown to have the opposite effects that they’re supposed to – such as the placenta extract, or wild yam, both full of estrogen-like effects – that make this supplement look like a pretty bad choice for someone who wants a safe and effective way to increase natural testosterone. Combine that with the fact that we can’t really trust the reviews of this company’s products, and you’ve got a recipe for a potentially disastrous supplement.

When buying male enhancement products, be sure you check the sources. If there are none, like with P6, definitely avoid it.

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Cellucor P6 vs Nugenix

The main difference between these two products is the focus. Nugenix is focused on men who are over 50, while Cellucor P6 is for any man who wants to increase testosterone. They are both available at vitamin places like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, in addition to their own websites. Nugenix offers a free sample, unlike P6, but it comes with an auto-ship credit card signup as a catch, so you have to be careful.

Cellucor P6 vs Animal Stak

Both of these supplements are focused primarily on muscle development and physical performance. That said, Cellucor P6 puts more of an emphasis on increasing sexual activity. They’re also much different, price-wise. While Animal Stak costs $34.95 for a pack, Cellucor P6 costs upwards of $80. Animal Stak also comes with a huge number of ingredients, two or three times as many, in fact.

Cellucor P6 vs Test Freak

These products are pretty similar, actually, in that they both focus on muscle building and testosterone with the addition of herbal extracts. Test Freak has minerals and vitamins, though, making it possibly more effective than P6. Test Freak also has more customer reviews, implying that more people have used it (and liked it). Both recommend taking 4 capsules a day, making their disages comparable.

Cellucor P6 vs Animal Test

Animal Test, like P6, contains lots of ingredients derived from plant and herb sources (it also includes button mushroom extract, interestingly), but Animal Test contains more ingredients overall. It also contains yohimbe, an aphrodisiac, whereas P6 doesn’t contain any ingredients that are specifically there for sexual enhancement.

Cellucor P6 vs MuscleMeds Arimatest

The main difference between these two products is that P6 contains way more ingredients, with Arimatest only containing 2 comparatively. They’re both supposed to increase testosterone, but through different ingredients. They both claim to have clinical testing on their side, but both fail to actually show those tests as proof. Arimatest has far fewer customer reviews, from what we saw.

Cellucor P6 FAQ

  1. Are there side effects for the testosterone booster Cellucor P6?
    None that we saw, although you could possibly have some stomach issues from the ashwagandha in this supplement.
  2. What is Cellucor P6 Chrome?
    This is another supplement made by the same company, but not with the same ingredients.
  3. Does Cellucor P6 get you ripped?
    Some customers report some muscle gains, but there’s no way to tell based on the ingredients if it will actually be effective.
  4. Does Cellucor P6 come in a PM formula?
    This company does make a night-time formula with similar promised effects.
  5. Are there before and after photos from people who have used P6?
    Yes, but you’ll have to search individual review sections for those.
  6. Does P6 cause hair loss as one of its side effects?
    Since it is supposed to block DHT (the hormone that can cause alopecia), it shouldn’t technically cause hair loss, but the company hasn’t made an official statement on that.
  7. Is Cellucor P6 the same as steroids?
    Not exactly, although we’ve read at least one review where people compared the two – and that’s not a good thing.
  8. Can you get Cellucor P6 at GNC?
    Yes, it’s available there.
  9. Can you get Cellucor P6 (and Ultimate) at Amazon?
    Yes, you can buy it there in some quantities.
  10. What is Cellucor P6 Black?
    This is another version of the product, again with a different formula.

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